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Patriotism is a boon, enthusiastic love and attraction with the motherland. The love between a patriot and the motherland has no any greed or self-interest, but an ambition to sacrifice his life for the sake of the motherland.

Patriotism is a force which brings the people of the country closer and invites to stand united and to die together. It insists the people to think and do unitedly and not individually. By the power of unity and patriotism, the nation can face and defeat an enemy and stands on the earth like a pillar whose foundation is deeper in the Earth and higher up to the sky.

Those who have no love with their motherland, are dangerous for the nation and the country as well. Such people always wish  fulfill their eagerness will  and they do not hesitate to make the motherland weak.

Some narrow-minded people interpret the wrong concept of patriotism. They think that they are more powerful than others. This kind of misconception results intention and war. So, we should clearly understand that as patriotism is necessary for one, so it is essential for the other and we should prevail love, unity, help and happiness among the nations and we should make our world a heaven on the Earth.

we should clearly understand that our motherland is a gift of God for our untiring efforts and we must save and prosper it. The same can be fulfilled by patriotism.

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