Shapes Names with Pictures – 2D and 3D Shapes Names

Shapes Vocabulary with Definition

Learning Names of Shapes is an essential part of Mathematics vocabulary for kids. It’s a necessary part of primary school maths education. The students learn different shapes, like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles, from their maths books vocabulary in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grades. We come across these shapes daily in our life, like a bangle is circular while a piece of bread is square. If you cut the slice of bread from the center, it will give you a triangular shape. So, the kids must know the name of any shape. There is no easier way to teach the kids shapes vocabulary than by teaching them from a card with a shape and its name. So, here is the list of some shapes and their names in English.

Shapes Names


The circle is a 2d shape with a round appearance. It has no corners or lines: e.g., wheel, bangles.


A Rectangle is a 2d shape with four corners and four sides. Its 2 opposite sides are the same. Example: Laptop, page, or book.


A square is a 2d shape with four corners. All its lines are identical in length. It is like a piece of bread. Example: Square bread.


A triangle has three sides and three corners. The length of its sides may be different or identical. Example: A slice of pizza.

Shapes Vocabulary for Kindergarten


2D Shapes Vocabulary – Two Dimensional Shapes

2d shapes have just length and width. 2d shapes are very basic shapes used in kids’ classes. These are the shapes with two dimensions, and we can draw them easily on the page or board—circle, kite, rectangle, square, etc. You can easily see these shapes in your surrounding. It can be a page of paper or a bangle. It’s very easy for the kids to learn different shapes by picture vocabulary. So, we are listing here the picture vocabulary with shapes and examples.


A circle is a 2d shape without any line or corner. Example: Wheel or bangles.


It is a 2d shape. It has four sides & 4 vertices. Example: Kite of kids.


It is a 2d shape. Its sides are parallel to one other. Example: Notebooks


It is a flat and close 2d shape. Its sides are straight. Example a triangle.


A rectangle has four lengths, and its two opposite sides are equal.


RhombusIt is like a diamond shape and all four sides are equal. Example: Diamond


A semi-circle is like a tilt C. If you cut a circle from the center, you’ll get a semi-circle—for example, A half moon.


A square is a shape with four sides, and the length of each side is equal. It is a 2d shape.


It is a 2d shape and one pair of opposite sides is equal. The other pair of opposite sides are not equal. Example: A handbag.


A triangle is a 2d shape with three faces and three sides. Its sides may or may not be equal—for example, a pizza slice.

Names of 2D Shapes Vocabulary


3D Shapes Vocabulary – Three Dimensional Shapes

3d or three-dimensional shapes are shapes that have length, width, or height. We can’t draw them on paper or blackboard. The number of things found in 3d form is more than 2d form in our surroundings. Rooms, balls, pieces of bread, and prism are all three shapes. Students love to learn three-dimensional shapes with their images and names. Try to encourage your kids to recognize different 3d shapes in their surroundings. Here is the list of 3d shapes for kids with examples and pictures.


A cube is a 3d closed shape with six faces and 12 edges. It is made of 6 square—for example, A room.


A cuboid is a closed 3d shape and is made of rectangles. Example: A duster and book.


A cone is a 3d shape with a circular base and pointed edge. Example: Ice cream.


A cylinder is a 3d long round with three circular bases above and below. Example: a cold drink cane.


It is a 3d closed shape with many corners and 12 flat faces—for example, football.


Ellipsoid is like a circle but it’s elongated, stretched, or flattened. For example, an egg or cucumber.


It is a polyhedron and has 7-faces. It can make a lot of shapes. Example: Piece of solid steel


It is a polyhedron with six faces and is similar to a cube. But it is slightly tilted. Example: A cube or cuboid.


This 3d shape has 20-plane which are equilateral triangular. Example: A soccer ball.


A nonahedron has 9 faces and is 3d in shape. Example: Any shape with 9 faces


This 3d shape has eight faces and 12 edges—for example, octahedron dice in games.


It is a 3d shape with three faces. For example, a square pyramid.


A 3d shape with multiple faces is called a polyhedron. Example: Bricks and prism


It is a 3d shape consisting of 2 figures in front of each other. Example ice cubes


The pyramid is a 3d shape with a polygonal base & triangular faces. Examples: Some watermelon pieces and toys are in Pyramid shapes.


is a 3d circular shape in the form of a doughnut. Example: A tire tube full of water. 

Names of 3D Shapes Vocabulary in English

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