Linking Verbs Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Linking Verbs Worksheets and Exercises
Linking Verbs Worksheets

Linking verbs Worksheets help you understand how sentences work. They focus on linking verbs. Linking verbs connect the subject of a sentence to a word that describes it or renames it. They are important for making sentences clear. With linking verbs Exercises, you can learn about different types of linking verbs and how to use them correctly. These worksheets provide exercises to practice using linking verbs in sentences. Teachers find linking verbs Worksheets useful for teaching students about grammar. By using these worksheets, students can improve their writing and speaking skills by understanding how to use linking verbs effectively.

Linking verbs Worksheets

Linking verbs Worksheet 1

Fill in the blanks with the help of Linking Verbs.

  1. She ______ happy.
  2. The cake ______ delicious.
  3. They ______excited.
  4. The ingredients for the recipe ______ fresh.
  5. The flowers ______ fragrant.
  6. The dog ______ sleepy.
  7. The sky ______ clear.
  8. The children ______ restless.
  9. The project ______ challenging.
  10. The soup ______ appetizing.
  11. His voice ______ melodious.
  12. I ______ a student at the university.
  13. The music ______soothing.
  14. The coffee ______ bitter.
  15. The house ______ spacious.
  16. The book ______interesting.
  17. The baby ______ warm.
  18. I______ here to help with your project.
  19. The book ______ interesting.
  20. The movie ______ intriguing.
  21. They ______ excited to go on vacation.
  22. She enjoys ______ creative in her spare time.
  23. The atmosphere ______ tense.
  24. The debate ______ intense.
  25. The road ______ bumpy.

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25 Sentences using Linking Verbs. Linking Verbs Worksheets and Exercises
Linking Verbs Worksheets

Linking verbs Worksheet 2

Circle the Linking Verbs.

  1. The teacher remains confident.
  2. The situation seems dire.
  3. The old car feels sluggish
  4. His jokes seem funny.
  5. The students appear nervous.
  6. The river flows gently.
  7. Her laughter sounds contagious.
  8. The book remains unread.
  9. The old house appears haunted.
  10. The baby looks adorable.
Linking Verbs Worksheets and Exercises. Circle the Linking Verbs. Identify Linking Verbs
Linking Verbs Worksheets

Linking verbs Worksheet 3

  • She __________ a good student.

a) appears           b) becoming          c) smelled           d) looked

  • The cake __________ delicious.

a) feels               b) sound                 c) become           d) tastes

  • The flowers __________ beautiful.

a) appears          b) grow                  c) turns                 d) seem

  • The solution __________ effective.

a) turns              b) stays                  c) smells               d) feels

  • Her skills __________ invaluable to the team.

a) looked           b) proved                c) grew                d) smells

  • The air __________ fresh.

a) look                b) smell                  c) grows                d) turn

  • The situation __________ complicated.

a) stay                b) smells                c) feel                    d) become

  • The book __________ interesting.

a) appear            b) taste                  c) stay                   d) seem

  • His plan __________ risky.

a) smell               b) turn                    c) feel                   d) become

  • The music __________ soothing.

a) look                b) sound                c) taste                 d) turn

  • The weather __________ warm.

a) feel                 b) smell                 c) turn                  d) appear

  • His theory __________ correct.

a) turns              b) stays                  c) smells              d) feels

  • The evidence __________ inconclusive.

a) looked            b) proved              c) grew                 d) feels

  • The colors __________ vibrant.

a) smell             b) turn                    c) feel                    d) appear

  • The atmosphere __________ tense.

a) smell            b) grow                 c) seem                   d) feel

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Linking Verbs Worksheet and Exercises. 15 Mcqs of Linking Verbs Worksheets
Linking Verbs Worksheet

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. is
  2. tastes
  3. appear
  4. are
  5. smell
  6. looks
  7. remains
  8. grew
  9. was
  10. smells
  11. sounds
  12. am
  13. seems
  14. tastes
  15. looks
  16. was
  17. feels
  18. am
  19. remains
  20. sounds
  21. were
  22. being
  23. appears
  24. grows
  25. feels

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  1. remains
  2. seems
  3. feels
  4. seem
  5. appear
  6. flows
  7. sounds
  8. remains
  9. appears
  10. looks

Answer of Worksheet 3:

  1. a) appears
  2. d) tastes
  3. d) seem
  4. a) turns
  5. b) grew
  6. b) smell
  7. d) become
  8. d) seem
  9. d) become
  10. b) sound
  11. a) feel
  12. a) turns
  13. b) proved
  14. d) appear
  15. c) seem

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