Farm Animals Names in English with Infographics

Farm Animals Names Vocabulary in English with images
Farm Animals Names Vocabulary in English with images

Welcome to learning about farm animals name with their pictures and some fun facts. On farms, you find many different animals, and each has its own special name. Some are big, like the giraffe, and some are small, like the chick.

Farmers rely on strong animals, like the buffalo, to help with heavy work. Other animals, like the alpaca, give us soft wool. You might hear the rooster crowing in the morning on a farm.

Honeybees are tiny but important. They help plants grow and make sweet honey. And don’t forget the farm dog, always a good friend to the people on the farm.

In this lesson, we’ll explore the words we use for farm animals in English. You’ll discover how each name tells us something special about the animal. Let’s start our journey towards learning the names of farm animals in English together.

What are Farm Animals?

Farm animals are animals that people raise on farms for different purposes. They can be big like cows or horses, or small like chickens and ducks. People keep them to get things like milk, eggs, meat, or wool. Some farm animals also help with work on the farm, like pulling heavy things. These animals are an important part of how we get our food and other useful things.

Farm Animals Names in English with pictures and flashcards for printing
Farm Animals Names in English with pictures

Farm Animals Names List

Serial Number Farm Animal
1 Cow
2 Horse
3 Pig
4 Sheep
5 Chicken
6 Duck
7 Goat
8 Turkey
9 Rabbit
10 Donkey
11 Goose
12 Rooster
13 Cat
14 Dog
15 Alpaca
16 Llama
17 Buffalo
18 Goat
19 Honeybee
20 Guinea Pig
21 Ostrich
22 Goose
23 Turkey
24 Peacock
25 Pheasant
26 Quail
27 Emu
28 Muscovy Duck
29 Guineafowl
30 Swan
31 Pigeon
32 Canary
33 Parrot
34 Finch
35 Budgerigar
36 Canary
37 Cockatiel
38 Lovebird
39 Cockatoo
40 Macaw
41 Horse
42 Pony
43 Mule
44 Donkey
45 Yak
46 Bison
47 Elk
48 Reindeer
49 Camel
50 Alpaca
51 Llama
52 Zebra
53 Goat
54 Sheep
55 Ram
56 Lamb
57 Calf
58 Goat Kid
59 Piglet
60 Foal
61 Chicken
62 Hen
63 Rooster
64 Chick
65 Duck
66 Duckling
67 Turkey
68 Poult
69 Goose
70 Gosling
71 Rabbit
72 Bunny
73 Guinea Pig
74 Hamster
75 Gerbil
76 Ferret
77 Rat
78 Mouse
79 Chinchilla
80 Hedgehog

Importance of Farm Animals

  • Cow: Cows are big and gentle. They give us milk, which we use to make butter, cheese, and yogurt.
  • Horse: Horses are strong and often help with work on the farm. People also ride them for fun.
  • Pig: Pigs are pink and like to roll in the mud. We get bacon and pork from them.
  • Sheep: Sheep have fluffy wool that we use to make warm clothes. They say “baa.”
  • Chicken: Chickens lay eggs, and we can eat their meat, too. They go “cluck.”
  • Duck: Ducks swim in ponds, and we can eat their eggs and meat. They say “quack.”
  • Goat: Goats can climb and eat almost anything. We get milk and cheese from them.
  • Turkey: Turkeys are big birds. People often eat them for special occasions.
  • Rabbit: Rabbits are furry and hop around. Some people keep them as pets.
  • Donkey: Donkeys are strong and help carry heavy things on the farm.
  • Goose: Geese are like big ducks. They can be noisy and like to honk.
  • Rooster: Roosters are male chickens. They wake us up with their crowing.
  • Cat: Cats are good at catching mice and are often kept as pets.
  • Dog: Dogs are loyal and can help guard the farm. They come in many breeds.
  • Alpaca: Alpacas have soft wool, and some people keep them for their fleece.
  • Llama: Llamas are like alpacas and are known for carrying things on their backs.
  • Buffalo: Buffaloes are strong and used for plowing fields and giving us meat.
  • Yak: Yaks are big and furry. People in some places use them for milk and transport.
  • Bison: Bison are large, wild animals that roam in some parts of the world.
  • Elk: Elks are big deer with large antlers.
  • Reindeer: Reindeer are known for pulling Santa’s sleigh and live in the Arctic.
  • Camel: Camels have humps and can carry heavy loads in deserts.
  • Zebra: Zebras have black and white stripes and are like wild horses.
  • Ox: Oxen are strong animals often used for plowing fields.
  • Honeybee: Honeybees make honey and help plants grow by pollinating flowers.
  • Guinea Pig: Guinea pigs are small pets that people keep in cages.
  • Hamster: Hamsters are tiny, cute pets that live in cages with wheels.
  • Gerbil: Gerbils are similar to hamsters and make fun pets.
  • Ferret: Ferrets are playful animals that people keep as pets.
  • Rat: Rats are clever animals and are sometimes kept as pets, too.

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