100 basic vocabulary Words for kids with pictures

100 Basic English Words for Kids

If you want to teach vocabulary to toddlers and other small kids, you must start with the basic, very simple, easy-to-learn, and daily used vocabulary. If you are not sure which type of vocabulary words are easy yet important for your kids to learn, then this post is for you. You can teach your children basic vocabulary from our 100 basic vocabulary words for kids list along with their pictures and meaning. This post is designed especially for kids that cover more than 20% of their daily used vocabulary. Let’s together help the kids to enhance their vocabulary collection.

1.       Obey

Obey my order.

2.       Mother

I love my mother.

3.       Poor

Respect the poor.

4.       Strong

Stay healthy and strong.

5.       Rich

He is a rich man.

6.       Beauty

Simplicity is the best beauty.

7.       Name

What’s your name?

8.       Careful

Be careful.

9.       Father

I love my father.

10.   Entry

I’ll not allow your entry.

11.   Brother

I have three brothers.

12.   Far

He was sitting far away from his friend.

13.   Chocolate

Don’t eat chocolate every day.

14.   Exit

Where is the exit door?

15.   Forget

Don’t forget to come.

16.   Remember

Remember to offer prayer.

17.   Near

I am near your house.

18.   Swim

Don’t swim in muddy water.

19.   Question

Do you have any questions?

20.   Listless

He is feeling listless nowadays.

21.   Full

This table is full.

22.   Pencil

Give me your pencil.

23.   Sun

Sun is the biggest source of energy.

24.   Beg

Don’t beg for something.

25.   Close

Close your eyes.

26.   Simple

I like simple people.

27.   Punishment

I don’t want to give you punishment.

28.   Moon

Half-moon seems very beautiful.

29.   Joy

The midnight was full of joy.

30.   Wake

Wake up early.

31.   Warm

Don’t drink warm water.

32.   Difficult

This lesson is not difficult.

33.   Open

Open your eyes.

34.   Dry

I like dry fruits.

35.   Night

The sky is full of stars at night.

36.   Burger

Do you like burgers?

37.   Enjoy

Enjoy your meal.

38.   Full

The bucket is full of water.

39.   Food

Vegetables are healthy food.

40.   Apple

Eat one apple per day.

41.   Onion

I don’t like to eat onion.

42.   Potato

I like potatoes.

43.   Go

Go to sleep early.

44.   Come

Come here.

45.   Eye

He has beautiful eyes.

46.   Toy

Kids like to play with toys.

47.   Naughty

He is very naughty.

48.   Dog

Dogs are human’s best friends.

49.   Smooth

Some clothes are very smooth.

50.   Comb

Comb your hair.

51.   Car

I like a black car.

52.   Tree

Trees are the source of oxygen.

53.   Chair

I was sitting on a chair.

54.   Drink

Drink water slowly.

55.   Brave

Be brave.

56.   Take

You can take this pencil.

57.   Grandfather

I love my grandfather.

58.   Help

Help the poor.

59.   Bottle

Fill the water in the bottle.

60.   Plate

Why did you break the plate?

61.   Long

She has long hair.

62.   Time

Don’t waste time.

63.   Milk

I love drinking milk.

64.   Sister

I have three sisters.

65.   Answer

Answer this question.

66.   Active

He is very active

67.   Empty

The room is empty.

68.   Sleep

Go to sleep.

69.   Cool

The water is cool.

70.   Easy

The paper was very easy.

71.   Wet

The baby was wearing wet clothes.

72.   Late

Don’t be late.

73.   Hand

Wash your hands.

74.   Dislike

I dislike dishonesty.

75.   Empty

Why the house is empty?

76.   Water

Don’t waste water.

77.   Wash

Wash your face.

78.   Face

The baby looked at me with a smiley face.

79.   Crow

Crow is an intelligent bird.

80.   Bath

Take bath daily.

81.   House

Keep your house clean.

82.   Nose

His nose was bleeding.

83.   Cat

Cat is a beautiful pet.

84.   Good

Do good, have good

85.   Small

His house is very small.

86.   Colour

Pakistanis have a brown color.

87.   Park

Park the car on the side.

88.   fish

Fish live in water.

89.   Sofa

This sofa is very comfortable.

90.   Gate

Open the gate.

91.   Eat

Eat the meal slowly.

92.   Shoes

Which shoes would you like to wear?

93.   Give

Give me a glass of water.

94.   Finger

Lower your finger.

95.   Flower

I love rose flowers.

96.   Look

Look at me.

97.   Spoon

This spoon is made of steel.

98.   Short

Please choose the short route.



100 basic vocabulary words for kids