60+ English Slang Words That are Most Common

English Slang Words with Meaning A – Z

Welcome to the world of English slang words. In this blog post, we’ll make understanding slang easy. Slang words are like fun and cool words people use in everyday talk.

In British English, there’s “bloke” (meaning a guy) and “cheeky” (used when someone’s being bold or sassy). In American English, you might hear “lit” (for something exciting) and “fam” (a friendly term for close friends or family).

Slang is always changing, especially with the internet. Have you heard of “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) or “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out)? These words are part of the online language that’s becoming popular.

Understanding slang is like learning a secret language. But don’t worry; we’re here to help. Learning slang can be fun, and it helps you connect with others in a cool way.

Stay tuned for more in-depth guides on English slang words in this series. We’ll help you become a slang expert and make your language skills modern and exciting.

English Slang Words List

Slang Words Meaning
A swift one A quick drink
Ace Really good, exceptional
Anorak Very boring person
Brill Really good, brilliant
Box, on the box Television, on tv
Blown away by Very impressed by
Bucks Dollars
Ballistic Furious
Brass Money
Bird Woman, female
Blab Talk, give away secrets
Blab Talk in persuasive language
Cut up (adjective) Distressed
Chippie Fish and chip shop
Crash (out) Go to bed
Chill out Stop being excited
Cut it out Shut up, stop talking
Cool Good, fashionable
Chick Girl
Crack up Disintegrate under pressure
Do over Steal from
Dough Money
Dude Person, man
Doss Sleep
Dope Drugs
Fazed Worried, disconcerted
Flak, take the flak Criticism, blame
Fag (noun) (gb) cigarette
Gutted Very annoyed
Grub Food
1.    Grand Thousand dollars
2.    Guy Man, boy, person
3.    Hold on! Hold it, wait
Hold it Stop, pause
Hang on Wait
Half a mo’ Wait a minute, hold it
Hand, lend a Help
Hell of a Enormous, giant
Hole in the wall Cash distributor
Halls University student residences
Item As in they’re an item
Iffy Dubious, of dubious quality
Knock someone up Wake someone up
Knackered Tired, exhausted
Knot, tie the knot Get married
Kip Sleep
Ladette The female version of lad
Lager-lout Hooligan
Lass Girl, young lady
Mental Mad, idiotic
Miffed Disconcerted, taken aback
Mate Friend
Nick (verb) Take, steal
Naf, naff Of poor quality
Nick (noun) Prison
Neat Really good, appreciated
Psyched up Tense, anxious
Puke Vomit, be sick
Pop pills Take drugs
Piss off go away, stop it
Piss off You bore or annoy me
Pond The Atlantic ocean
Pissed Drunk
Plastic Plastic bank card
Pissed off Angry, fed up
Pad The place you live in
Quid Pound
Snog Kiss, embrace
Shack up with Live with
Screw Be mentally retarded
Sad Pathetic, opposite of cool
Shoot down to Go quickly to
Suss out Work out, find the solution
Shattered Very tired, distressed
Screw Extort money from a person
Sack, hit the Go to bed
Skive Avoid work
Skint As in I’m skint
Screwball Idiot
Shoot up Inject a drug
Sarnie Sandwich
Switch, hit the Turn on or turn off
Screw it up Do something very badly
Strapped Short of money
Twit Idiot, stupid person
Twisted He is a bit strange
Throw up Vomit, be sick (puke)
Unfazed Cool, calm
Wheels Car, vehicle
Wank Masturbate
Wicked Fantastic, really good
Wanker (impolite) stupid person

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60+ Most Common English Slang Words A – Z
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