Worksheets on Articles: Use of a, an, the, in Sentences

Understanding how to use articles in English can be confusing for people learning the language. Articles, such as “a,” “an,” and “the,” are words that help describe nouns. You pick the right article based on whether the noun is common, proper, singular, or plural. In this simple guide, we’ll explore articles effortlessly, focusing specifically on Worksheets on Articles. These handy Article Worksheets will be our tools for learning.

No need to worry about complicated rules. With these worksheets, understanding articles becomes as easy as ABC. So, let’s dive in and make grammar learning a breeze!

What is Articles

 Articles are small words that are used before nouns to specify whether the noun is specific or general. There are two types of articles: definite and indefinite articles. Articles help us understand if we’re talking about something special or just anything. They make sentences clear and help us say exactly what we mean.

Types of Articles

There are two types of articles:

Definite Articles:

Definite articles like “the” point to specific things we already know. They say, “this one, not any one.” For example, “the cat” means a particular cat we’re talking about, not just any cat. Definite articles help us be clear and specific in our conversations.

Indefinite Articles:

Indefinite articles like “a” and “an” are used when we talk about something in a general way, not a specific one. For example, “a cat” means any cat, not a particular cat. They help us talk broadly without being too specific.

Worksheets on Articles

In these grammar exercises, students practice deciding when to use “a,” “an,” or “the” in sentences.

Exercise 1:Identify Articles in Sentences

  1. The sun sets in the west.
  2. She is reading a book at a library.
  3. He is wearing a black hat.
  4. I saw an interesting movie last night.
  5. The dog barks loudly every morning.
  6. She is holding a red balloon.
  7. A man is waiting for a bus at the stop.
  8. I bought a new phone yesterday.
  9. The moon is visible in the night sky.
  10. He is playing a guitar in the park.
  11. She has an old car.
  12. The coffee shop on the corner is closed today.
  13. He found a five-dollar bill on the street.
  14. I need an umbrella because it’s raining.
  15. A tiger is a wild animal.
  16. The teacher is giving a lecture in the classroom.
  17. She received a letter from her friend.
  18. He is wearing a pair of glasses.
  19. The restaurant serves delicious food.
  20. I have a cat and a dog as pets.
  21. The doctor prescribed a medicine for my cold.
  22. A bird is chirping outside the window.
  23. She is drinking a cup of tea.
  24. The museum exhibits ancient artifacts.
  25. He has an appointment with the dentist tomorrow.


15+ Sentences by using Worksheets on Articles. How to use a an the in Sentences. Identify Articles in Sentences.
Worksheets on Articles


Exercise 2: Identify Articles in paragraph

In a small village, there was a little girl named Lily. She had a cat, and every day, the cat would climb a tree near their house. The tree provided shade, and Lily and her cat enjoyed sitting under it. One day, they found an abandoned puppy. Lily decided to keep it, and now, the trio spent their days exploring the fields and playing near the river. Lily loved her pets, and the village people admired the bond between the girl, the cat, and the puppy. The village became a happier place with their presence, and everyone cherished the friendship that blossomed under the tree.


Worksheets on Articles. Articles Worksheets. Identify Articles a, an, the in Paragraph
Worksheets on Articles

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