105 Animal Sounds in English for Kids: Learn How Animals Communicate

Various animals making unique sounds
Learn about the different sounds animals make and how they help us understand them better.

In this blog, you are going to learn about animal sounds and the unique noises animals make. This knowledge will help you learn more about animals. It’s about matching animals with the noises they make. Learning the sounds that animals make helps us understand them better, especially when we’re reading a story, watching a movie, or just spending time outdoors.

Why Learning Animal Sounds is Important:

  • Better Understanding: Helps us understand animals better.
  • Learning Fun: Makes learning fun and interesting.
  • Connection with Nature: Helps you connect with the animal world in a new way.

By knowing these animal sounds, you can enhance your learning experience and enjoy your time with stories, movies, and nature. This blog will guide you through the different noises animals make, making it easier for you to remember and recognize them.


Animal Animal Sounds Images
Mouse Chirp, Squeak Sound of Mouse: Mouse chirps and squeaks.
Beaver Hiss, Grunt Sound of Beaver: Beaver hisses and grunts.
Crocodile Bellow, Hiss Sound of Crocodile: Crocodile bellows and hisses.
Aardvark Snuff, Grunt Sound of Aardvark: Aardvark snuffs and grunts.
Deer Grunts, Bleats Sound of Deer: Deer grunts and bleats.
Eagle Whistling

Sound of Eagle: Eagle whistles.
Sound of Eagle: Eagle whistles.
Lion Roaring Sound of Lion: Lion roars.
Ape Gibbers Sound of Ape: Ape gibbers.
Hippopotamus Yelp, Cry Sound of Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus yelps and cries.
Giraffe Hum Sound of Giraffe: Giraffe hums.
Cat Meow, Purr Sound of Cat: Cat meows and purrs.
Dove Coo Sound of Dove: Dove coos.
Hare Squeak Sound of Hare: Hare squeaks.
Camel Roar, Groan Sound of Camel: Camel roars and groans.
Ant Cry Sound of Ant: Ant cries.
Armadillo Grunt Sound of Armadillo: Armadillo grunts.
Donkey Hee-haw

Sound of Donkey: Donkey hee-haws.
Sound of Donkey: Donkey hee-haws.
Snail Rawr, Cry Sound of Snail: Snail rawrs and cries.
Swallow Chirping Sound of Swallow: Swallow chirps.
Turkey Gobbles Sound of Turkey: Turkey gobbles.
Hyena Whoop, Laugh Sound of Hyena: Hyena whoops and laughs.
Bear Growl, Roar Sound of Bear: Bear growls and roars.
Cockerel Crows, Cackle Sound of Cockerel: Cockerel crows and cackles.
Fish Blub, Glug

Sound of Fish
Sound of Fish
Goat Baa Sound of Goat: Goat baas.
Kangaroo Growl, Grunt Sound of Kangaroo: Kangaroo growls and grunts.
Panda Huff, Snort Sound of Panda: Panda huffs and snorts.
Bird Sing, Chirp

Sound of Bird: Bird sings and chirps.
Sound of Bird: Bird sings and chirps.
Grouse Pete-Pete Sound of Grouse: Grouse says pete-pete.
Chimpanzee Pants, Grunts Sound of Chimpanzee: Chimpanzee pants and grunts.
Frog Croak Sound of Frog: Frog croaks.
Penguin Honk, Bleat Sound of Penguin: Penguin honks and bleats.
Nightingale Sing, Tril Sound of Nightingale: Nightingale sings and trills.
Duck Quack Sound of Duck: Duck quacks.
Rabbit Squeak Sound of Rabbit: Rabbit squeaks.
Wolf Howl, Growl Sound of Wolf: Wolf howls and growls.
Yak Grunt, Snort Sound of Yak: Yak grunts and snorts.
Porpoise Click, Whistle Sound of Porpoise: Porpoise clicks and whistles.
Raccoon Growl, Chatter Sound of Raccoon: Raccoon growls and chatters.
Raven Caw
Rook Caw Sound of Rook: Rook caws.
Sea Lion Barking, Roar Sound of Sea Lion: Sea Lion barks and roars.
Swan Hiss, Cooing Sound of Swan: Swan hisses and coos.
Viper Hiss Sound of Viper: Viper hisses.
Squirrel Squeak, Bark Sound of Squirrel: Squirrel squeaks and barks.
Parrot Talk, Screech Sound of Parrot: Parrot talks and screeches.
Tiger Roar
Turtle Hissing Sound of Turtle: Turtle hisses.
Wallaby Bark, Hiss Sound of Wallaby: Wallaby barks and hisses.
Otter Chirp, Whistle Sound of Otter: Otter chirps and whistles.
Termite Click, Rustle Sound of Termite: Termite clicks and rustles.
Owl Hoot, Screech Sound of Owl: Owl hoots and screeches.
Zebra Growl, Squeal

Sound of Zebra: Zebra growls and squeals.
Sound of Zebra: Zebra growls and squeals.
Hornet Hum, Buzz Sound of Hornet: Hornet hums and buzzes.
Pigeon Coo, Purr Sound of Pigeon: Pigeon coos and purrs.
Polar Bear Growl, Roar Sound of Polar Bear: Polar Bear growls and roars.
Gerbil High Squeak Sound of Gerbil: Gerbil squeaks highly.
Cattle Moo, Lowing Sound of Cattle: Cattle moo and low.
Rat Squeak, Chirp Sound of Rat: Rat squeaks and chirps.
Cockroach Hiss Sound of Cockroach: Cockroach hisses.
Cheetah Growl, Chirp Sound of Cheetah: Cheetah growls and chirps.
Chicken Chuck, Cluck Sound of Chicken: Chicken clucks and clucks.
Wombat Growl, Grunt Sound of Wombat: Wombat growls and grunts.
Whale Sing, Click Sound of Whale: Whale sings and clicks.
Spider Hiss, Purr Sound of Spider: Spider hisses and purrs.
Bee Buzz, Humm Sound of Bee: Bee buzzes and hums.
Beetle Squeak Sound of Beetle: Beetle squeaks.
Sparrow Chirp Sound of Sparrow: Sparrow chirps.
Bittern Croak, Boom Sound of Bittern: Bittern croaks and booms.
Alligator Bellow, Hiss Sound of Alligator: Alligator bellows and hisses.
Opossum Growl, Click Sound of Opossum: Opossum growls and clicks.
Porcupine Grunt, Snuff Sound of Porcupine: Porcupine grunts and snuffs.
Rhinoceros Grunt, Snort Sound of Rhinoceros: Rhinoceros grunts and snorts.
Horse Neigh, Whinny Sound of Horse: Horse neighs and whinnies.
Badger Call, Growl Sound of a Badger: Badger growls and calls in the underbrush.
Peacock Scream Sound of a Peacock: Peacock screams its vibrant call.
Bat Echolocation Sound of a Bat: Bat navigates with echolocation.
Moose Grunt, Bellow Sound of a Moose: Moose grunts and bellows in the wild.
Crow Caw Sound of a Crow: Crow caws the day away.
Buffalo Grunting Sound of a Buffalo: Buffalo grunts with the herd.
Coyote Bell, Trot Sound of a Coyote: Coyote's bell and trot across the desert.
Goose Cackles Sound of a Goose: Goose cackles in the flock.
Crane Bugling Sound of a Crane: Crane's bugling dance in the sky.
Koala Bear Grunt, Bellow Sound of a Koala Bear: Koala Bear grunts and bellows in the eucalyptus.
Pig Oinking Sound of a Pig: Pig oinks with delight.
Sugar Glider Chirping Sound of a Sugar Glider: Sugar Glider chirps in the treetops.
Meerkat Purring Sound of a Meerkat: Meerkat purrs with curiosity.
Dog Bark, Bay Sound of a Dog: Dog's bark and bay echo loyalty.
Lark Sings, Warble

Sound of a Lark: Lark sings and warbles a song of nature.
Sound of a Lark: Lark sings and warbles a song of nature.
Woodpecker Drum, Tap Sound of a Woodpecker: Woodpecker drums and taps on wood.
Wren Singing, Trill Sound of a Wren: Wren's singing trill fills the air.
Dolphin Click Sound of a Dolphin: Dolphin clicks in underwater conversations.
Seagull Squawk, Call Sound of a Seagull: Seagull squawks and calls by the sea.
Grasshopper Stridulate Sound of a Grasshopper: Grasshopper stridulates in the grass.
Sheep Baa, Bleat Sound of a Sheep: Sheep's baa and bleat in the field.
Snake Hiss Sound of a Snake: Snake hisses with warning.
Elephant Roaring Sound of an Elephant: Elephant's roar reverberates in the jungle.
Ferret Chuckle Sound of a Ferret: Ferret chuckles in its play.
Fly Buzzing Sound of a Fly: Fly's buzzing is the sound of summer.
Fox Bark, Yap

Sound of a Fox: Fox barks and yaps in the woods.
Sound of a Fox: Fox barks and yaps in the woods.
Gorilla Grunt Sound of a Gorilla: Gorilla grunts with authority.
Hamster Squeak, Chirp Sound of a Hamster: Hamster squeaks and chirps cutely.
Hawk Whistling Sound of a Hawk: Hawk whistles from the heights.


Animal sounds: 35 different animals making unique sounds
First set of 35 animal sounds, showing unique noises each animal makes.

80 Unique Animal Sounds and Noises

  • The mouse chirps and squeaks in the quiet night.
  • The beaver hisses and grunts near the riverbank.
  • The crocodile bellows loudly, and its powerful jaws hiss in the swamp.
  • The aardvark snuffs around for food and occasionally lets out a grunt.
  • The deer grunts softly while feeding and bleats when alarmed.
  • The eagle can be heard whistling high in the sky.
  • The lion roars with majestic authority in the wilderness.
  • The ape in the jungle can be heard squeaking as it swings through the trees.
  • The hippopotamus occasionally lets out a yelp or cry in the river.
  • The giraffe makes a soft hum as it feeds on leaves.
  • The cat often meows for attention and purrs when content.
  • The dove in the garden softly coos in the morning.
  • The hare can be heard squeaking in the tall grass.
  • The camel in the desert can roar and groan loudly.
  • The ant colonies can be quite noisy as they cry to communicate.
  • The armadillo occasionally grunts as it searches for insects.
  • The donkey in the farm hee-haws when it’s time to work.
  • The snail may rawr or cry as it moves slowly along.
  • The swallow can be heard chirping in the skies.
  • The turkey gobbles loudly during its displays.
  • The hyena often whoops and laughs in the wild.
  • The bear in the forest growls and occasionally lets out a roar.
  • The cockerel crows loudly at the break of dawn.
  • The fish in the pond blub and glug as they swim.
  • The goat on the farm baas loudly when it’s feeding time.
  • The kangaroo growls and grunts in the Australian outback.
  • The panda may huff and snort as it eats bamboo.
  • The bird in the trees around the house sings and chirps.
  • The grouse pete-petes in the forest, a distinctive sound.
  • The chimpanzee in the jungle can be heard panting and grunting.
  • The frog by the pond croaks throughout the night.
  • The penguin on the icebergs honks and occasionally bleats.
  • The nightingale sings melodious songs in the moonlight.
  • The duck at the pond quacks as it swims.
  • The rabbit in the garden squeaks softly.
  • The wolf in the forest often howls and growls.
  • The yak on the mountain grunts and snorts.
  • The porpoise in the ocean clicks and whistles.
  • The raccoon in the woods growls and chatters.
  • The raven and the rook both caw loudly in the trees.
  • The sea lion by the shore can be heard barking and occasionally roaring.
  • The swan hisses gracefully while cooing in the pond.
  • The viper in the grass often hisses as a warning.
  • The squirrel in the park squeaks and occasionally barks.
  • The parrot is known to talk and screech in its vibrant conversations.
  • The tiger in the jungle often roars to claim its territory.
  • The turtle can be heard hissing when it’s disturbed.
  • The wallaby barks and hisses in the Australian wilderness.
  • The otter by the river chirps and whistles as it plays.
  • The termite colonies can be heard clicking and rustling inside wood.
  • The owl in the trees hoots and occasionally lets out a screech.
  • The zebra growls and squeals in the African savannah.
  • The hornet hums and buzzes as it flies.
  • The pigeon in the city coos and purrs on rooftops.
  • The polar bear in the Arctic often growls and roars.
  • The gerbil makes a high-pitched squeak when excited.
  • The cattle in the pasture moo and low peacefully.
  • The rat in the alley squeaks and chirps as it scavenges.
  • The cockroach is known to hiss in dark corners.
  • The cheetah growls and chirps in the African grasslands.


Animal sounds: 35 more animals making distinct sounds
Second set of 35 animal sounds, showing distinct noises of each animal.
  • The chicken on the farm often clucks and crows.
  • The wombat in Australia can growl and grunt.
  • The whale in the ocean sings and clicks in its underwater world.
  • The spider may hiss and purr in its web.
  • The bee buzzes and hums as it collects nectar.
  • The beetle sometimes squeaks as it moves.
  • The sparrow in the trees chirps and fills the air with its melody.
  • The bittern by the marsh croaks and booms.
  • The alligator bellows and occasionally hisses in the swamp.
  • The opossum in the night growls and clicks.
  • The porcupine grunts and snuffs as it forages.
  • The rhinoceros often grunts and snorts.
  • The horse in the stable neighs and whinnies.
  • The badger calls and growls in its burrow.
  • The peacock is known to let out a resounding scream.
  • The bat navigates using echolocation with high-pitched clicks.
  • The moose grunts and bellows in the wilderness.
  • The crow caws and is a common sight in urban areas.
  • The buffalo can often be heard grunting in the grasslands.
  • The coyote bells and trots in the desert.
  • The goose cackles and honks while in flight.
  • The crane bugles melodiously in the sky.
  • The koala bear grunts and bellows from the treetops.
  • The pig on the farm is known for its oinking.
  • The sugar glider chirps as it glides through the trees.
  • The meerkat purrs contently while keeping watch.
  • The dog often barks and bays to communicate.
  • The lark sings and warbles a melodious tune.
  • The woodpecker drums and taps on tree trunks.
  • The wren is known for its singing and trilling.
  • The dolphin in the ocean clicks in its social interactions.
  • The seagull squawks and calls by the seashore.
  • The shark is a silent presence in the deep ocean.
  • The grasshopper stridulates in the grass.
  • The sheep baas and bleats in the pasture.
  • The snake often hisses as a warning.
  • The elephant roars with powerful trumpets in the jungle.
  • The ferret is known to chuckle playfully.
  • The fly buzzes incessantly around.
  • The fox barks and yaps in the moonlight.
  • The gorilla communicates with grunts.
  • The hamster squeaks and chirps cutely.
  • The hawk whistles from the heights.
Animal sounds: last set of 35 unique animal sounds
Final set of 35 animal sounds, completing the collection of unique animal noises.

Free PDF on Animal Sounds Lesson

We also offer a free PDF guide on animal sounds. This detailed lesson covers 80 unique animal sounds and their corresponding noises, helping you learn how different animals communicate. Download the PDF to improve your knowledge and enjoy a fun learning experience.

Animals Sounds PDF

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