Collective Nouns Worksheets with Answers in English

Collective Nouns Worksheets
Collective Nouns Worksheets

Our Collective Nouns Worksheets are here to help you understand words better. These worksheets teach you how we name groups of things, like a “team of players” or a “family of ducks.” It’s a simple way to make your sentences more interesting. Get into language and see how words create pictures in your mind. Our worksheets are easy to understand, making it simple to learn and use these special word groups. Start improving your language skills today with our helpful Collective Nouns Worksheets.

Collective Nouns Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Fill in the Blanks with the help of Collective Nouns.

  1. A __________ of birds flew by.
  2. We saw a __________ of fish in the pond.
  3. Students gathered in the __________.
  4. The cows grazed in a __________.
  5. A __________ of bees gathered around the hive.
  6. We observed a__________  of dolphins in the ocean.
  7. Ants marched in a __________.
  8. Dancers performed on stage in a __________.
  9. Elephants were seen in a __________.
  10. Sheep roamed on the hillside in a __________.
  11. We saw a __________ of ducks at the pond.
  12. The __________ of children played in the park.
  13. A __________ of flowers bloomed in the garden.
  14. The __________ of wolves hunted together.
  15. A __________ of trees lined the street.
  16. The __________ of clouds covered the sky.
  17. Bees buzzed around the flowers in a __________.
  18. The __________ of friends enjoyed the picnic.
  19. A __________ of stars twinkled in the night.
  20. The __________ of cars waited at the traffic light.
  21. Wolves howled in a __________.
  22. A __________ of chefs cooked in the kitchen.
  23. The __________ of players scored a goal.
  24. A __________ of leaves fell from the tree.
  25. The __________ of books filled the shelves.
Collective Nouns Worksheets. 20+Fill in the Blanks With Collective Nouns Worksheets
Collective Nouns Worksheets


Collective Nouns Worksheets. Write Collective Nouns for each items.
Collective Nouns Worksheets

Worksheet 2:Circle the Collective Nouns.

  1. A group of kids played in the park.
  2. The herd of sheep grazed peacefully.
  3. A team of firefighters tackled the blaze.
  4. The pack of dogs eagerly awaited their treats.
  5. A swarm of butterflies fluttered around the flowers.
  6. The flock of birds soared in the sky.
  7. A troop of scouts set up camp.
  8. The band of musicians performed on stage.
  9. A bunch of flowers adorned the table.
  10. The colony of ants busily worked on their nest.
  11. A fleet of cars lined up for the race.
  12. The gang of friends enjoyed a picnic.
  13. A class of students listened attentively.
  14. The pack of wolves roamed the forest.
  15. A cluster of stars shone brightly.
  16. The team of workers completed the project.
  17. A troupe of dancers rehearsed the routine.
  18. The committee of experts made decisions.
  19. A gang of robins chirped in the trees.
  20. The collection of books filled the shelves.
Collective Nouns Worksheet. Circle the Collective Nouns. Identify Collective Nouns From Sentences
Collective Nouns Worksheet

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. Flock
  2. School
  3. Library
  4. Herd
  5. Swarm
  6. Pod
  7. Line
  8. Group
  9. Family
  10. Flock
  11. Raft
  12. Group
  13. Bed
  14. Pack
  15. Row
  16. Blanket
  17. Swarm
  18. Bunch
  19. Galaxy
  20. Queue
  21. Pack
  22. Brigade
  23. Team
  24. Carpet
  25. Shelf

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  1. Group
  2. Herd
  3. Team
  4. Pack
  5. Swarm
  6. Flock
  7. Troop
  8. Band
  9. Bunch
  10. Colony
  11. Fleet
  12. Gang
  13. Class
  14. Pack
  15. Cluster
  16. Team
  17. Troupe
  18. Committee
  19. Gang
  20. Collection

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