Apostrophe | Apostrophe Rules | Use of Apostrophe

Apostrophe Rules



An apostrophe is a punctuation mark that is used for two purposes.

Apostrophe | Apostrophe Rules | Use of Apostrophe

1.To show possession

We use an apostrophe to show possession when we either want to show that something belongs to someone, or want to describe a relation between two people.


This is Gino’s hat. That is Mary’s sister. The following rules must be kept in mind when using an apostrophe to show possession.

Rule Example
An apostrophe comes before ‘S’ if the noun is singular. This car’s design seems modern.
An apostrophe comes after the ‘S’ if the noun is plural. The girls’ dresses look nice.
An apostrophe comes before the ’S’ if the noun is an irregular plural. Let’s go to the children’s nursery.

Some more examples:

A giraffe’s neck is very long. The bottles’ labels have worn out. David’s cousin is my friend. The men’s clothes have gotten wet in the rain.

2.To Punctuate Contractions

We also use an apostrophe to shorten or contract two words together. Here are a few examples:

i am

becomes I’m
we are becomes we’re
you are becomes you’re
he is becomes lie’s
he has becomes he’s
she is becomes she’s
she has becomes she’s
it is becomes it’s
it has becomes it’s
they are becomes they’re
is not becomes isn’t
are not becomes aren’t
was not becomes wasn’t
were not becomes weren’t
let us becomes let’s
must not becomes mustn’t
I would becomes I’d
will not becomes won’t.
would not becomes wouldn’t
does not becomes doesn’t
do not becomes don’t
did not becomes didn’t

can not

becomes can’t
could not becomes couldn’t
shall not becomes shan’t
should not becomes shouldn’t




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