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My Aim in Life Essay | Importance of Ambitions in Life Essay

Ambition in life

Every Human being, whether boy or girl, man or woman, has an him in life, but their aims differ from that of one another. Some want to be rich, some want to be healthy, some want to be great leader scientist, doctor. Being a human being, l also has my own ambition in life.

I do not want to be wealthy or healthy in the sense of harassing others. I am a Muslim and I have learnt many good things from my religion, from the Holy Book and from the Sunnah. So, I have pitiful and I like to serve and help the suffering, the week and all the hi man being at large.

If we study the world with pitiful eyes, we shall find so many people who have been suffering from different kinds of anxieties, problems and tyrannies and there are is nobody to help them. This bitter fact has compelled me to look towards those people who are my own brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. If they are not my kith and kin they are connected with the relation of religion and human being.

For this service, I have decided to be a social worker. I have planned to establish a social welfare society in my area, in which more and more  social  minded young and old inhabitants of our area will be invited to take part in the social service and to help the poor the suffering and the needy persons who actually want our help. I am sure, I shall be successful in my aims and objects and will very soon expand the society far and wide and will beg the rich people of our city to contribute their shares in solving the problems of the suffering of the city.

Thus, my aim in life will be fulfilled, abiding by the instructions of the Holy Book and Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad. May God bless me and all the Muslims in prevailing love, help and brotherhood among the human being at large.


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