Cleaning Tools with Names with Pictures

Cleaning Tools with Names
Cleaning Tools with Names

Cleaning your home or workspace is essential for a healthy and pleasant environment. To make this task easier, various tools are available to help you. Knowing Cleaning Tools with Names helps you clean your house better. Each tool, like mops and dusters, has its own job. Mops soak up water and dusters pick up dust. Learning Cleaning Tools Names makes cleaning easier. It helps you know which tool to use for each job, making your house cleaner without much trouble.

List of Cleaning Tools with Names and Pictures

No. Cleaning Tools Name Pictures 
1. Broom Broom
2. Vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaner
3. Dustpan Dustpan
4. Mop Mop
5. Sponge Sponge
6. Bucket Bucket
7. Dust cloth Dust cloth
8. Squeegee Squeegee
9. Scrub brush Scrub brush
10. Gloves Gloves
11. Hose Hose
12. Toilet brush Toilet brush
13. Feather duster Feather duster
14. Wire brush Wire brush
15. Spray cleaner Spray cleaner
16. Sponge mop Sponge mop
17. Trash can Trash can
18. Dish towel Dish towel
19. Washing machine Washing machine
20. Paper towel Paper towel
21. Sanitizer Sanitizer
22. Bleach Bleach
23. Steel scourer Steel scourer
24. Garbage can Garbage can
25. Cleaning supplies Cleaning supplies
26. Toothbrush Toothbrush
27. Spin mop Spin mop
28. Laundry basket Laundry basket

Cleaning Tools with Names and Short Description

Learn more about cleaning tools with names and short description below:

  • Broom: A broom is a long-handled tool with bristles used for sweeping dirt and debris from floors and other surfaces.
  • Vacuum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner is a machine that sucks up dirt and dust from floors and carpets using suction.
  • Dustpan: A dustpan is a small, flat scoop with a short handle used for collecting dust and dirt swept from the floor.
  • Mop: A mop is a tool with a long handle and a sponge or cloth attached to it, used for cleaning floors by wiping away dirt and spills.
  • Sponge: A sponge is a soft and porous material used for absorbing liquids and cleaning surfaces.
  • Bucket: A bucket is a container with a handle, typically made of plastic or metal, used for holding water or cleaning solutions.
  • Dust cloth: A dust cloth is a piece of fabric used for wiping away dust from surfaces.
  • Squeegee: A squeegee is a tool with a rubber blade, often used for wiping away water or cleaning solutions from smooth surfaces like windows or tiles.
  • Scrub brush: A scrub brush is a handheld brush with stiff bristles, used for scrubbing and cleaning tough stains or dirt.
  • Hose: A hose is a flexible tube used for conveying water from a water source, typically used for outdoor cleaning tasks like watering plants or washing cars.
  • Toilet brush: A toilet brush is a tool with bristles used for cleaning the inside of a toilet bowl.
  • Feather duster: A feather duster is a tool with soft feathers attached to a handle, used for dusting surfaces like furniture or shelves.
  • Wire brush: A wire brush is a tool with stiff wire bristles, used for removing rust or paint from metal surfaces.
Cleaning Tools with Names
Cleaning Tools with Names

House Cleaning Supplies List

  • Spray cleaner: A spray cleaner is a liquid cleaning solution packaged in a spray bottle, used for spraying and cleaning surfaces.
  • Sponge mop: A sponge mop is a mop with a sponge head attached to a handle, used for cleaning floors by absorbing liquids and wiping away dirt.
  • Trash can: A trash can is a container used for collecting and disposing of waste materials.
  • Dish towel: A dish towel is a cloth used for drying dishes or wiping up spills in the kitchen.
  • Washing machine: A washing machine is a household appliance used for washing clothes by agitating them with water and detergent.
  • Paper towel: A paper towel is a disposable towel made of paper, used for cleaning up spills or drying hands.
  • Sanitizer: Sanitizer is a substance used to reduce germs and bacteria on surfaces or skin.
  • Bleach: Bleach is a chemical compound used for disinfecting and whitening surfaces or fabrics.
  • Steel scourer: A steel scourer is a metal scrubbing pad used for cleaning pots, pans, and other metal surfaces.
  • Garbage can: A garbage can is a container used for collecting and disposing of household waste.
  • Cleaning supplies: Cleaning supplies refer to various products and tools used for cleaning tasks, including brushes, cleaners, and sponges.
  • Toothbrush: A toothbrush is a small brush with bristles, used for cleaning teeth.
  • Spin mop: A spin mop is a type of mop with a mechanism that spins to wring out excess water, making it easier to mop floors.
  • Gloves: Gloves are protective coverings worn on the hands to shield them from dirt, chemicals, or other substances while cleaning.
  • Laundry basket: A laundry basket is a container used for carrying and storing dirty laundry before washing.

House Cleaning Supplies List

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