How to Write Product Instruction with Example

How to Write Product Instruction with Example


Written instructions are meant to make our lives easier. They are supposed to give us guidance and help us achieve a task on our own, without anyone’s assistance. Written instructions come in many shapes and forms. A manual that comes with an appliance helps us set up the good and gives us instructions on its maintenance; a booklet that comes with a board game instructs us about rules for playing it; a science book may contain instructions on carrying out an experiment safely; a cookbook may contain instructions for following a recipe and cooking something correctly. so in this article we will learn how to write product instruction with examples. So let’s get started.

Basic tips to Write product Instruction:

However, there are a few pointers that must be remembered before writing instructions:

  • Instructions must be stated in points or lists so they are easier to read and follow.
  • Instructions must be stated in a chronological sequence.
  • If parts, tools, or ingredients are required to put together a product or a food item, then they should be mentioned at the beginning of the instructions.
  • Instructions must be expressed in precise, brief, simple, clear, and crisp sentences.
  • Instructions must be written in a language that is easy to understand.
  • Instructions should be supported with diagrams, photos, or illustrations wherever and whenever possible.
  • The use of ‘imperatives’ (explained in detail in Part I of this book) is encouraged when writing instructions as much as possible.
  • Most instructions are written in the present tense.
  • Personal opinions and views should be completely avoided when writing instructions.


The following are instructions for setting up an aquarium.

Read and observe how the above-explained points are incorporated into it.

Aquarium Supreme Instruction Manual

Congratulations on purchasing Aquarium Supreme-Model N–436 (36″ x 36″ x 27″).

You should find the following items enclosed in the box:

Product Instructions Template


  1. Place the stand at your desired location and put the tank on top of it.
  2. Make sure the aquarium is placed in a position that is away from heat and sunlight.
  3. Take out gravel, decorations, and plants and place them at the base of the tank.
  4. Clip the mechanical water filter at the back of the tank and plug it in.
  5. Attach the thermometer at the front of the tank.
  6. Fill the tank with clean water to a height of 22″.
  7. Make sure that the water temperature is between 24°C to 27°C.
  8. Release the fish of your choice into the water.
  9. Clip the lights inside the top cover.
  10. Put the top cover on the tank.
  11. Run the filter every day to keep the water clean and healthy for the fish.
  12. Change 40% of the water in the tank every week.
  13. Feed fish only the feed that is available at certified pet stores.
  14. Use the given net to clean the tank or to take out fish that seem sick.
  15. Do not put your hands inside the aquarium.

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