100 Homographs Examples with Sentences

Homograph Examples With Sentences

A homograph is derived from the greeks words Homo “same” and “Graph “writing.” So, it means the same writing. Homographs are those words that have similar spelling but different meanings. Sometimes they are spelled the same and sometimes differently. Even sometimes, the homographs have three or four different meanings. So among those, some are pronounced the same and some different. You can easily find various examples of Homographs once you are familiar with them.

If you are interested to learn hundreds of Homographs in English, Join us. Let’s learn 100  Homographs examples in English.

Homographs Examples in English

Affect: Impact

Fever affects health. 

Affect: To impact

Tobacco consumption can affect your lungs. 


Portmanteau: Word that mix the sound and meaning of two words

Smog is a portmanteau word.

Portmanteau: traveling bag

I can’t carry my portmanteau.


Insult: Guilty

They insulted each other.

Insult: Abuse

The people were shouting insults at beggars.


Convict: Declare criminal

The jury convicted them of treason.

Convict: Ashamed

She was convicted of her mistake.


Back: Support

Always back yourself.

Back: Back of vertebrate

I am feeling pain in my back.


Bank: An edge of the river

We live on the bank of the river.

Bank: Official building for money protection

I have to get a loan from the bank.


Project: Assigned task

We completed our project.

Project: Introduce

How can I project this picture on the wall?


Intrigue: Increase in interest

She wrote a novel of intrigue.

Intrigue: complicated secrets

You are stepping into the world of intrigues.


Default: Failure to fulfill an obligation

I lost the game by default.

Default: Pre-set

This window is on my laptop by default.


Bear: Tolerate

You can not bear the pain.

Bear: hold up

Bear me.


Quail: A bird

His courage never quailed.

Quail: Afraid

I am Quailed to know about her murder.


Invite: Ask me to come

Invite me on function.

Invite: Urge

We invite you to download this app.


Discharge: Release

The patient is discharged now.

Discharge: Leave

Don’t discharge the water here.


Capture: possession

Police captured the thief.

Capture: take

I captured the picture.


Recall: Remember

Recall his name.

Recall: call again

I am recalling the roll call.


Light: A form of energy

Turn off this light.

Light: Faint

I like light colors.


Down: Below

Down the street is a gas station.

Down: Poor condition

Why are you looking down?


Suspect: Doubt

Police suspected him of murder.

Suspect: feel

I suspect a sense of humor in him.

100 Homographs Examples with Sentences
100 Homographs Examples with Sentences

Suspect: Doubt

Police investigated the suspects.

Suspect: feel

I suspect a sense of humor in him. 


Theory: A documented work

He proposed a theory of his own.

Theory: non-practical

You have to pass the theory exam too.


Transplant: Changing an organ

Ali transplanted his kidney last week.

Transplant: A symbol

What color represents transplant?


Too: As well

Ali is greedy too.

Too: many

This is too much.


Drawer: A part of the cupboard

Pens are in the drawer of the desk.

Drawer: Pant

Her drawer was not looking nice.


Cock: A male hen

I have a cock

Cock: tilt

Can you cock this book to different angles?


Refund: Give back

Please Refund my fee.

Refund: repayment

I am refunding my fee.


Regress: Return to former

She regressed to the mental age of 6 due to loss of memory.

Regress: Co-efficient of regression

In this model, C and Y are regressed on the same co-efficient.


Reject: Deny

You can reject reality.

Reject: loser

He was rejected by his company.


Compact: Complex

Its shape is very compact.

Compact: strong

Some goods are very compact.


Moped: Clean

Our classroom is moped.

Moped: Dejected

She is feeling moped.


Nail: Pin up

Nail the board to the wall.

Nail: achieved

You nailed it.


Compound: Mixing of two materials that cannot be separated

Water is a compound.

Compound: Make worse

You’ll compound the situation.


Research: Survey

He researched different topics.

Research: searching again

I am researching this topic.


Number: A numerical value

How to write number ten.

Number: cell no

Give me your cell number.


Finance: To help economically

My mother financed mine for a new home.

Finance: subject

I am studying finance.


Conscript: Enlist

Ali was conscripted into the race competition.

Conscript: Noun

He is an Army conscript.

10 Examples of Homographs
10 Examples of Homographs

Retard: stop

Chemicals will retard the spread of fire.

Retard: Destroy

The corrosion can retard the iron.


Watch: view

We watched television yesterday.

Watch: device to check the time

I love my watch.


Wound: Injury

His wound is recovering quickly.

Wound: the third form of wind

Please wind this bandage.


Console: Comfort

We should console our friends about the damage.

Console: Dial the panel

The console of the electronic device is not working.


Consort: Company

She consorts drug users.

Consort: A music show

Did you attend the consort?


Overlook: miss

Court has overlooked our case.

Overlook: ignore

You are overlooking the matter.


Park: A place for amusement

We visited the park last night.

Park: a place to stop the car

Please Park the car here.


Retake: Conduct again

The school will retake the paper.

Retake: call again

I am retaking the roll call.

Offense: bad

His behavior is offensive.

Offense: Angry

Please don’t be offensive.

Upset: Sad

Why are you upset?

Upset: change the pattern

The sea waves can upset the neighboring areas.


Wind: Breeze

The wind blows to and fro.

Wind: round

Please wind up the matter.


Well: Good

I am feeling well.

Well: All right

Well, I am going.


Overlay: Coating of something

I have a silver ring with a gold overlay.

Overlay: to compare

You can overlay these structures.


Retract: Take back

Cats retract their claws.

Retract: Withdraw

They retracted the allegation.


Rose: Flower

He sent a rose to his friend.

Rose: stand up

She rose from the chair.


Construct: Built-up

They construct a mosque.

Construct: Things to be made

The list of constructs never ends.


Perfect: Proper

Ali is a perfect example of simplicity.

Perfect: Ideal

They were looking like a perfect couple.


Perfume: Scent

She smelled different perfumes at the store.

Perfume: spray

I don’t like this perfume.


Permit: allow

Smoking is not permitted at the hostel.

Permit: court statement

I want to get a permit license from the court. 


Sewer: Underground pipelines for drainage

We should repair the sewer annually. 

Sewer: the drainage system

The sewer system in our area is not good.


Consult: Ask for a suggestion

She consults with the doctor.

Consult: Ask someone

I consult every matter with my mother.


Row: sequence

Here is a row of bottles.

Row: knitting

I am rowing a jacket.


Impound: appropriate

I provided impounded evidence for trials.

Impound: confine

You can’t confine us to one place.


Incline: Willing to do

I am inclined to accept a business offer.

Incline: Steep

This road is very inclined.


Converse: Talk

They converse on politics.

Converse: Interchange

He conversed the statement.

10 Examples of Homographs

Skied: High above

Sun was high in the sky.

Skied: travel over snow

I skied on snow before you came.


Proceeds: Continue

Light proceeds work.

Proceeds: Court orders

You must listen to the court proceedings.


Intercept: stop

Do not intercept elders.

Intercept: joining point

Two parallel lines can’t intercept each other.


Progress: Improvement

Department is progressing slowly.

Progress: developing

Pakistan was showing much progress in the reign of Imran Khan.


Cool: Handsome

He is looking cool.

Cool: low temperature

My room was very cool.


Bar: A piece

My friend has given me a bar of chocolate.

Bar: Wine counter or restaurant

She was drinking alcohol in the bar.


Protest: Rise voice

Protest for your rights.

Protest: Final declaration in court

Does protest means rejection in court?


Into: Inside

He goes into the car.

Into: interfere

Why are you into this matter?


Defect: Problematic

Defected pieces are not allowed.

Defect: imperfection

She has eye defects.


Bow: Bend

Bow in front of the king.

Bow: a weapon

The bow and arms were included in the weapons.


Quarry: a deep pit

Quarries are good for metal extractions

Quarry: Extract

We Quarried the limestone to burn in Furnace.


Lead: Guide

Always try to lead others.

Lead: element

Fishes can suffer from lead poisoning.


Dismount: get off

The gymnast dismounted from the parallel bars.

Dismount: Remove

Can you dismount this net?


Change: Substitute

Change the topic.

Change: Alternative

Do you have a change of 100 rupees?


Recap: Retell

She told me the recap of the story.

Recap: Summarize

To recap briefly, I am not interested in this matter.


Live: to view something directly

We watched a live match yesterday.

Live: Stay

I live in this room.

Homograph Examples With Sentences

Sign: Signature

Sign the deal.

Sign: Symbol

He is showing the sign of fever.


Story: Fiction

Your story is interesting.

Story: building

I live in a double-story house.


Transfer: Shifting of a person  from one place to another

Ali transferred to another Post.

Transfer: shifting of things

Please transfer this luggage to the next door.


Transport: To take something from one place to another

Transport guests to the airport.

Transport: Vehicles

The roads are full of transport.


Update: Inform

Update me about your results.

Update: Change

I have to update my laptop window.


Match: Join

Match the columns.

Match: Game match

The Pakistani team won the match.


Effect: Impact

A computer has a vast effect on my life.

Effect: Sound, lightening

I like this musical effect.


Remake: Do again

Remake this song.

Remake: revising things in the music industry

They have released a new remake of the movie.


Novel: A fictional prose work

Read a detective novel. 

Novel: new

This is novel research.


File: A set of documents

I have missed my file.

File: to case

He is filing a case in court.


Conduct: Arrange

They conduct classes regularly.

Conduct: behave

You should have a good code of conduct.

Remake: Do again

Remake this song.

Remake: revising things in the music industry

They have released a new remake of the movie.


Novel: A fictional prose work

Read a detective novel. 

Novel: new

This is novel research.


File: A set of documents

I have missed my file.

File: to case

He is filing a case in court.


Conduct: Arrange

They conduct classes regularly.

Conduct: behave

You should have a good code of conduct.



Combine: Mix

Combine sugar and salt.

Combine: together

You can combine it back with your family.


Mind: Conscience

Keep your mind active.

Mind: bother

I hope you don’t mind.


Commune: Collective

She joined a commune.

Commune: Community

Commune with nature.


Evening: a mid-time between afternoon and night

See you in the evening.

Evening: dark

The cloudy day was looking like an evening.


Under-count: To express less than the actual

We should not under-count the efforts.

Under-count: Count less

You are undercounting the figures.


Compost: Fertilize

We compost leaves in our homes.

Compost: Peat

Why are you adding compost to the fire?


Extract: Remove

Kindly extract extra data.

Extract: Juice

The lemon extract contains Vitamin C.


Compress: Press

Compress the air in a closed chamber.

Compress: Jam

The bottle cap was fully compressed.


Resent: Bitter feelings

We should not be resentful to anyone.

Resent: Grudge

You should not show resentment toward him.


Object: On which the work is being done

Money is not an object.

Object: thing

I don’t like this object.


Fine: Well

Are you fine?

Fine: clear

There are fine lines on my shirt.


Uplift: Raise

Music uplifts the soul.

Uplift: raise again

Why are you uplifting this matter?


Wave: to and fro motion

Water waves are beautiful to watch.

Wave: Wave pattern

I have a wave pattern on my shirt.


Yard: Measuring unit

Our ground is 12 yards

Yard: Cylindrical Spar

The yard of a ship is made of steel.


Foot: The lower part of beings that helps them to walk

He visited the campus on foot.

Foot: walk by foot

I go to school on foot.


Impact: Affect

Science has a great impact on us.

Impact: Sign

I can see the impact of bad company.


Rock: Big stones

She was sitting on the rock.

Rock: Awesome

You rocked.


Implant: Insert something in one’s body

The doctor implanted my mother’s teeth

Implant: Fix

Where can I implant this plant?


Import: Bring into a country from abroad

We import luxury items.

Import: transfer

I am importing this data to another folder.


Second: one below first in the hierarchy

Ali got the second position in the class.

Second: other

I am giving you a second choice.


Content: material / data

He wrote excellent content.

Content: list of data

How can I make a content list?


Contest: Competition

He won the contest for the best shooter.

Contest: Aspect

I can’t say anything in this contest.  


Insert: Inject

Insert a picture here.

Insert: Shoe support

These inserts can fit my shoes.


Convert: Changed

John converted to Christianity.

Convert: Revert

He converted to Islam


Subject:  Topic

English is my favorite subject.

Subject: Issue

I can’t say anything on this subject.


Attribute: linked

He is attributed to a parrot.

Attribute: Characteristics, honors

I am not here to listen to your attributes.

Purpose: Reason

The purpose of life should be clear.

Purpose: Sense of determination

She has a new sense of purpose to solve this issue. 


Purpose: Reason

The purpose of life should be clear.

Purpose: Sense of determination

She has a new sense of purpose to solve this issue. 


Survey: Research

A total of 300 people were surveyed about the project.

Survey: Keep an eye

Our teacher was surveying us.

Homograph Examples With Sentences

Interchange: Exchange

Our pens are interchanged.

Interchange: Alteration

The barren land was interchanged into a meadow.


Dear: Important

Shawn is dear to me.

Dear: high price

You buy things at less price and sell dear.


Bat: An animal that cannot see

Bats were all around.

Bat: Cricket bat

I could not handle the bat while playing cricket.


Invalid: Inappropriate

This statement is invalid

Invalid: Expired

This ID is invalid.


Digest: Breakdown

Humans can’t digest oily things easily.

Digest: To conceal

Why can’t you digest the conversation?


Ride: Drive

You can ride on a horse.

Ride: Trip

I like horse riding.


Rebel: The one who revolts

Byron is a rebel poet.

Rebel: verb

You should rebel again the evil norms.


Letter: alphabet

The English language has thirty-six letters.

Letter: Written message

I received your letter


Display: to show

Display his picture.

Display: Show

I don’t like this picture display.


Clear: Transparent

This water is clear.

Clear: clean

Please clear up the mess.

Recess: break

Students played in recess.

Recess: Attach

The light should be recessed in the ceiling.


Spirit: Enthusiasm

Always keep a good spirit.

Spirit: feeling

I can feel this spirit.


Tear: Water from eyes

His eyes are full of tears.

Tear: break down

Why are you tearing the papers?


Transform: Change

He transformed into a snake.

Transform: Mold

You can transform the plastic into different shapes.


Transpose: Exchange

Transpose of letters to change the spelling.

Transpose: Matrix rule

Find the transpose of it.


Close: Shut

Close your eyes.

Close: stop

Please close this discussion.


Redress: Recreate

It is time to redress previous injustice.

Redress: Wear again

I am redressing this bandage.


May: Hope

May you succeed in the exams.

May: Can

May I come in?


Engage: Indulge

Engage yourself in positive activities.

Engage: Attached to

Are you engaged?


Minute: Little

He received minute instructions.

Minute: time unit

Give me a minute.


Entrances: opening

Security was tight at all entrances.

Entrance: Pre-admission

I could not pass the entrance exam.


Relapsed: Again fallen ill

 Mentally disabled persons usually relapse.

Relapsed: Return

She relapsed to her town.


Exploit: Ruin

Don’t exploit natural scenery.

Exploit: take full advantage

You can exploit the resources.


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