Time Expressions for All Tenses with Example PDF

Time Expressions

Expression of Time


Yesterday I was in my Grandmother House

Last week

my father

last night

Did you have dinner last night?

Last week

I saw a movie last week.

Last month

Last month at this time, I was sitting at my desk at work.

A little while ago

She was writing a letter a little while ago.

An hour ago,

He was taking a bath an hour ago,

This morning

The weather was unpleasant in this morning.

 In the Past

In the past the Obama was the president of Pakistan.

A long time ago

she want her mother house a long time ago.

The day before yesterday

She just got permission to talk to him the day before yesterday.



School will remain closed today.

This week

They are having an oral test this week.

At the moment

I am tired at the  moment.


Now you can leave now.

At this time

We are going market at this time.


They are busy nowadays.

These days

We are suffering these days.

Right now,

Complete work right now.



I will go there tomorrow.

Next week

Next week he will start a business.

Next month

The pattern of exam will not change next year.

Next year

Next year she will have decorated her home.

In the near future

He will have finished his work in the future.

In an hour

I will  be there in an hour.

Later this evening

They will announce their invitation later this morning.

The day after tomorrow

My school will open in the day afternoon