Picture Vocabulary

Insect Vocabulary with Picture and Flashcards

Insect Vocabulary with Picture

Insect Vocabulary with Picture and Flashcards, this lesson helpful for student and learner to improve their insect vocabulary in English.

Insect Vocabulary for Kindergarten

English Picture Urdu Meaning
Caterpillar پتنگا
Ant چیونٹی
Bee مکھی
Fly بھنورا
Beetle بھنورا
Mosquito مچھر
Ladybug کھٹمل
Praying Mantids دعا مَطس
Greenfly فصلی کیڑا
Snail گھونگا
Locust ٹڈی
Dragonfly ٹڈی دل
Cricket جھینگر
Termite دیمک
Cockroach لال بیگ
Butterfly تتلی
Centipede کنکهجورا
Flea پسو


Insect Picture Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

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