Parts of Face Worksheet and Exercises with Answers

Parts of Face Worksheets and Exercises
Parts of Face Worksheets

Get to know your face better with our simple Parts of Face Worksheet. This easy guide breaks down the different parts of your face, like your eyes and the lines around your mouth. It’s all about understanding how your face is put together. Download our worksheet to learn more about facial anatomy in a straightforward way. It’s a useful tool for anyone curious about the details that make up their face.

Parts of Face Worksheet

Worksheet 1:Complete these Sentences using Parts of Face.

  1. I blinked my __________ when the sun was too bright.
  2. His big smile showed his white __________.
  3. I touched my soft __________ to check for crumbs.
  4. She has two tiny __________ above her nose.
  5. I have a small pimple on my __________.
  6. My grandpa has a long, white __________.
  7. When I’m cold, my __________ turn pink.
  8. I like to wiggle my __________ when I’m happy.
  9. The hat covered most of her __________.
  10. He has a beard on his __________.
  11. I put a bandage on my scratched __________.
  12. My mom’s glasses sit on her __________.
  13. I can wiggle my __________ to make funny faces.
  14. The cold wind made my __________ feel numb.
  15. I can feel the wind on my __________.
  16. She has freckles on her __________.
  17. I brushed my __________ before going to bed.
  18. My baby sister has chubby __________.
  19. I can hear with my two __________.
  20. I blew a kiss with my __________.
Label the parts of face. parts of Face Worksheets.
Parts of Face Worksheets

Worksheet 2: Choose the Correct option.

  • What part of the face do you use to see?

a) Nose       b) Eyes        c) Lips          d) Ears

  • Which facial feature is often associated with smiling?

a) Nose       b)Cheeks        c) Chin        d) Forehead

  • Where can you find your eyebrows?

a) Eyes     b) Lips     c) Forehead      d) Chin

  • What is the main purpose of the ears?

a) Smelling      b) Hearing      c) Tasting       d) Seeing

  • Which part of the face is below the mouth?

a) Cheeks      b) Chin       c) Nose       d) Eyes

  • Where can you find your teeth?

a) Eyes       b)Lips      c) Cheeks      d) Mouth

  • Which part of the face is often associated with talking?

a) Nose       b) Eyes         c) Lips        d) Ears

  • Where is the nose located on the face?

a) Between the eyes         b) Below the chin         c) Above the forehead            d) On the cheeks

  • What part of the face do you use to taste food?

a) Lips       b) Tongue       c) Nose      d) Chin

  • What can you move to express emotions like happiness or surprise?

a) Nose       b) Eyes        c) Lips          d) Ears


Match the Words to the Face. Parts of Face Worksheets and Exercises
Parts of  the Face Worksheets

Identify the Parts of face Worksheets. Choose the Correct option. Parts of the Face Worksheets and Exercises
Parts of Face Worksheet

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. eyes
  2. teeth
  3. cheeks
  4. freckles
  5. face
  6. beard
  7. cheeks
  8. nose
  9. head
  10. chin
  11. knee
  12. nose
  13. ears
  14. ears
  15. face
  16. nose
  17. teeth
  18. cheeks
  19. ears
  20. lips

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  • b) Eyes
  • b) Cheeks
  • c) Forehead
  • b) Hearing
  • b) Chin
  • d) Mouth
  • c) Lips
  • a) Between the eyes
  • b) Tongue
  • c) Lips

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