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Motorcycle All Parts Name with Picture,

Motorbikes, also known as motorcycles or bikes, are two-wheeled motor vehicles that are designed for transportation. They come in various types, touring, sports, and off-road riding.

Knowing the English names of motorbike parts facilitates effective communication, especially if you’re discussing technical details, seeking assistance, or explaining issues with your motorcycle in an English-speaking environment.

List Of Motorbike Parts

In this post, we provide motorbike part names, and the specific parts can vary depending on the make and model of the motorcycle.

A collection of essential tools useful for repairing and maintaining the motorbike. It’s like a first-aid kit for the bike’s mechanical needs.


The energy source for the motorbike. It not only helps start the engine but also powers all the bike’s electrical components.

A vital component that allows the rider to control the bike’s speed. It works by engaging or disengaging power to the wheels, helping in changing gears.

Bike Clutch

Safety Bar
A protective feature on some bikes. It’s designed to safeguard both the rider and the bike during falls or mishaps.

Safety Bar, Safeguard, Crash Protector of bike

Starter Paddel
A manual way to start the bike. By giving it a firm push, the engine is kick-started into action.

Starter Paddle

Brake Rod
A connecting rod that translates the action of pressing the brake into the braking mechanism, assisting in halting the bike.

Brake Rod

Functions as the bike’s noise reducer. It minimizes the sound produced by exhaust gases from the engine.

Parts of Motorbike - Muffler
Parts of Motorbike – Muffler

The outer circular edge of a wheel. It’s vital for holding the tire in its proper position.

Bike Rim

A series of linked pieces that transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel, propelling the bike forward.

Bike Chain

Hydraulic Shocks
Act as the bike’s shock absorbers. They play a pivotal role in ensuring rides are smooth by soaking up road bumps.

Hydraulic Shocks

The bike’s accelerator. A twist here regulates the engine’s speed, dictating how fast or slow the bike moves.


Safety components that provide a rearward view, enabling the rider to see what’s happening behind and ensuring safer maneuvers.

Bike Mirrors

A front-facing light that illuminates the way ahead, essential for nighttime or foggy rides.

Bike Headlight

An auditory alert system. A quick press sounds a warning to other road users or pedestrians.

Bike Horn

Turn Signals
Blinking indicators located on either side of the bike. They signal the rider’s intention to turn or change lanes.

Turn Signals

Rear Wheel
The back wheel of the bike. It’s driven by the engine, pushing the bike forward.

Rear Wheel

Tail Light
A rear-facing light that indicates the bike’s presence to vehicles behind, especially important in the dark or fog.

Tail Light - Motorbike Parts
Tail Light – Motorbike Parts

Fuel Cap
A lid located on the fuel tank. It’s opened when refueling and ensures fuel remains contained.

Fuel Cap

The cushioned area where the rider sits. Designed for maximum comfort during rides.

Bike Seat

Ignition Switch
A switch that starts or stops the engine. The bike’s key is inserted here to bring the engine to life.

Bike Ignition Switch

Oil Filter
A component that cleans the engine oil. It traps impurities, ensuring only clean oil circulates within the engine.

Bike Oil Filter

Spark Plugs
Small devices essential for the engine’s operation. They ignite the fuel, enabling the engine to run.

Bike Spark Plugs

Located inside the tire and filled with air. It plays a role in ensuring the tire remains inflated for a comfortable ride.

Bike Tyre Tube

Brake Cable
A cable that connects the brake lever to the braking system. It’s essential for stopping the bike when needed.

Bike Brake Cable

Starter Motor
An electrical component that jumpstarts the engine. It’s activated by pressing the bike’s start button.

Starter Motor - Parts of Motorbike
Starter Motor – Parts of Motorbike

The main structural component of the bike. It holds everything together and ensures the bike’s stability.

Bike Frame

Fuel Tank
A storage unit for the bike’s fuel. It’s filled with petrol or diesel, depending on the bike’s model.

Bike Fuel Tank

Bars that the rider holds onto. They direct the bike and are crucial for steering and control.

Parts of motorbike - Handlebars
Parts of motorbike – Handlebars

Triple Tree
The component that connects the handlebars and the forks to the motorcycle frame. It plays a central role in steering and maneuvering the bike.

Bike Triple Tree Part

Located at the ends of the handlebars, these are what the rider holds onto. They ensure a firm grip, which is vital for safe handling and control.

Bike Grips


An instrument that shows the bike’s speed. It helps riders monitor their speed and stay within legal limits.


A small device used to start the bike. Inserting and turning it in the ignition switch sets the engine in motion.

Bike Key


An instrument that indicates the rotation speed of the engine’s crankshaft. It helps riders maintain an optimal engine speed.



Fuel Gauge
Displays the amount of fuel left in the tank. It’s crucial for riders to ensure they don’t run out of fuel during their journey.

Fuel Gauge

Long structures at the front of the bike that support the front wheel. They also play a role in shock absorption, ensuring a smooth ride.

Bike Forks


Rear Brake
The braking system for the back wheel. Activating it slows down or stops the bike, depending on the pressure applied.

Rear Brake


The heart of the bike. It burns fuel to produce power, propelling the motorcycle forward.

Parts of Motorbike - Engine
Parts of Motorbike – Engine


Toothed wheels that work with the chain to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel.


Front Fender
A protective component located above the front wheel. It shields the rider from water, mud, and debris thrown up by the wheel.

Front Fender
Parts of motorbike – Front Fender

Oil Cooler
A device that cools the engine oil, ensuring it remains at an optimal temperature. This helps in the smoother functioning of the engine.

Oil Cooler

Front Brake
The braking system for the front wheel. Vital for halting the bike, especially at higher speeds.

Front Brake

Part of the bike’s electrical system. It generates power for the battery, ensuring the bike’s electrical components remain functional.


Gear Shift Lever
A pedal used by riders to change gears. Shifting gears is crucial for managing the bike’s speed and torque.

Parts of motorbike - Gear Shift Lever
Parts of motorbike – Gear Shift Lever


A metal stand that allows the bike to stay upright when parked.


Foot Pegs
Resting places for the rider’s feet while riding. They ensure comfort and better control during a journey.



Parts of motorbike - Foot Pegs
Parts of motorbike – Foot Pegs



Motorbike Parts Name List
Motorbike Parts Name List


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