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Words to Describe of Foods

100 Food Vocabulary words with their meanings and flashcards. Food is a must, and we have various foods in different cities, countries and continents. Learning food vocabulary can help you communicate in English easily when eat out or simply you want order something to eat or you just want to talk about food.

FOOD Vocabulary Words

Words  English Meanings
Hot Feel burn in your mouth
Nutty Taste feels like nuts
Zesty A fresh flavor
Juicy A succulent, tender texture.
Mature A pleasant strong flavour after eating like mature cheese, wine etc.
Robust Food and drinks have a lot of flavors.
Bitter Strong sharp taste that is not sweet
Bitter-sweet Bitter and sweet at the same time.
Brackish Slight test of salt.
Chocolatey Test like chocolate
Creamy Soft and smooth
Crumbly Falls apart into small pieces
Fiery It is crisp and audible noise that the food makes when being eaten.
Flavored Tasting a particular way in particular things
Greasy Fried in oil
Acid Sour
Tart Food and drink are slightly sour taste
Astringent Strong and bitter
Fluffy Food has light and airy
Mild Mild food does not have a strong taste
Mushy Foods are too soft
Ripe Has a strong favor
Robust Drink taste has some earthiness.
Savoury Tasting of salt or spices
Seasoned That improve flavor
Honeyed Taste like honey
Sour Taste like lemon
Spicy Hot flavor
Sweet-and-sour Sweet-and-sour
Syrupy Sweet, sticky and thick
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