50 Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids to Improve Vocabulary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids

50 Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids to improve their vocabulary fast. Why learning Synonyms and Antonyms is important for kids, we need to understand this at the first hand. We as a second language learners we sometimes cannot recall a word so we need to have another one to avoid the pitfall.

I would never say you should learn all the synonyms for a word but at least one should have at least one or two synonyms of a word and at least one antonym for the same word.

Knowing Synonyms and Antonyms also helps you write an effective essay. When you are supposed to write on a particular topic you might need to use similar words, that’s okay to use similar words but not synonyms. So learn Synonyms and Antonyms so that you enhance your English overall.

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Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids

Words Synonyms Antonyms
Inferior Poor Rich
Charm Beauty Ugliness
Access Entry Exit
Distance Far Near
Obtain Gain Loss
Bathe Swim Drown
Filled Full Empty
Most Maximum Minimum
Join Combine Separate
Difficult Sorrow Joy
Fat Chubby Thin
Follow Obey Disobey
Powerful Strong Weak
Beware Careful Careless
Remind Remember Forget
Query Question Answer
Common Ordinary Unusual
Difficult Complex Simple
Risky Dangerous Safe
Store Deposit Withdraw
Apparent Evident Doubtful
Penalty Punishment Reward
Get Up Wake Sleep
Later After Before
Complicated Difficult Easy
Dull Dry Wet
Promote Encourage Discourage
Peaceful Calm Excited
Useful Beneficial Harmful
Shut Close Open
Thick Dense Sparse
Completely Entirely Partly
Possible Feasible Impossible
Heat Warm Cool
Evident Apparent Hidden
Dispute Disagree Agree
Beginning Early Late
Delight Enjoy Dislike
Concern Care Neglect
Discontinue Cease Continue
Shut Down Close Open
Trust Believe Doubt
Mischievous Naughty Good
Soft Smooth Rough
Crowded Congested Empty
Fearless Brave Cowardly
Fearless Brave Cowardly
Skinny Gaunt Overweight
Earlier Before After
Prosperous Successful Unsuccessful
Great Huge Small
Agree Conform Dissent
Assist Help Hinder
Courageous Gallant Ungentlemanly
Scrupulous Conscientious Neglectful
Grip Hold Release
Genial Hospitable Rude
Charming Nice Unpleasant
Delivery Birth Death
Lengthy Long Short
Start Open Close
Forever Always Never


50 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids
50 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids

Use of Synonyms and Antonyms in Sentences

  • Inferior: (Synonym: Lower, Antonym: Superior)
    • The toy was of inferior quality. (Lower)
    • This model is superior to the previous one. (Superior)
  • Poor: (Synonym: Impoverished, Antonym: Rich)
    • The poor family needed help. (Impoverished)
    • She comes from a rich family. (Rich)
  • Charm: (Synonym: Appeal, Antonym: Repel)
    • His smile had a lot of charm. (Appeal)
    • Rude behavior will repel friends. (Repel)
  • Beauty: (Synonym: Attractiveness, Antonym: Ugliness)
    • Flowers are a symbol of beauty. (Attractiveness)
    • The trash on the street is an ugliness we can avoid. (Ugliness)
  • Access: (Synonym: Entry, Antonym: Exit)
    • You need a password for access. (Entry)
    • Use the door for a quick exit. (Exit)
  • Distance: (Synonym: Far, Antonym: Near)
    • The park is at a distance from here. (Far)
    • School is near my house. (Near)
  • Obtain: (Synonym: Gain, Antonym: Loss)
    • Work hard to obtain good results. (Gain)
    • Carelessness leads to loss. (Loss)
  • Bathe: (Synonym: Swim, Antonym: Drown)
    • Ducks love to bathe in the pond. (Swim)
    • Never swim alone to avoid the risk of drowning. (Drown)
  • Filled: (Synonym: Full, Antonym: Empty)
    • The jar was filled with cookies. (Full)
    • The box is empty now. (Empty)
  • Most: (Synonym: Maximum, Antonym: Minimum)
    • She ate the most cake at the party. (Maximum)
    • He did the minimum amount of work. (Minimum)
  • Join: (Synonym: Combine, Antonym: Separate)
    • Join the two pieces together. (Combine)
    • Please separate the papers. (Separate)
  • Difficult: (Synonym: Complex, Antonym: Simple)
    • Math can be difficult for some. (Complex)
    • This is a simple puzzle. (Simple)
  • Sorrow: (Synonym: Sadness, Antonym: Joy)
    • Her face showed deep sorrow. (Sadness)
    • His success brought him joy. (Joy)
  • Fat: (Synonym: Chubby, Antonym: Thin)
    • The cat is getting too fat. (Chubby)
    • She is very thin. (Thin)
  • Follow: (Synonym: Obey, Antonym: Disobey)
    • Children should follow their parents’ advice. (Obey)
    • Do not disobey the rules. (Disobey)
  • Powerful: (Synonym: Strong, Antonym: Weak)
    • Elephants are powerful animals. (Strong)
    • The sick puppy was very weak. (Weak)
  • Beware: (Synonym: Careful, Antonym: Careless)
    • Beware of the wet floor. (Careful)
    • Being careless can lead to accidents. (Careless)
100 Synonyms and Antonyms
100 Synonyms and Antonyms for kids
  • Remind: (Synonym: Remember, Antonym: Forget)
    • Please remind me to call mom. (Remember)
    • Do not forget your keys. (Forget)
  • Question: (Synonym: Ask, Antonym: Answer)
    • Always question if you are unsure. (Ask)
    • She will answer all your questions. (Answer)
  • Common: (Synonym: Ordinary, Antonym: Unusual)
    • Birds are a common sight in the park. (Ordinary)
    • A white crow is very unusual. (Unusual)
  • Store: (Synonym: Deposit, Antonym: Withdraw)
    • Store your valuables in a safe place. (Deposit)
    • You can withdraw money from the bank. (Withdraw)
  • Apparent: (Synonym: Evident, Antonym: Doubtful)
    • Her happiness was apparent to all. (Evident)
    • His honesty was doubtful. (Doubtful)
  • Penalty: (Synonym: Punishment, Antonym: Reward)
    • There is a penalty for late submission. (Punishment)
    • Hard work will bring you a reward. (Reward)
  • Get Up: (Synonym: Wake, Antonym: Sleep)
    • Get up early to enjoy the sunrise. (Wake)
    • She loves to sleep in on weekends. (Sleep)
  • Later: (Synonym: After, Antonym: Before)
    • Let’s go out to eat later. (After)
    • Before we go, let’s grab a snack. (Before)
  • Complicated: (Synonym: Difficult, Antonym: Easy)
    • The puzzle was too complicated. (Difficult)
    • This is an easy question. (Easy)
  • Dull: (Synonym: Boring, Antonym: Exciting)
    • The movie was dull and boring. (Boring)
    • The party was exciting! (Exciting)
  • Promote: (Synonym: Encourage, Antonym: Discourage)
    • Promote positive behavior in class. (Encourage)
    • Don’t discourage him from trying. (Discourage)
  • Peaceful: (Synonym: Calm, Antonym: Excited)
    • The lake is peaceful and calm. (Calm)
    • The kids are too excited to sleep. (Excited)
  • Useful: (Synonym: Beneficial, Antonym: Harmful)
    • This tool is very useful. (Beneficial)
    • Smoking is harmful to your health. (Harmful)
  • Shut: (Synonym: Close, Antonym: Open)
    • Please shut the door when you leave. (Close)
    • Open the window to let fresh air in. (Open)
  • Thick: (Synonym: Dense, Antonym: Sparse)
    • The forest was thick with trees. (Dense)
    • The crowd was surprisingly sparse. (Sparse)
  • Completely: (Synonym: Entirely, Antonym: Partly)
    • The job is completely finished. (Entirely)
    • The glass is partly full. (Partly)
  • Possible: (Synonym: Feasible, Antonym: Impossible)
    • It is possible to learn a new language. (Feasible)
    • Flying without wings is impossible. (Impossible)
Synonyms and Antonyms with pictures
Synonyms and Antonyms for kids with pictures
  • Heat: (Synonym: Warm, Antonym: Cool)
    • The sun gives off a lot of heat. (Warm)
    • The breeze from the ocean is cool. (Cool)
  • Dispute: (Synonym: Argue, Antonym: Agree)
    • They had a dispute over the bill. (Argue)
    • We all agree on the decision. (Agree)
  • Beginning: (Synonym: Start, Antonym: End)
    • The beginning of the book was exciting. (Start)
    • The end of the movie was sad. (End)
  • Delight: (Synonym: Enjoy, Antonym: Dislike)
    • Children delight in playing games. (Enjoy)
    • I dislike waiting in long lines. (Dislike)
  • Concern: (Synonym: Care, Antonym: Neglect)
    • Show concern for your friends. (Care)
    • Do not neglect your pets. (Neglect)
  • Discontinue: (Synonym: Stop, Antonym: Continue)
    • They had to discontinue the service. (Stop)
    • The show will continue next week. (Continue)
  • Shut Down: (Synonym: Close, Antonym: Open)
    • The store will shut down at 10 PM. (Close)
    • They open early in the morning. (Open)
  • Trust: (Synonym: Believe, Antonym: Doubt)
    • Trust your instincts. (Believe)
    • Never doubt your abilities. (Doubt)
  • Mischievous: (Synonym: Naughty, Antonym: Good)
    • The mischievous cat knocked over the vase. (Naughty)
    • She is a good student. (Good)
  • Soft: (Synonym: Gentle, Antonym: Rough)
    • The blanket is very soft. (Gentle)
    • Sandpaper has a rough surface. (Rough)
  • Crowded: (Synonym: Packed, Antonym: Empty)
    • The train was crowded during rush hour. (Packed)
    • The park is empty in the early morning. (Empty)
  • Fearless: (Synonym: Brave, Antonym: Cowardly)
    • The firefighter was fearless in the rescue. (Brave)
    • Do not be cowardly in the face of challenge. (Cowardly)
  • Skinny: (Synonym: Slim, Antonym: Overweight)
    • The cat is too skinny and needs more food. (Slim)
    • Eating too much junk food can make you overweight. (Overweight)
  • Earlier: (Synonym: Before, Antonym: After)
    • We had lunch earlier than usual. (Before)
    • The meeting was scheduled for after lunch. (After)
  • Prosperous: (Synonym: Successful, Antonym: Unsuccessful)
    • The business is prosperous and doing well. (Successful)
    • The attempt to climb the mountain was unsuccessful. (Unsuccessful)
  • Agree: (Synonym: Conform, Antonym: Disagree)
    • They all agree on the plan. (Conform)
    • We disagree on where to go for dinner. (Disagree)
  • Assist: (Synonym: Help, Antonym: Hinder)
    • Can you assist me with this task? (Help)
    • Do not hinder the progress of the project. (Hinder)
 Words with Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids
Synonyms and Antonyms for kids
  • Courageous: (Synonym: Brave, Antonym: Fearful)
    • The courageous soldier saved many lives. (Brave)
    • Do not be fearful of trying new things. (Fearful)
  • Scrupulous: (Synonym: Conscientious, Antonym: Neglectful)
    • She is a scrupulous worker, always paying attention to detail. (Conscientious)
    • A neglectful caretaker can cause a lot of harm. (Neglectful)
  • Grip: (Synonym: Hold, Antonym: Release)
    • Grip the handle tightly. (Hold)
    • Release the bird gently. (Release)
  • Genial: (Synonym: Friendly, Antonym: Rude)
    • His genial nature makes him well-liked. (Friendly)
    • Rude comments are not appreciated. (Rude)
  • Charming: (Synonym: Captivating, Antonym: Unpleasant)
    • Her charming personality wins everyone over. (Captivating)
    • The smell in the room was unpleasant. (Unpleasant)
  • Delivery: (Synonym: Shipment, Antonym: Return)
    • The delivery should arrive today. (Shipment)
    • You can return the package if you are not satisfied. (Return)
  • Lengthy: (Synonym: Long, Antonym: Short)
    • The meeting was lengthy and tiring. (Long)
    • The story was short and sweet. (Short)
  • Start: (Synonym: Begin, Antonym: Stop)
    • Start your work early to finish on time. (Begin)
    • You must stop at a red traffic light. (Stop)
  • Forever: (Synonym: Always, Antonym: Never)
    • True friends are forever. (Always)
    • He said he would never leave. (Never)

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