500 Interjections Examples List in English

List of Interjection Examples in English
List of Interjection Examples in English

Interjection examples are words in English that show feelings. These interjection words are like quick shouts or sounds we make when we’re happy, surprised, or sad. Think of words like “Wow!” or “Oops!” They help us say how we feel without using many words. These words are important because they make our talks and writings lively. When people search online, they often look for clear and simple information. Using interjections can make our writing sound more like real talk. This helps readers connect with what we’re saying. So, starting a blog post with interjections can catch a reader’s attention and make them want to read more.

What is Interjection?

An interjection is a short word or sound we use to show feelings, like “Oh!”, “Wow!”, or “Oops!”. It stands alone and doesn’t connect to other words in a sentence.

Interjections Examples List

  • rah
  • rat-tat-tat
  • unbeaten
  • upadaisy
  • feh
  • fie
  • view halloo
  • wacko
  • yiss
  • yo
  • pah
  • pah
  • you know
  • oho
  • oh-oh
  • oi
  • woo hoo
  • woops
  • word
  • wuxtry
  • wuzza
  • yes
  • yes way
  • pardie
  • pardon
  • whoo
  • whoopee
  • aah
  • aargh
  • bye
  • bye-bye
  • caw
  • phwoarr
  • weh
  • whallah
  • migod
  • morning
  • this
  • thwap
  • mwah
  • wahey
  • naw
  • blow me down
  • blow me over
  • blow me tight
  • areet
  • avast
  • avaunt
  • bejaysus
  • big deal
  • blabby
  • chin-chin

Interjection Examples Used in Sentences

Interjection Use in Simple English Example Sentence
rah To cheer or support “Rah! Go team go!”
rat-tat-tat Sound of knocking “I heard a rat-tat-tat on my door.”
unbeaten Not defeated “Our team remains unbeaten this season.”
upadaisy Encouragement to get up “Upadaisy! You can do it!”
feh Disgust or dismissal “Feh! I don’t like this food.”
fie Mild disgust or outrage “Fie! That’s not fair.”
view halloo Hunting call “View halloo! The fox is in sight.”
wacko Crazy or mad “He’s gone wacko!”
yiss Yes, in an excited way “Yiss! We won the game!”
yo Greeting or attention “Yo! Over here!”
pah Disgust or disbelief “Pah! I don’t believe you.”
you know Filler or emphasis “It’s, you know, complicated.”
oho Realization or surprise “Oho! Look who’s here.”
oh-oh Realizing a mistake “Oh-oh, I forgot my keys.”
oi Attention or alert “Oi! Watch out!”
woo hoo Excitement or joy “Woo hoo! We’re going on vacation!”
woops Realizing a small mistake “Woops, I dropped it.”
word Agreement or truth “Word, that’s exactly how it happened.”
wuxtry Old call for newspapers “Wuxtry! Wuxtry! Read all about it!”
wuzza Confusion or surprise “Wuzza? I didn’t hear you.”
yes Agreement “Yes, I understand.”
yes way Affirmation “Yes way! It’s true.”
pardie Certainly or truly “Pardie, that’s a great idea.”
pardon Asking for repetition “Pardon? Could you say that again?”
whoo Excitement “Whoo! That was close.”
whoopee Joy or excitement “Whoopee! It’s a holiday!”
aah Realization or relaxation “Aah, now I get it.”
aargh Frustration or pain “Aargh! I stubbed my toe.”
bye Farewell “Bye! See you tomorrow.”
bye-bye Casual farewell “Bye-bye! Take care.”
caw Crow’s sound “The crow went ‘caw’ from the tree.”
phwoarr Attraction or approval “Phwoarr! Look at that car.”
weh Disappointment “Weh, I thought we’d win.”
whallah Here it is or voila “Whallah! The cake is ready.”
migod Surprise or shock “MiGod! Is that really you?”
morning Morning greeting “Morning! How did you sleep?”
this Emphasis “This is what I’m talking about.”
thwap Sound of a hit “The ball went thwap against the wall.”
mwah Sound of a kiss “She said goodbye with a ‘mwah’ on my cheek.”
wahey Joy or celebration “Wahey! It’s the weekend.”
naw No or refusal “Naw, I don’t want any.”
blow me down Surprise “Blow me down, I didn’t expect that.”
blow me over Great surprise “Blow me over, it’s a miracle.”
blow me tight Utter surprise “Blow me tight, he actually did it.”
areet Alright or greeting “Areet, mate? How’s it going?”
avast Stop or pay attention “Avast! Look at that ship.”
avaunt Go away or leave “Avaunt, you scoundrel!”
bejaysus Surprise or emphasis “Bejaysus, that was a close call.”
big deal Sarcasm or indifference “Big deal, so he won a game.”
blabby Talkative “Don’t be so blabby about secrets.”
chin-chin Cheers or toast “Chin-chin! To a great evening.”
Examples Of Interjections
Examples Of Interjections

























  • pip pip
  • yarooh
  • yay
  • tut
  • tut-tut
  • shots fired
  • peow
  • phew
  • ole
  • ooch
  • oo-er
  • pop
  • pow
  • stop
  • strewth
  • here goes
  • hey
  • nah
  • so there
  • so what
  • prosit
  • pugh
  • taa
  • ta-da
  • right-ho
  • right-o
  • whoosh
  • why on Earth
  • hah
  • haha
  • oright
  • otay
  • tchah
  • tehee
  • shitfire
  • shoo
  • yessir
  • yessiree
  • how
  • howdy
  • that’s a girl
  • thiam
  • ok
  • okeydoke
  • chrissakes
  • tara
  • ta-ra
  • a-choo
  • adieu
  • dizamn
  • do what
  • doggone
  • adios
  • affirmative
  • ah
  • foom
  • pooh
  • twirp
  • uck

Interjections Used in Sentences

Interjection Use in Simple English Example Sentence
pip pip British farewell Pip pip, see you later!
yarooh Disappointment Yarooh, I missed the bus.
yay Excitement or joy Yay, we won the game!
tut Mild disapproval Tut, you shouldn’t have done that.
tut-tut Stronger disapproval Tut-tut, that’s not nice.
shots fired Highlighting a criticism Did you hear that? Shots fired.
peow Sound of something fast The car went peow down the road.
phew Relief Phew, that was close.
ole Celebration, often in sports Ole, ole, ole! We scored!
ooch Pain or discomfort Ooch, that hurt.
oo-er Uncertainty or confusion Oo-er, what do we do now?
pop Sudden sound or action The balloon went pop.
pow Impact or explosion The comic showed a punch with a big pow.
stop Command to halt Stop, don’t move!
strewth Surprise or exclamation Strewth, is that the time?
here goes Starting something risky Here goes, wish me luck.
hey Attention or greeting Hey, over here!
nah No or refusal Nah, I’m not hungry.
so there Defiance or emphasis I did it, so there!
so what Indifference So what if he’s taller?
prosit Toast or cheers To good health, prosit!
pugh Disgust or disdain Pugh, what’s that smell?
taa Thanks Taa for the gift.
ta-da Presentation or reveal Ta-da, here’s the surprise!
right-ho Agreement or understanding Right-ho, I’ll get on it.
right-o Agreement Right-o, see you then.
whoosh Fast movement or sound The train went whoosh past us.
why on Earth Confusion or emphasis Why on Earth would he do that?
hah Laughter or surprise Hah, I knew it!
haha Laughter Haha, that’s funny.
oright Alright or okay Oright, let’s go.
otay Okay or agreement Otay, I understand.
tchah Dismissal or goodbye Tchah, see you later.
tehee Giggling or amusement Tehee, that tickles.
shitfire Surprise or emphasis Shitfire, that’s hot!
shoo Dismissal or go away Shoo, cat, don’t bother the birds.
yessir Affirmation or respect Yessir, I’ll do it right away.
yessiree Strong affirmation Yessiree, that’s the truth.
how Confusion or question How did that happen?
howdy Greeting Howdy, partner!
that’s a girl Encouragement for females That’s a girl, keep going!
thiam Quiet or hush Thiam, the baby’s sleeping.
ok Agreement or alright Ok, I’ll meet you there.
okeydoke Okay or agreement Okeydoke, let’s start.
chrissakes Frustration or emphasis For chrissakes, be careful!
tara Goodbye Tara, see you tomorrow.
ta-ra Goodbye Ta-ra for now!
a-choo Sneeze sound I think I’m getting a cold, a-choo!
adieu Farewell Adieu, until we meet again.
dizamn Emphasis or surprise Dizamn, that’s impressive!
do what Confusion or repetition Do what now?
doggone Disappointment or emphasis Doggone it, I missed the show.
adios Goodbye Adios, my friend.
affirmative Yes or agreement Affirmative, captain.
ah Realization or understanding Ah, now I see.
foom Explosion sound The fireworks went foom in the sky.
pooh Dismissal or disdain Pooh, that’s not important.
twirp Insult or tease Don’t be such a twirp.
uck Disgust Uck, I hate spiders.

List of Interjections PDF

























  • proface
  • mu
  • muahahaha
  • tchah
  • snap
  • snerk
  • jinx
  • jislaaik
  • yoo-hoo
  • you go, girl
  • wuzzup
  • yaroo
  • here
  • you know it
  • yow
  • hurrah
  • huzza
  • hang it
  • har
  • leave off
  • hrm
  • hrmm
  • goddamit
  • goddammit
  • goddamn
  • goddidit
  • ta-ta for now
  • yum yum
  • yup
  • srsly
  • kaching
  • ta-dah
  • tally-ho
  • yo-ho-ho
  • shh
  • shhh
  • whammo
  • whatsay
  • whee
  • lee-ho
  • lo
  • loo
  • hurray
  • huzzah
  • iunno
  • wow
  • wuxtra
  • zounds
  • zzz
  • nom nom
20 Sentences of Interjection
Interjection Examples

























  • oh man
  • pardy
  • peace out
  • oh my days
  • ta-ta
  • wotcher
  • wough
  • oh my God
  • oh my Goddess
  • good now
  • goodbye
  • oof
  • ooh
  • oops
  • good job
  • good Lord
  • hmmph
  • honk
  • Goddy
  • golly
  • jeez
  • sue me
  • sure
  • presto
  • prethe
  • hiya
  • hm
  • boh
  • boo
  • boo hiss
  • boohoo
  • fore
  • frick
  • FTW
  • brother
  • bum
  • by
  • ftw
  • fu
  • fuckyeah
  • cheerio
  • chin chin
  • boo-ya
  • bow-wow
  • bravo
  • kill me
  • kthxbai
  • la
  • lackaday
  • phoh
  • phut
  • flummery
  • crikey
  • cripes
  • crud
  • euoi
  • eureka
  • farewell
  • gadzooks
  • gah
  • gee
  • nu
  • nuh
  • och
  • oh
  • oh boy
  • oh dear
  • oh em gee
  • oh God

Interjection Definition and Examples

























  • a-ha
  • ahem
  • ahh
  • alas
  • alleluia
  • aloha
  • amen
  • death to
  • dildo
  • ding dong
  • oh me oh my
  • oh my
  • sry
  • ssh
  • Goddidit
  • losh
  • mhm
  • good heavens
  • poof
  • poogh
  • good luck
  • good morrow
  • right-oh
  • rrah
  • good-bye
  • gosh
  • grumpity
  • h’lo
  • h’m
  • heehaw
  • heh
  • geronimo
  • getaway
  • get bent
  • ello
  • ullo
  • aaargh
  • chuffing hell
  • ciao
  • codswallop
  • aagh
  • ugh
  • uh
  • uh-oh
  • whallah
  • wham
  • aooga
  • aoogah
  • ar
  • dammit
  • damn
  • darn
  • white rabbit
  • yuck
  • yuk
  • hai
  • halleluja
  • hallo
  • shana tova
  • shazaam
  • shazbot
  • heads up
  • heave-ho
  • heck
  • heck no
  • heeelp
  • heeey
  • shough
  • sibo
  • tiddely
  • tiddledy
  • that’s a girl
  • thiam
  • cooee
  • cooey
  • cor
  • aw
  • ay
  • aye
  • bacaw
  • bah
  • Basta
  • bastard
  • batter up
  • begorrah
  • haw
  • land sakes
  • leave it out
  • blabity
  • blah
  • blimey
  • blow me
  • cya
  • d’aww
  • dag
  • oh my gods
  • oh my gosh
  • oh my heck
  • ho
  • hoo
  • hoorah
  • hooray
  • whoa
  • whoah
  • howzat
  • hoy

Interjection Examples in Sentences

Interjection Use in Simple English Example Sentence
a-ha Realization A-ha, I found the missing piece!
ahem Getting attention Ahem, may I have the floor?
ahh Relaxation or understanding Ahh, that feels good.
alas Sadness or pity Alas, the hero did not survive.
alleluia Praise or joy Alleluia, the drought is over.
aloha Greeting or farewell Aloha, welcome to Hawaii.
amen Agreement or prayer end Amen, let’s hope for the best.
death to Strong dislike or hate Death to tyranny!
dildo Insult or tease Don’t act like such a dildo.
ding dong Doorbell sound or joy Ding dong, the witch is dead.
oh me oh my Surprise or dismay Oh me oh my, what have you done?
oh my Surprise Oh my, that’s unexpected!
sry Sorry (informal) Sry, I can’t make it.
ssh Quiet or silence Ssh, the baby’s sleeping.
Goddidit Explanation or excuse Why’s the sky blue? Goddidit.
losh Surprise or exclamation Losh, that was close!
mhm Agreement or yes Will you be there? Mhm.
good heavens Surprise or shock Good heavens, is that true?
poof Sudden disappearance And just like that, poof, he was gone.
poogh Dismissal or disdain Poogh, that’s not important.
good luck Wishing fortune Good luck on your exam!
good morrow Old greeting for good day Good morrow, kind sir.
right-oh Agreement Right-oh, I’ll do that.
rrah Cheer or support Rrah, go team!
good-bye Farewell Good-bye, see you soon.
gosh Surprise or emphasis Gosh, I didn’t expect that.
grumpity Being grumpy or moody Don’t be so grumpity today.
h’lo Greeting H’lo, how are you?
h’m Thinking or hesitation H’m, I’m not sure.
heehaw Laughter or donkey sound Stop that heehaw, it’s not that funny.
heh Mild laughter Heh, that’s clever.
geronimo Jumping with excitement Geronimo! He leaped off the diving board.
getaway Disbelief or surprise Getaway, you can’t be serious!
get bent Dismissal or annoyance Oh, get bent!
ello Greeting Ello, mate!
ullo Greeting Ullo, what’s new?
aaargh Frustration or pain Aaargh, I can’t figure this out!
chuffing hell Frustration or surprise Chuffing hell, that’s cold!
ciao Goodbye or hello Ciao, see you later!
codswallop Nonsense or lies That’s pure codswallop!
aagh Frustration or fear Aagh, that scared me!
ugh Disgust or annoyance Ugh, I hate doing laundry.
uh Hesitation Uh, I don’t know.
uh-oh Realizing a mistake Uh-oh, I forgot the keys.
whallah Here it is or voila Whallah, the masterpiece is complete.
wham Impact sound Wham! The ball hit the wall.
aooga Alarm or alert sound Aooga! The car horn blared.
aoogah Alarm or alert sound Aoogah! Watch out!
ar Pirate sound or agreement Ar, that be a fine treasure.
dammit Frustration Dammit, I spilled my coffee.
damn Frustration or emphasis Damn, that was a good movie.
darn Mild frustration Darn, I missed the bus.
white rabbit Good luck charm Say white rabbit on the first of the month.
yuck Disgust Yuck, I don’t like broccoli.
yuk Disgust Yuk, this milk’s gone bad.
hai Yes (in Japanese) Hai, I understand.
halleluja Praise or joy Halleluja, the rain has stopped.
hallo Greeting Hallo, is anyone there?
shana tova Jewish New Year greeting Shana tova, happy new year!
shazaam Magic or surprise Shazaam, and the magician pulled a rabbit out.
shazbot Frustration or surprise Shazbot, the computer crashed again.
heads up Warning or alert Heads up, flying ball!
heave-ho Effort or throwing Give it the old heave-ho.
heck Mild surprise Heck, I didn’t see that coming.
heck no Strong refusal Heck no, I won’t do that.
heeelp Calling for help Heeelp, I’m stuck!
heeey Greeting or attention Heeey, long time no see.
shough Quiet or hush Shough, don’t wake the baby.
sibo Yes (informal) You coming? Sibo!
tiddely Drunk or tipsy He’s a bit tiddely after that wine.
tiddledy Drunk or tipsy She’s feeling tiddledy.
that’s a girl Encouragement for females That’s a girl, you can do it!
thiam Quiet or hush Thiam, someone’s coming.
cooee Calling out Cooee, over here!

Interjection Chart

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