Animals and Their Babies Names in English with Pictures

Animal And their Babies Names
Animal And their Babies Names

Hello there! Let’s talk about Animals and Their Babies. In this fun guide, we’ll learn about how animal parents take care of their cute little ones. From big elephants with their tiny babies to fluffy ducklings following their mom, we’ll explore how different animals love and protect their babies. Get ready to discover the amazing world of animals and their babies and the awesome things they do together. Let’s start this exciting journey into the animal kingdom!

Animals and Their Babies Names

Animals   Babies  
Fox Cub, pup
Goat Kid
Tiger Cub, whelp
Zebra Foal
Bear Cub
Cat Kitten
Turkey Poult
Whale Calf
Sheep Lamb, lambkins
Deer Fawn
Duck Duckling
Lion Cub
Owl Owlet
Horse Foal, yearling
Kangaroo Joey
Cow Calf
Frog Polliwog, tadpole
Rabbit Bunny
Antelope Calf
Elephant Calf elephant

Male, Female and Their Babies

Male Female Baby
Rooster Hen Chick
Bull Cow Calf
Stallion Mare Foal
Boar Sow Piglet
Drake Duck Duckling
Ram Ewe Lamb
Lion Lioness Cub
Tiger Tigress Cub
Elephant Cow Elephant Calf
Gorilla Female Gorilla Baby Gorilla
Peacock Peahen Peachick
Fox Vixen Kit
Horse Mare Foal
Kangaroo Female Kangaroo Joey
Penguin Female Penguin Chick
Wolf Female Wolf Pup
Bear Female Bear Cub
Owl Owl Owlet
Alligator Alligator Hatchling
Seahorse Seahorse Fry
Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguin Chick
Cockerel Hen Chick
Tom Hen Poult
Duck Duck Duckling
Dog Bitch Puppy
Tomcat Queen Kitten
Buck Doe Fawn
Gander Goose Gosling
Bullfrog Frog Tadpole
Billy Goat Nanny Goat Kid
Peacock Peahen Peachick
Stag Hind Calf
Male Turkey Female Turkey Poults
Bighorn Ram Ewe Lamb
Male Cheetah Female Cheetah Cub
Male Zebra Female Zebra Foal
Male Giraffe Female Giraffe Calf
Male Panda Female Panda Cub
Male Walrus Female Walrus Calf
Male Gorilla Female Gorilla Baby
Male Swan Female Swan Cygnet
Male Koala Female Koala Joey
Male Orangutan Female Orangutan Infant

Animals and Babies in Sentences

  1. The elephant walked gently with its little calf following closely behind.
  2. The proud lioness watched over her playful cubs as they tumbled around.
  3. In the pond, the duck swam gracefully alongside her adorable ducklings.
  4. The kangaroo hopped through the grassy meadow with her tiny joey peeking out of her pouch.
  5. The polar bear cuddled her fluffy cubs to keep them warm in the icy landscape.
  6. High in the trees, the monkey held onto her curious infant as they swung through the branches.
  7. The swan glided elegantly across the water with her fluffy cygnets trailing behind.
  8. Under the sea, the mother dolphin guided her playful calves through the waves.
  9. The gentle giraffe bent down to nuzzle her tall calf in the savannah.
  10. In the nest, the owl looked after her wide-eyed owlets as they learned to fly.
  11. The colorful peacock strutted proudly with his little peachicks trailing behind him.
  12. In the burrow, the rabbit snuggled close to her warm kittens to keep them safe.
  13. The alligator sunned itself on the riverbank, keeping an eye on its tiny hatchlings in the water.
  14. High in the treetops, the squirrel taught her energetic kits how to gather nuts.
  15. The majestic eagle soared through the sky, teaching its young eaglets to glide with grace.
  16. The playful penguin fed its hungry chick with regurgitated fish from its belly.
  17. Along the shore, the seahorse held onto seaweed with its tail while its tiny fry clung to its body.
  18. The wise owl perched in the night, watching over its fledgling owlet learning to hunt.
  19. Deep in the forest, the wolf kept watch as its tiny pups playfully tumbled around.
  20. The hippopotamus guided her little calf through the shallow waters of the river.
Animals And their Babies Names in English
Animals And their Babies Names in English


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