Weather and Natural Disaster Vocabulary with images and Flashcards

Weather & Natural Disaster Vocabulary Features

Weather & Natural Disaster Vocabulary with images and Flashcards, Learn basic English Vocabulary through English with images. Weather & Natural Disaster Vocabulary with images in English. Let’s begin!

Weather and Natural Disaster Vocabulary with Pictures

No. Name Picture
1 sunny
2 cloudy
3 partly cloudy
4 rainy
5 snowy
6 sleeting
7 stormy
8 hailing
9 thunder
10 hot
11 flood
12 foggy
13 icy
14 tornado
15 windy
16 freezing
17 rainbow
18 clear sky
19 cold
20 landslide
21 earthquake
22 forest fire
23 volcano
24 avalanche
25 drought
26 explosion
27 overcast
28 hurricane

Learn More About Weather and Natural Disaster

  • Sunny: When the sun is shining brightly in the sky and there are no clouds.
  • Cloudy: When the sky is covered with clouds and the sun might not be visible.
  • Partly cloudy: When there are some clouds in the sky but you can still see patches of blue or sunlight.
  • Rainy: When water falls from the sky in the form of raindrops.
  • Snowy: When snow falls from the sky and covers the ground with a white layer.
  • Sleeting: When tiny pellets of ice, called sleet, fall from the sky.
  • Stormy: When there is strong wind, heavy rain, and sometimes thunder and lightning.
  • Hailing: When small balls of ice, called hailstones, fall from the sky.
  • Thunder: The loud sound that comes after lightning during a storm.
  • Hot: When the temperature is very high and it feels warm or uncomfortable.
  • Flood: When water covers areas that are usually dry, often caused by heavy rain or overflowing rivers.
  • Foggy: When there is thick mist in the air that makes it hard to see far ahead.
  • Icy: When surfaces are covered in a thin layer of ice, making them slippery.
  • Tornado: A spinning column of air that reaches from a storm cloud to the ground, causing damage.
  • Windy: When there is a lot of movement in the air, making things sway or blow around.
  • Freezing rain: Rain that falls as liquid but freezes upon contact with the ground, creating a layer of ice.
  • Rainbow: A colorful arc that appears in the sky after rain, caused by sunlight shining through water droplets.
  • Clear sky: When there are no clouds in the sky and it appears blue.
  • Cold: When the temperature is low and it feels chilly.
  • Landslide: When a large amount of earth or rock moves down a slope.
  • Earthquake: A sudden shaking of the ground caused by movements in the Earth’s crust.
  • Forest fire: A fire that spreads rapidly through a forest, often causing extensive damage.
  • Volcano: A mountain with an opening that releases lava, ash, and gases from deep below the Earth’s surface.
  • Avalanche: A sudden and rapid flow of snow down a mountainside.
  • Drought: A long period of time with little or no rainfall, leading to water shortages.
  • Explosion: A sudden and violent release of energy, often causing damage.
  • Overcast: When the sky is completely covered with clouds and the sun is not visible.
  • Hurricane: A large, powerful storm with strong winds and heavy rain, usually forming over warm ocean waters.

Weather and Natural Disaster Vocabulary

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