Adverb Adverb Collocation with Examples

Adverb Collocation with Examples

Let’s talk about something cool: “Adverb Adverb Collocation.” Don’t worry if that sounds a bit tricky – I’m here to make it super easy for you. In this friendly guide, we’ll learn how words like “quickly” and “slowly” team up with action words to make sentences awesome. It’s like putting puzzle pieces together to create smooth sentences. So, if you’re excited about making your sentences sound super cool, let’s learn all about Adverb Adverb Collocation together.

Adverb Verb Collocation

  1. Very quickly: She finished her homework very quickly so that she could go play outside.
  2. Quite slowly: The turtle moved quite slowly across the road.
  3. Extremely carefully: The artist painted the delicate details extremely carefully.
  4. So loudly: The music was playing so loudly that we could hear it from down the street.
  5. Incredibly well: She performed incredibly well in her dance recital.
  6. Pretty soon: The movie will start pretty soon, so let’s get our snacks ready.
  7. Too late: We arrived at the cinema too late and missed the beginning of the film.
  8. Almost never: He almost never eats junk food; he prefers healthy snacks.
  9. Hardly ever: She hardly ever goes to the gym, but she’s still quite fit.
  10. Really badly: The weather was really bad, so we decided to stay indoors.
  11. Nearly always: She’s nearly always the first one to finish her assignments.
  12. Completely alone: He felt completely alone in the big, empty house.
  13. Quite often: They visit their grandparents quite often on weekends.
  14. Totally amazed: The magician’s trick left the audience totally amazed.
  15. Absolutely perfect: The weather for the picnic was absolutely perfect – sunny and warm.
  16. Really quickly: The rabbit darted away really quickly when it saw us approaching.
  17. Almost always: He’s almost always the first one to arrive at the office.
  18. Very quietly: The librarian asked the students to speak very quietly in the library.
  19. Pretty often: She goes jogging pretty often to stay in shape.
  20. Quite loudly: The children were laughing and playing quite loudly in the playground.
  21. Almost immediately: The teacher responded to the question almost immediately.
  22. So softly: The baby was sleeping soundly, breathing so softly.
  23. Nearly every day: She practices the piano nearly every day to improve her skills.
  24. Very rarely: They very rarely go out to eat; they prefer home-cooked meals.
  25. Quite gently: The mother cat carried her kittens quite gently in her mouth.
  26. Absolutely delighted: She was absolutely delighted when she received the surprise gift.
  27. So carefully: He handled the fragile vase so carefully, afraid it might break.
  28. Almost perfectly: Her drawing was almost perfectly symmetrical.
  29. Very honestly: She told her friend the truth very honestly, even though it was difficult.
  30. Quite sincerely: He thanked his teacher for the guidance quite sincerely.

Adverb + Adverb Collocation with Example

List of Adverb Collocation

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