Future Continuous tense Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Future Continuous Tense Worksheets and Exercises
Future Continuous Tense Worksheets

Get ready to understand more about English with our helpful Future Continuous Tense Worksheets. These worksheets are like practice sheets that make it easy to learn how to talk about things happening in the future. We’ve put together different exercises to help you get the hang of the Future Continuous Tense. Whether you like short answers or longer sentences, our worksheets have you covered. Improve your English step by step with our materials designed to make talking about future ongoing actions simple and clear.

Future Continuous Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 1:Fill in the blanks with Future Continuous form of the verb.

  1. Tomorrow, I ________ (read) a book.
  2. At 3 PM, she ________ (watch) a movie.
  3. Next week, we ________ (play) video games.
  4. By this time tomorrow, they ________ (study) for the exam.
  5. At 7 PM tonight, he ________ (eat) dinner.
  6. In two days, she ________ (dance) at the party.
  7. By next month, we ________ (learn) a new skill.
  8. At 9 AM tomorrow, I ________ (work) on a project.
  9. In a week, they ________ (travel) to the beach.
  10. This time next year, he ________ (attend) college.
  11. By 2024, she ________ (live) in a new city.
  12. At 6 PM tonight, we ________ (have) a family picnic.
  13. In two hours, I ________ (play) video games with friends.
  14. By the end of the week, they ________ (finish) their homework.
  15. Next month, we ________ (celebrate) a friend’s birthday.
  16. At 10 AM tomorrow, she ________ (take) a yoga class.
  17. In a month, he ________ (run) a marathon.
  18. By this time next week, they ________ (visit) relatives.
  19. At 5 PM tonight, I ________ (cook) dinner.
  20. Next year, we ________ (travel) to a new country.
  21. By the end of the day, she ________ (complete) a puzzle.
  22. At this time next year, he ________ (work) on a project.
  23. In two weeks, they ________ (attend) a concert.
  24. By 2025, we ________ (know) each other for ten years.
  25. At 11 AM tomorrow, I ________ (take) a break.
25 Sentences using Future Continuous Tense Worksheet. 25 Fill in the blanks with Future Continuous Tense Worksheet.
Future Continuous Tense Worksheet

Worksheet 2:Choose the Correct Option.

  • At 9 AM tomorrow, they ________ a new project.

a) will start       b) starting       c) will be starting        d) are starting

  • By this time next month, she ________ a novel.

a) will be writing        b) writes       c) writing       d) will write

  • In two hours, we ________ our journey.

a) will start      b) starting      c) will be starting       d) are starting

  • By next year, they ________ in their new house.

a) will live      b) living       c) will be living       d) are living

  • What ________ you __________ at 7 PM tonight?

a) are, doing       b) will, do       c) do, will        d) will, doing

  • In a week, we ________ a camping trip.

a) will go       b) going       c) will be going       d) are going

  • By 2025, he ________ a successful entrepreneur.

a) will be       b) will being        c) be        d) is being

  • What ________ she __________ at 10 AM tomorrow?

a) is, doing       b) will, doing       c) will, do        d) do, will

  • Next month, they ________ their anniversary.

a) celebrate      b) celebrating      c) will celebrate     d) celebrates

  • At 6 PM tonight, they ________ a party.

a) will have       b) have        c) having       d) will having

  • In two days, we ________ a new car.

a) will buy      b) buying       c) buys      d) buy

  • By the end of the week, she ________ her project.

a) finishes      b) will finish        c) finishing       d) finish

  • At 11 AM tomorrow, we ________ a meeting.

a) will have       b) have       c) having        d) will having

  • By this time next year, he ________ for a promotion.

a) will be applying       b) apply       c) will applying       d) applying

  • What ________ they __________ at 3 PM tomorrow?

a) are, doing       b) will, do      c) do, will        d) will, doing

20 Mcqs of Future Continuous tense Worksheet. Choose the Correct option.
Future Continuous tense Worksheet

Worksheet 3: Rewrite Sentences in negative and interrogative form.

  1. Tomorrow, she will be cooking dinner.
  2. At 9 AM, I’ll be working on my project.
  3. Next week, they will be traveling.
  4. By this time tomorrow, he’ll be sleeping.
  5. At 6 PM, we will be watching TV.
  6. In two days, she’ll be attending a party.
  7. By next month, I’ll be learning to play guitar.
  8. At 3 PM tomorrow, they will be playing games.
  9. In a week, I’ll be celebrating my birthday.
  10. This time next year, he’ll be studying in college.
  11. By 2024, she’ll be living in a new city.
  12. At 7 PM tonight, we’ll be having dinner.
  13. In two hours, they will be finishing their work.
  14. By the end of the day, he’ll be exercising.
  15. Next month, I’ll be starting a new job.
  16. At 10 AM tomorrow, she will be in a meeting.
  17. In a month, they’ll be adopting a pet.
  18. By this time next week, we’ll be shopping.
  19. At 5 PM tonight, he will be playing soccer.
  20. Next year, she’ll be graduating from school.
20 Sentences using Future Continuous tense Worksheet. Rewrite Sentences in Negative and Interrogative form.
Future Continuous tense Worksheets

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. will be reading
  2. will be watching
  3. will be playing
  4. will be studying
  5. will be eating
  6. will be dancing
  7. will be learning
  8. will be working
  9. will be traveling
  10. will be attending
  11. will be living
  12. will be having
  13. will be playing
  14. will be finishing
  15. will be celebrating
  16. will be taking
  17. will be running
  18. will be visiting
  19. will be cooking
  20. will be traveling
  21. will be completing
  22. will be working
  23. will be attending
  24. will be knowing
  25. will be taking

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  1. c) will be starting
  2. a) will be writing
  3. c) will be starting
  4. c) will be living
  5. b) will, do
  6. c) will be going
  7. a) will be
  8. b) will, doing
  9. c) will celebrate
  10. a) will have
  11. a) will buy
  12. b) will finish
  13. a) will have
  14. a) will be applying
  15. b) will, do

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