Rain Vocabulary in English with Pictures

Rain Vocabulary
Rain Vocabulary

Rain is a natural part of our world that we often encounter and knowing its vocabulary can help us describe it more accurately. Rainy vocabulary refers to the collection of words and phrases that describe various aspects of rain. This colorful language helps us convey our experiences, emotions, and observations related to this essential part of nature. In this article, we will explore different terms related to rain, starting from a drizzle to heavy downpours. So let’s get started!

Rain Vocabulary Words

Here is a list of rain vocabulary in English with pictures:

No. Rain Vocabulary  Picture
1 Drizzle Drizzle
2 Mist Mist
3 Hail Hail
4 Rain Rain
5 Get wet Get wet
6 Boots Boots
7 Rainstorm Rainstorm
8 Paddling Paddling
9 Downpour Downpour
10 Shower Shower
11 Cloudburst Cloudburst
12 Puddle Puddle
13 Raindrop Raindrop
14 Umbrella
15 Rainbow Rainbow
16 Cloud
17 Pouring rain Pouring rain
18 Rain coat Rain coat
19 Hurricane Hurricane
20 Rain gauge Rain gauge
21 Overcast Overcast
22 Ripples Ripples
23 Mud puddle Mud puddle
24 Shivering Shivering
25 Rain dance Rain dance
26 Rain hat Rain hat
27 Monsoon Monsoon
28 Weathercast Weathercast

Rainy Weather Vocabulary in English

Learn more about rain vocabulary with a short description below:


Drizzle is when light rain falls steadily but gently from the sky. It’s like a mist of tiny water droplets, often making everything feel damp without soaking you through. You might need an umbrella or a hood to stay dry, but it’s not usually strong enough to cause significant wetness.


Mist is a fine spray of water droplets in the air, creating a thin, hazy layer. It’s like walking through a light fog, leaving everything feeling moist. While not heavy like rain, mist can still make you damp and cool.


Hail is ice that falls from the sky during thunderstorms. It forms when raindrops freeze into small balls or lumps of ice. Hailstones can vary in size, from tiny pellets to large chunks, and they can cause damage to buildings and crops.


Rain is water falling from the clouds to the ground. It’s essential for plants, animals, and people, helping to fill rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Rain can be light, like a drizzle, or heavy, like a downpour, and it plays a crucial role in Earth’s water cycle.

Get Wet

Getting wet means coming into contact with water, usually from rain. Whether it’s a light sprinkle or a heavy downpour, being caught without shelter can leave you soaked and uncomfortable.


Boots are strong shoes that cover your feet and ankles, often made of waterproof material like rubber. They’re essential for walking in wet and muddy conditions, keeping your feet dry and protected.


A rainstorm is a weather event with heavy rain, often accompanied by strong winds, thunder, and lightning. It can cause flooding and other hazards, so it’s important to stay indoors and safe until the storm passes.


Paddling is playing or walking in shallow water, like puddles or small streams. It’s a fun activity, especially for kids, but be careful of slippery surfaces and hidden dangers.


A downpour is a sudden, heavy rainfall that happens over a short period. It can lead to flooding and poor visibility, making it challenging to travel.


A shower is a short period of rain, usually lighter than a downpour but heavier than a drizzle. It’s like a quick burst of rain, often refreshing on a hot day.

Rain Vocabulary words in English
Rain Vocabulary words in English


A cloudburst is an intense, sudden rainfall over a small area. It can cause flash floods and other problems, as the ground can’t absorb the water fast enough.

A Puddle

A puddle is a small pool of water on the ground, often left behind after rain. It’s fun to jump in, but watch out for splashing!


A raindrop is a single drop of rain falling from the sky. It forms when water vapor in the air condenses into liquid and becomes heavy enough to fall.


An umbrella is a portable device that protects you from rain. It has a canopy made of waterproof material and a handle to hold it.


A rainbow is a colorful arc in the sky after rain. It happens when sunlight shines through raindrops, splitting into colors.


A cloud is a fluffy mass of water droplets in the sky. It brings rain when it gets heavy enough.

Pouring Rain

Pouring rain is heavy rain falling hard from the sky. It’s like a waterfall from the clouds!

Rain Coat

A raincoat is a waterproof jacket to keep you dry in the rain. It’s like wearing a portable shelter!


A hurricane is a massive storm with strong winds and heavy rain. It can cause a lot of damage when it hits land.

Rain Gauge

A rain gauge is a tool to measure how much rain falls. It’s like a ruler for rain!


Overcast is when the sky is cloudy and gray. It’s like a blanket of clouds covering the sun.


Ripples are little waves in water, like when raindrops hit a puddle.

Mud Puddle

A mud puddle is a wet spot on the ground filled with mud. It’s messy but fun to play in!


Shivering is when you shake from cold or fear. It’s your body’s way of trying to warm up.

Rain Dance

A rain dance is a traditional dance to ask for rain. It’s a way to connect with nature and hope for good weather.

Rain Hat

A rain hat is a hat to keep your head dry in the rain. It’s like a roof over your head!


A monsoon is a season with heavy rain and wind. It’s important for agriculture and replenishing water sources.


A weathercast is a forecast of the weather. It tells you if it’s going to rain or be sunny, so you can plan your day.

Rain Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

Here is a list of Rain Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings and Pictures:

No. English  Urdu  Picture
1 drizzling ہلکی بارش  Rainy Day Vocabulary
2 raining بارش 50 Words for Rain
3 pouring تیز  بارش
4 hurricane آندھی
5 get wet گیلا ہو جانا Vocabulary Related to Rainy Season
6 carry an umbrella چھتری لینا Rain Vocabulary with Picture and Flashcards
7 a paddle پانی سے بھرا گھڑا 50 Words for Rain
8 paddling in puddles گھڑے میں کودنا Rainy Day Vocabulary
9  rainbow قوس قزح Words to Describe A Rainy Day
10 hailing ژالہ باری Rainy Words, Words to Describe Rain
11  a clap of thunder بجلی کڑکنا Rain Vocabulary IELTS
12 boots جوتے Rainy Season Vocabulary
13 swim suit تیراکی کے کپڑے Rain Vocabulary IELTS

Rain Vocabulary List

Rain Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning

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