50 Other Words to Describe Damages in English with Sentences

Another Word for Broken

50 Other Words to Describe Damages in English. We have compiled a list of damages that occur with different materials or things for you to make English easier for you.

50 Other Words to Describe Damages in English

Words  Meanings  Sentences
Burst things suddenly and violently broken Her balloons burst on her birthday party.
Shattered  glass damage badly The heat of the water caused the glass to shatter.
Torn things tear in parts His clothes were torn and bloody.
Crush to squeeze together into a mass The back of her car was crushed in the accident.
Splinter a thin piece split or broken off lengthwise The mirror cracked but did not splinter.
Maim serious physical injury Automobile accidents maim many people each year.
Fracture to cause great disorder in I suffered a stress fracture of the right hand.
Demolish to break to pieces They are going to demolish the old building.
Crack to break, split, or snap apart There’s not a crack in this cup.
In pieces cut the things My mom cuts the meat in pieces.
Destroy to ruin as if by tearing to shreds The car had been destroyed by fire
Split to divide or separate from end to end or into layers The ice cracked and split
Damage loss or harm resulting from injury to person, property, or reputation Car damaged by the tree.
Chipped a small usually thin and flat piece cut The bowl has a chipped edge.
Injure to inflict bodily hurt on I got injure.
Smash a hard overhand stroke The thief smashed a window to get into the car.
Snapped to break suddenly with a sharp sound I snapped the stick in two.
Rupture the tearing apart of a tissue My mother stomach might rupture from all the acid.
Disintegrate to destroy the unity or integrity Her shoes had to last until they disintegrated on our feet
Wreck to destroy the unity or integrity These islands have a history of shipwrecks and smuggling
Crush to squeeze together into a mass Don’t crush the box; it has flowers in it.


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