100 Basic Vocabulary Words for kids

100 Basic English Words for Kids

If you want to teach vocabulary to toddlers and other small kids, you must start with the basic, very simple, easy-to-learn, and daily used vocabulary. If you are not sure which type of vocabulary words are easy yet important for your kids to learn, then this post is for you. You can teach your children basic vocabulary from our 100 basic vocabulary words for kids list along with their pictures and meaning. This post is designed especially for kids that cover more than 20% of their daily used vocabulary. Let’s together help the kids to enhance their vocabulary collection.

100 English Words for Kids

No. Vocabulary Word Example Sentence
1 Apple I ate an apple today.
2 Cat The cat is sleeping.
3 Dog I love playing with dogs.
4 Sun The sun is shining brightly.
5 Moon Look at the beautiful moon.
6 Tree The tree provides shade.
7 Car I drive a red car.
8 Book I enjoy reading books.
9 Flower She received a bouquet of flowers.
10 Smile His smile brightens my day.
11 Cry The baby started to cry.
12 Laugh We laughed at the funny joke.
13 Eat Let’s eat dinner together.
14 Drink I’m thirsty. I need a drink.
15 Sleep I want to sleep early tonight.
16 Run She loves to run in the park.
17 Jump He can jump very high.
18 Swim They swim in the pool.
19 Happy I’m so happy to see you!
20 Sad She felt sad after the movie.
21 Big The elephant is big.
22 Small The puppy is small and cute.
23 Hot The tea is too hot to drink.
24 Cold Wear a jacket, it’s cold outside.
25 Love Love is a beautiful feeling.
26 Friend She is my best friend.
27 Family I love spending time with my family.
28 Music I enjoy listening to music.
29 Dance Let’s dance and have fun.
30 Sleep I need a good night’s sleep.
31 Read I love to read books.
32 Write Please write your name here.
33 Listen Close your eyes and listen.
34 Speak Can you speak English?
35 Watch Let’s watch a movie tonight.
36 Eat I want to eat pizza for dinner.
37 Drink Can I have a glass of water?
38 Play Let’s play soccer in the park.
39 Run He likes to run in the morning.
40 Walk Take a walk in the park.
41 Happy She has a happy smile.
42 Sad He felt sad after the news.
43 Angry Don’t make her angry.
44 Tired I’m feeling tired after work.
45 Excited I am excited about the trip.
46 Scared He is scared of spiders.
47 Beautiful The sunset looks beautiful.
48 Ugly That painting is ugly.
49 Funny She always tells funny jokes.
50 Serious He has a serious expression.
51 Strong He is strong and muscular.
52 Weak My legs feel weak after running.
53 Hot The coffee is hot.
54 Cold Put on a sweater, it’s cold outside.
55 Busy I’m busy with work right now.
56 Free I have a free day tomorrow.
57 Brave She showed bravery in the face of danger.
58 Calm Take a deep breath and stay calm.
59 Excuse me Excuse me, can I ask a question?
60 Sorry I’m sorry for the mistake.
61 Beautiful She looks beautiful in that dress.
62 Handsome He is a handsome young man.
63 Funny The comedian told a funny joke.
64 Smart She is a smart and intelligent student.
65 Kind He is always kind to others.
66 Generous She is known for her generous nature.
67 Honest He is an honest and trustworthy person.
68 Patient You need to be patient during the process.
69 Curious She has a curious mind and loves to learn.
70 Creative He has a creative approach to problem-solving.
71 Hardworking She is a hardworking individual.
72 Polite It’s important to be polite to others.
73 Friendly She is friendly and easy to get along with.
74 Exciting The roller coaster ride was exciting.
75 Delicious This pizza tastes delicious.
76 Beautiful The sunset was a beautiful sight.
77 Wonderful It’s a wonderful day to go for a walk.
78 Magical The fireworks created a magical atmosphere.
79 Relaxing I love taking a relaxing bath.
80 Challenging The puzzle game is quite challenging.
81 Inspiring His speech was inspiring and motivating.
82 Colorful The flowers in the garden are so colorful.
83 Busy The market is always busy on weekends.
84 Peaceful The beach at sunset is so peaceful.
85 Mysterious The old mansion has a mysterious aura.
86 Unique Her style is unique and creative.
87 Comfortable This chair is very comfortable to sit on.
88 Energetic He is always full of energy and enthusiasm.
89 Adventurous She has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel.
90 Memorable Our trip to the mountains was a memorable experience.
91 Friendly The dog greeted us in a friendly manner.
92 Brave She showed bravery in the face of danger.
93 Curious The child’s curiosity knows no bounds.
94 Excited We were excited to go on our vacation.
95 Generous He is known for his generous donations.
96 Honest It’s important to be honest with yourself.
97 Patient The doctor was patient with his young patients.
98 Creative She expressed her creativity through painting.
99 Talented He is a talented musician.
100 Wise His wise advice helped me make the right decision.
100 English Words for Kids
100 English Words for Kids

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