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List of Collocations of Time

Learn about the various collocations of time and their meanings. From running out of time to having a rough time, explore the phrases that revolve around time.

List of Collocations of Time with Sentences

  • Spend some time

He needs to spend some time pampering himself.

  • Going through a tough time

The organization is going through a tough time at the moment.

  • Make time for

She thinks fathers should make time for their children.

  • Tell time

Please tell time yet.

  • Right on time

The train pulled in right on time.

  • Run out of time

He will have to stop you there; we’ve run out of time.

  • Have a hard/rough time

I’ll have a hard time proving that.

  • Time goes by

Time goes by so quickly.

  • Take time off

I want to take time off to rest awhile.

  • Time passes

Time passes and the old gives place to the new.

  • Kill time

We should not kill time.

Collocations with TIME in English

  • Leisure time

What do you do in your leisure time?

  • Over time

The screws had worked loose over time.

  • Free time

I spent my free time shopping.

  • Great deal of time

Sara spent a great deal of time there.

  • Keep time

Does her watch keep time?

  • Record time

She will complete the course in record time.

  • Dead on time

The train will arrive dead on time.

  • Precious time

Do not wasting precious time.

15+ Useful Collocations with TIME with Meaning

  • Spare time

Reading engages my spare time.

  • Save time

We’ll take a cab to save time.

  • Take your time

Just take your time, and speak slowly and clearly.

  • Set time

I will get to the park before the set time.

  • Have a great time

I want them to come in and have a great time.

  • Pressed for time

I’m pressed for time.

Common Collocations with The Word TIME in English

  • Have time

You don’t have time to be lazy.

  • Just in time

I am just in time.

  • Waste time

Don’t waste time on social media.

  • Pass the time

Sara plays games to help pass the time.

  • On time

He will finish on time.

  • Past few weeks

I’ve seen little of him in the past few weeks.

31 Most Common Collocations About Time

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