Colors with Names in English

Colors with Names in English
Colors with Names in English

If you are looking for a list of all the types of colors with names in English, you at a place with a huge collection of every color’s name.

Colors are characteristics of an object that we can see and describe based on its hue, brightness, and how vivid it is. In physics, color is linked to light with different strengths and wavelengths that our eyes can see.

When light hits an object, it reflects the color to our eyes. Our eyes can recognize color because of the specific wavelength of the reflected light. So, when light shines on an object, some colors bounce off and reach our eyes, showing us what color the object is.

Types of Colors

Colors can be categorized into several types based on various attributes and characteristics. Here are the main types of colors:

  1. Primary Colors: These are the three fundamental colors that cannot be created by mixing other colors. They are red, blue, and yellow. All other colors can be made by combining different amounts of these primary colors.
  2. Secondary Colors: Secondary colors are created by mixing equal amounts of two primary colors. The three secondary colors are green (blue + yellow), orange (red + yellow), and purple (red + blue).
  3. Tertiary Colors: Tertiary colors are made by mixing a primary color with a neighboring secondary color. For example, red-orange, yellow-green, and blue-purple are tertiary colors.
  4. Complementary Colors: Complementary colors are pairs of colors that are located opposite each other on the color wheel. When placed together, they create a strong contrast and enhance each other’s intensity. Examples include red-green, blue-orange, and yellow-purple.
  5. Analogous Colors: Analogous colors are colors that are located next to each other on the color wheel. They usually share a common primary color and create a harmonious and cohesive color scheme.
  6. Warm Colors: Warm colors are colors that evoke a sense of warmth and energy. They include reds, oranges, and yellows.
  7. Cool Colors: Cool colors are colors that evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility. They include blues, greens, and purples.
  8. Neutral Colors: Neutral colors are colors that lack strong chromatic intensity and are often considered to be non-colors. Examples include black, white, gray, and beige.
  9. Pastel Colors: Pastel colors are soft, muted shades of colors, typically created by adding white to the original colors. They have a gentle and soothing appearance.
  10. Vibrant Colors: Vibrant colors are bold and intense colors that catch the eye and create a strong visual impact.
All the colors with their names in English
All the colors with their names in English

Colors with Names with HTML Codes

Serial Number Color Name HTML Color Code Emoji
1 Red #FF0000 ❤️
2 Blue #0000FF ?
3 Yellow #FFFF00 ?
4 Green #008000 ?
5 Orange #FFA500 ?
6 Purple #800080 ?
7 Pink #FFC0CB ?
8 Brown #A52A2A ?
9 Black #000000 ⚫️
10 White #FFFFFF ⚪️
11 Gray #808080 ?️
12 Cyan #00FFFF ?
13 Magenta #FF00FF ?
14 Light Green #90EE90 ?
15 Light Blue #ADD8E6 ?️
16 Light Yellow #FFFFE0 ?
17 Light Pink #FFB6C1 ?
18 Light Purple #E6E6FA ?
19 Light Gray #D3D3D3 ⚪️
20 Dark Green #006400 ?
21 Dark Blue #00008B ?
22 Dark Red #8B0000 ?
23 Dark Brown #8B4513 ?
24 Dark Purple #800080 ?
25 Dark Gray #A9A9A9 ?
26 Gold #FFD700 ?
27 Silver #C0C0C0 ?
28 Sky Blue #87CEEB ?
29 Indigo #4B0082 ?
30 Teal #008080 ?
31 Lavender #E6E6FA ?
32 Coral #FF7F50 ?
33 Turquoise #40E0D0 ?
34 Maroon #800000 ?
35 Olive #808000 ?
36 Salmon #FA8072 ?
37 Aqua #00FFFF ?
38 Beige #F5F5DC ?️
39 Orchid #DA70D6 ?
40 Tomato #FF6347 ?
41 Slate Gray #708090 ?️
42 Mint Green #98FB98 ?
43 Navy Blue #000080 ⚓️
44 Peach #FFDAB9 ?
45 Steel Blue #4682B4 ?️
46 Dark Cyan #008B8B ?️
47 Hot Pink #FF69B4 ?
48 Ivory #FFFFF0 ?
49 Dark Olive Green #556B2F ?
50 Deep Pink #FF1493 ?

All Colors with Names Pictures and Short Definitions

  1. Red: A vibrant color associated with energy, passion, love, and excitement.
  2. Blue: A calming color representing tranquility, trust, and intelligence.
  3. Yellow: A bright color symbolizing happiness, optimism, and warmth.
  4. Green: A color of nature, growth, harmony, and renewal.
  5. Orange: An energetic color signifying enthusiasm, creativity, and warmth.
  6. Purple: A royal color representing luxury, creativity, and spirituality.
  7. Pink: A gentle color associated with love, tenderness, and femininity.
  8. Brown: An earthy color signifying stability, warmth, and reliability.
  9. Black: A color representing power, elegance, and mystery.
  10. White: A pure and clean color symbolizing innocence and peace.
  11. Gray: A neutral color associated with balance and sophistication.
  12. Cyan: A calming color resembling the color of the sky and water.
  13. Magenta: A vibrant color expressing passion and individuality.
  14. Light Green: A fresh and calming color representing growth and harmony.
  15. Light Blue: A soothing color symbolizing peace and serenity.
  16. Light Yellow: A soft color representing joy and positivity.
  17. Light Pink: A gentle color signifying love and affection.
  18. Light Purple: A delicate color representing creativity and spirituality.
  19. Light Gray: A light neutral color symbolizing balance and elegance.
  20. Dark Green: A deep color representing stability and natural harmony.
  21. Dark Blue: A rich color symbolizing depth, confidence, and intelligence.
  22. Dark Red: A deep and intense color representing strength and passion.
  23. Dark Brown: A strong color symbolizing earthiness and reliability.
  24. Dark Purple: A mysterious color representing sophistication and luxury.
  25. Dark Gray: A deep neutral color signifying formality and seriousness.
  26. Gold: A precious color representing wealth, prosperity, and success.
  27. Silver: A shiny color symbolizing purity, sophistication, and modernity.
  28. Sky Blue: A soft and airy color representing openness and tranquility.
  29. Indigo: A deep color symbolizing intuition, wisdom, and spirituality.
  30. Teal: A calming color representing balance, creativity, and sophistication.
  31. Lavender: A delicate color symbolizing grace, elegance, and femininity.
  32. Coral: A vibrant color representing energy, enthusiasm, and warmth.
  33. Turquoise: A refreshing color symbolizing calmness and serenity.
  34. Maroon: A deep color representing richness and sensuality.
  35. Olive: A muted color symbolizing peace and abundance.
  36. Salmon: A warm color representing happiness and vitality.
  37. Aqua: A refreshing color symbolizing clarity and purity.
  38. Beige: A neutral color representing simplicity and warmth.
  39. Orchid: A delicate color symbolizing beauty and grace.
  40. Tomato: A vibrant red color representing energy and excitement.
  41. Slate Gray: A cool and sophisticated color representing stability.
  42. Mint Green: A fresh color symbolizing growth and renewal.
  43. Navy Blue: A deep color representing authority and strength.
  44. Peach: A soft and inviting color symbolizing affection and warmth.
  45. Steel Blue: A modern and versatile color representing stability.
  46. Dark Cyan: A rich and deep color representing calmness.
  47. Hot Pink: A bold and lively color representing passion and playfulness.
  48. Ivory: A soft and elegant color representing purity and simplicity.
  49. Dark Olive Green: A deep color representing strength and nature.
  50. Deep Pink: A vibrant and intense color representing excitement and romance.