100+ Household Items Names In English

100+ Household Items Names In English With Pictures PDF

When it comes to household vocabulary, having a good understanding of the basic terms is essential for effective communication and daily functioning. From the kitchen to the living room, each area of the house has its own set of words that we commonly use. In the kitchen, you’ll encounter terms like stove, refrigerator, sink, and microwave. These appliances are essential for cooking and preserving food. Moving to the living room, you’ll find furniture such as a sofa, coffee table, television, and bookshelf. These items create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment. In the bedroom, we have a bed, wardrobe, bedside table, and lamp, which are crucial for a comfortable and organized sleeping space. Other areas of the house include the bathroom with a toilet, shower, and mirror, and the dining room with a dining table and chairs. Additionally, it’s important to be familiar with household chores like sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes, and doing laundry. Knowing these household vocabulary words enables effective communication within a family or when discussing home-related matters with others.

Household Items Names

• Dryer
• Grater
• Hearth
• Jar
• Lock
• Mug
• Pestle
• Rug
• Stapler
• Torch
• Washer
• Zipper
• Almirah
• Basket
• Bolster
• Bucket
• Candle
• Clock
• Fan
• Gym
• Hook
• Juicer
• Magnets
• Nursery
• Plate
• Scissors
• Table
• Towel
• Watch
• Blanket
• Apartment
• Bed
• Bolt
• Bulb
• Carpet
• Cloth

Household items List A to Z
Household items List A to Z

• Garbage
• Hammer
• Hose
• Kettle
• Makeup Brush
• Paint Brush
• Printer
• Scraper
• Table Fan
• Umbrella
• Water
• Charger
• Ash
• Bedroom
• Bottle Opener
• Button
• Casket
• Container
• Gate
• Hanger
• Ice Cream
• Key
• Microwave Oven
• Pen
• Radio
• Sofa
• Teapot
• Vacuum
• Whip
• Drill
• Attic
• Toolbox
• Box

Household Items Names
Household Items Names

• Camera
• Cauldron
• Cutlery
• Glass
• Headphones
• Iron Box
• Lamp
• Mop
• Pencil
• Raincoat
• Stamp
• Thermometer
• Vase
• Yarn
• First-aid Kit
• Pillows
• Blender
• Broom
• Can Opener
• Chair
• Desk

100+ Household Items Names In English With Pictures
100+ Household Items Names In English With Pictures


Household Items Names with Meanings

Garbage: Waste material or discarded items that are no longer wanted.

Hammer: A tool with a heavy head and handle, used for striking or pounding.

Hose: A flexible tube used for conveying fluids, typically water.

Kettle: A container with a lid, spout, and handle, used for boiling liquids.

Makeup Brush: A tool with bristles used for applying cosmetics to the face.

Paint Brush: A tool with bristles used for applying paint to surfaces.

Printer: A machine that produces physical copies of digital documents or images.

Scraper: A tool used for scraping or removing material from a surface.

Table Fan: A small electric fan placed on a table or desk for cooling.

Umbrella: A collapsible canopy used for protection against rain or sunlight.

Water: A colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid essential for life.

Charger: A device used to supply electricity to recharge batteries.

Ash: The powdery residue left after burning something.

Bedroom: A room used for sleeping and personal activities.

Bottle Opener: A tool used to remove bottle caps.

Button: A small fastener used to secure clothing or other items.

Casket: A box used for holding a deceased person’s body before burial or cremation.

Container: A receptacle for holding items or substances.

Gate: A movable barrier used to control access to an area.

Hanger: A device for hanging clothes or other items.

Ice Cream: A frozen dessert made from dairy products and flavorings.

Key: A small metal object used to open locks.

Microwave Oven: An appliance used to heat or cook food quickly using microwave radiation.

Pen: A writing instrument with ink.

Radio: A device that receives and plays audio broadcasts.

Sofa: A piece of furniture for seating multiple people.

Teapot: A container with a spout and handle, used for brewing and serving tea.

Vacuum: A device used to remove dirt and debris from surfaces.

Whip: A utensil used for beating or stirring food.

Drill: A tool with a rotating cutting edge, used for making holes in materials.

Attic: The space under the roof of a house, often used for storage.

Toolbox: A container for storing and carrying tools.

Box: A rigid container with a lid, used for holding items.

Camera: A device used to capture photographs or videos.

Cauldron: A large pot used for cooking over an open fire.

Cutlery: Utensils used for eating or serving food.

Glass: A transparent or translucent material often used for drinking vessels or windows.

Headphones: Audio devices worn over the ears for listening to sound.

Iron Box: An appliance used for pressing clothes to remove wrinkles.

Lamp: A source of light, typically with a bulb and shade.

Mop: A tool with absorbent material for cleaning floors.

Pencil: A writing instrument with a graphite core.

Raincoat: Waterproof outerwear worn to protect against rain.

Stamp: An inked impression used for marking documents.

Thermometer: A device for measuring temperature.

Vase: A decorative container used for holding flowers or other items.

Yarn: Spun fibers used for knitting, weaving, or sewing.

First-aid Kit: A collection of medical supplies for providing basic medical treatment.

Pillows: Soft cushions for resting one’s head.

Blender: An appliance used for mixing or pureeing food.

Broom: A tool with bristles used for sweeping floors.

Can Opener: A device for opening canned food.

Chair: A piece of furniture for sitting.

Desk: A piece of furniture used for working or studying.

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