List of Verb + Preposition Collocations Examples

List of Verb + Preposition Collocations

Here is the List of Verb + Preposition Collocations with Examples

Verb + TO Preposition

Attend to

I have to attend to shopping.

Commit to

Ali will commit himself to passing the paper.

Talk to

I want to talk to you.

Explain to

No need to explain situation to them.

Devote to

Please devote yourself to caring your mother.

Belong to

She belongs to the America.

Object to

you can not object to my opinion.

Resort to

Extremists on both sides resort to violence.

Appeal to

Please appeal to you for me.

Look forward to

My mother looking forward to begs.

Commit to

Ali will commit himself to passing the paper.

Ask to

I ask to see my mother.

Refer to

I Can’t him refer to the math.

See to

Please see to those cars.

Respond to

she responded to the news.

Talk to

I want to talk to you.

Introduce to

Kindly introduce yourself to me.

Listen to

He listens to the song in the car.

Matter to

It would be matter to me what you do.

Happen to

It could happen to you.

Be resigned to

I am resigned to this battle.

Apply oneself to

He must apply himself to getting a degree.

Contribute to

Please contribute to the amount for bill.

Admit to

She admitted to apologies only first time.

Prefer to

My father prefer bike to car.

Subscribe to

He subscribes to YouTube channels.

Attribute to

It is belittling to attribute to luck!

Confess to

I am confessed to solving this question.

Answer to

Ali did not answer to me.

Invite to

Who will you invite to the party?

Pray to

I will pray to God for your mother.

Attend to

I have to attend to shopping.

Subject to

I am subject to colds.

React to

How will he react to my idea?

Apologize to

He should apologize to the teachers.

Verb + Preposition Examples Sentences

Verb + ON Preposition

Base on

I base my conclusions on market research.

Work on

Sara is working on a new project.

Comment on

Did you forbear to comment on this?

Depend on

He should not depend on his parents forever.

Rely on

You may rely on me.

Elaborate on

Let us elaborate on these points.

Agree on

I always agree on the speech.

Pride on

I didn’t hurt your pride on purpose.

Concentrate on

Please concentrate on your work.

Impose on

I will not want to impose on him.

Play on

Advertisements often play on people’s fears.

Blame on

He always puts the blame on me

Congratulate on

He congratulates on my new job.

Insist on

My mother always insists on me, studying every day for two hours.

Count on

He can count on my support.

Verb + Preposition List With Meaning

Verb + FOR Preposition

Care for

Ali care for playing cricket.

Ask for

He asks for the bill.

Forgive for

Ali   forgave for hitting her.

Substitute for

Is There any substitute for you?

Wait for

Please Wait for me.

Thank for

My mother thanked him for coming.

Admire for

He admires me for my writing.

Be for

I ‘m for my Golo.

Congratulate for

She should congratulate for a job.

Excuse for

She can excuse for not doing it.

Keep for

keep Story for another time.

Allow for

He must allow for shrinkage.

Charge for

The doctor charged her $35 for his advice.

Pay for

He will pay for the tickets.

Search for

I am searching for a parking place.

Wish for

I will wish for conversation.

Count for

Attitudes often count for as much as education.

Prepare for

Prepare for an exam day.

Blame for

he blames me for the broken glass.

Account for

I am not account for your crime.

Work for

I work for an I.T company.

Apologize for

He apologizes for his mistake.

List of Verb + Preposition Collocations Examples
List of Verb + Preposition Collocations Examples

Verb + FROM Preposition

Come from

She comes from London.

Subtract from

subtract 7 from 11.

Hear from

It is good to hear from your again.

Refrain from

Please refrain from dusting here.

Protect from

He protects me from bad people.

Stop from

stop you from making noises.

Benefit from

Every benefit from daily exercises.

Save from

He saved me from the fire.

Escape from

There is no escape from the enemy.

Suffer from

I am suffering from fever.

Differ from

You differ from me.

Rescue from

Rescue the cat from storm.

Expect from

Don’t expect love from me!

Distract from

Please do not distract me from the song voice.

Choose from

There are no cloths to choose from.

Recover from

It’ll take you time to recover from the illness.

Hide from

He hides me from you.

Resign from

He did not resign from his job.

Expel from

He will expel from job.

Rest from

I need to rest from working so much.

Graduate from

I graduate from Karachi University.

Separate from

The school will be separate from the main college.

Result from

Pimples problems result from what you eat.

Borrow from

Verb + With Examples
Verb + Preposition Collocations

I can borrow a pen from you?


Verb + WITH Preposition

Comply with

My father complies with each and every order.

Trust with

please trust him with me.

Provide with

She did not provide herself with food to get through the weekend.

Acquaint with

She should acquaint with her duties.

Confuse with

She confuses math with equations.

Speak with

You cannot speak with me for a minute.

Tamper with

He tampers with other’s business.

Discuss with

My boss discusses the point with me.

Cram with

My closed is crammed with dirty clothes!

Associate with

Ali associates with all sorts of people.

Help with

He does not need help with the project.

Cover with

Do not cover with a polythene bag.

Agree with

I never agree with her opinion.

Talk with

the principal will talk with my parents.

Deal with

My brother cannot deal with people.

Compare with

He should not compare me with you.

Pack with

Please pack the box with.

Verb + Preposition + Gerund
Verb + Preposition Collocations

Verb + ABOUT Preposition

Dream about

I dream about becoming a doctor.

Argue about

Ali won’t argue about the matter.

Think about

Do not think about her.

Worry about

Don’t worry about you. they’ll be all right.

Forget about

Don’t forget about your deal.

Know about

Do you know about science?

Ask about

she did not ask about my family.

Laugh about

Me and him laugh about it.

Boast about

That’s nothing to boast about.

Decide about

my father decided about my marry.

Care about

no one cares about me.

Verb + Preposition List
Verb + Preposition Collocations

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