Cooking Verbs | List of Cooking Words in English to Urdu PDF

Cooking Verbs
Cooking Verbs

Cooking, which is all about making food using different ways and methods, is something we do every day. To talk about these ways accurately, we use special words called Cooking Words. These words describe actions and help us understand and explain the steps needed to make tasty dishes. By learning these cooking verbs, you can improve your cooking vocabulary and follow recipes more efficiently. In this article, we will explore cooking verbs with their Urdu meanings and pictures. So, let’s get started!

Cooking Vocabulary Words with Pictures 

Number Cooking Verbs Pictures
1 Grill Grill
2 Boil Boil
3 Simmer Simmer
4 Roast Roast
5 Bake Bake
6 Fry Fry
7 Steam Steam
8 Poach Poach
9 Stir-fry Stir-fry
10 Blanch Blanch
11 Broil Broil
12 Chop Chop
13 Grate Grate
14 Slice Slice
15 Dice Dice
16 Mix Mix
17 Whisk Whisk
18 Blend Blend
19 Knead Knead
20 Grill Grill
21 Break Break
22 Melt Melt
23 Peel Peel
24 Cut Cut
25 Pinch Pinch
26 Spread Spread
27 Pour Pour
28 Layer Layer
29 Roll out Roll out
30 Whip Whip
31 Taste Taste
32 Weigh Weigh
33 Add Add
34 Barbeque Barbeque
35 Sift Sift
36 Garnish Garnish
37 Smoke Smoke
38 Baste Baste
39 Drizzle Drizzle
40 Dip Dip
Cooking Verbs
Cooking Verbs List

50 Cooking Verbs with Urdu Meanings

Here, learn cooking vocabulary words with Urdu meanings:

Number Cooking Verb Urdu Meaning
1 Grill آگ پر سینکنا
2 Fry تلنا
3 Scramble پھینٹنا
4 Pinch چٹکی بھر لینا
5 Taste چکنا
6 Stir ہلانا
7 Layer تہه
8 Grate کدوکش کرنا
9 Simmer ابالنا
10 Slice ٹکڑا
11 Spread پھیلانا
12 Melt پگهلنا
13 Broil بھوننا
14 Serve پیش کرنا
15 Dip تر کرنا
16 Chop کاٹنا
17 Boil ابالنا
18 Blend پھیٹنا
19 Bake پکانا
20 Pour انڈیلنا
21 Roast بھوننا
22 Saute تلنا
23 Steam بھاپ میں پکانا
24 Stir-fry پکوڑا کرنا
25 Blanch آبلہ دینا
26 Poach اندر سے پکانا
27 Sear بھنا
28 Marinate مرنیٹ کرنا
29 Knead گٹھنا
30 Beat پیٹنا
31 Mix ملانا
32 Whisk پھینٹنا
33 Fold ملانا
34 Peel چھیلنا
35 Dice کٹنا
36 Slice کاٹنا
37 Grind پیسنا
38 Crush کچلنا
39 Mash مسھ کرنا
40 Puree پیسٹ بنانا
41 Garnish سجانا
42 Dust چھڑکنا
43 Strain چھاننا
44 Drain نکالنا
45 Squeeze دبانا
46 Pour ڈالنا
47 Ladle چمچہ
48 Spread پھیلانا
49 Microwave مائیکرویو میں گرم کرنا
50 Marinate مصالحہ لگا کر رکھنا

Learn More About Cooking Verbs with Pictures

Here, learn more about cooking vocabulary verbs with pictures:


Cooking on a grill means placing food over an open flame or hot coals. It gives a smoky flavor to meats, vegetables, or even fruits, enhancing their taste with that distinct grilled touch.

cooking verbs pdf


Frying involves cooking food in hot oil. It creates a crispy outer layer while keeping the inside tender. Common examples include frying chicken, potatoes, or even donuts.

cooking verbs pdf


Whisking is a method of vigorously stirring or beating ingredients with a whisk, a tool with wire loops. This technique is commonly used in baking for eggs, batters, or sauces. Whisking incorporates air, resulting in a light and fluffy texture.

cooking verbs pdf


To pinch is to add a small amount of an ingredient using your fingers. It’s a way to measure and control the intensity of flavors, like adding a pinch of salt or sugar to a recipe.

cooking verbs pdf


Tasting is a crucial step throughout cooking. It involves sampling the dish as it cooks to adjust and balance flavors. It ensures the final result is just right before serving.

, cooking vocabulary in Urdu to English


Stirring is the simple act of mixing ingredients in a circular motion using a spoon or utensil. It helps distribute heat evenly and ensures uniform blending of flavors.

cooking vocabulary in Urdu to English


Layering involves arranging ingredients in distinct levels. This is common in dishes like lasagna or casseroles, where different components stack on top of each other to create a delicious, multi-textured dish.

 cooking vocabulary in Urdu to English


Grating is the process of reducing food into small, fine pieces using a grater. This is often done with cheese, vegetables, or even citrus zest to incorporate them evenly into a dish.

cooking verbs flashcards in Urdu to English


Simmering is a gentle, low-heat cooking method. It involves keeping a liquid just below boiling, allowing flavors to meld and intensify without rapid boiling.

cooking verbs flashcards in Urdu to English


Slicing is cutting food into thin, flat pieces. It’s commonly used for meats, fruits, and vegetables, providing a consistent size for even cooking and serving.

cooking verbs flashcards in Urdu to English


Spreading involves applying a layer of a spreadable substance like butter, jam, or cream on bread or other surfaces. It adds flavor and moisture to the dish.

30 + cooking verbs in Urdu to English,


Melting is turning a solid substance into a liquid using heat. Common examples include melting butter, chocolate, or cheese for various recipes.

30 + cooking verbs in Urdu to English,


Slicing involves cutting food into thin, flat pieces. This technique is used for a variety of ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits. The size and thickness of the slices depend on the desired outcome of the dish. Slicing is crucial for achieving uniform cooking and a pleasing presentation.

30 + cooking verbs in Urdu to English,


Broiling is a cooking method that uses direct heat from above. It’s great for quickly cooking meats and achieving a crispy exterior while keeping the inside juicy.

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Serving is the final step, presenting the prepared dish for consumption. It involves portioning the food onto plates or serving dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Kitchen Verb List


Dipping is immersing food into a sauce or liquid. It adds flavor and enhances the eating experience, commonly done with items like chips, vegetables, or bread.

Kitchen Verb List


Chopping is a method of cutting food into smaller, irregular pieces using a knife or other cutting tool. It’s a versatile technique used for a variety of ingredients, from vegetables to meats. The size of the chop depends on the recipe’s requirements and desired texture.

List of Cooking Words in English to Urdu PDF


Boiling is a cooking process where food is immersed in boiling water until it reaches the desired doneness. This method is commonly used for pasta, rice, vegetables, and eggs. Boiling is a quick and efficient way to cook various ingredients.

cooking verbs flashcards in Urdu to English


Pouring is the action of transferring liquid from one container to another. This is a common step in cooking when adding liquids such as broth, sauce, or batter to a recipe. Pouring should be done carefully to control the flow and avoid spills.

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Baking is a cooking method that uses dry heat, typically in an oven, to cook food. It is commonly applied to bread, cakes, cookies, and casseroles. Baking results in a golden-brown exterior and a moist interior, creating a delicious contrast in texture.

Cooking Verbs List


Blending involves combining different ingredients until they form a smooth and uniform mixture. This technique is commonly used in making smoothies, soups, or sauces. Blending ensures that all components are well incorporated, creating a harmonious flavor and texture.

Cooking Verbs List


Kneading is a technique used in baking to work and stretch the dough, developing its gluten structure. This action is common when making bread, pizza, or pasta. Kneading creates a smooth and elastic texture, resulting in a desirable end product.

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