Future Perfect Tense worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Future Perfect Tense Worksheets and Exercises
Future Perfect Tense Worksheets

Improve your English skills with our straightforward Future Perfect Tense worksheets. These worksheets help you understand how to talk about completed actions in the future. They’re designed to make learning grammar easy. Download our practical Future Perfect Tense worksheets with answers to enhance your language proficiency. Start your journey toward better grammar now.

Future Perfect tense worksheets

Worksheet 1:Fill in the blanks with Future Perfect form of the verb.

  1. By next week, she _____ her homework.
  2. We _____ the movie before bedtime.
  3. They _____ the puzzle before dinner.
  4. The team _____ their jerseys before the game.
  5. By noon, I _____ my chores.
  6. She _____ the cake before the party.
  7. We _____ our bags by departure time.
  8. He _____ the letter before the postman.
  9. By next month, they _____ their project.
  10. I _____ my room before guests arrive.
  11. She _____ her presentation before the meeting.
  12. The dog _____ all its tricks by evening.
  13. They _____ the book before the library closes.
  14. By Friday, he _____ his report.
  15. We _____ our tickets before the show.
  16. The plants _____ by watering time.
  17. He _____ his homework before class.
  18. They _____ the marathon by evening.
  19. By the time she _____, we’ll finish.
  20. We _____ the journey before sunset.
20 Sentences using Future Perfect Tense Worksheet. 20 Fill in the blanks using Future Perfect Tense Worksheet.
Future Perfect Tense Worksheet

Worksheet 2:Choose the Correct option.

  • By the time we reach the airport, the plane ______.

a) will leave        b) leaves       c) will have left

  • She ______ her exams before the graduation ceremony.

a) will have passed      b) passed      c) passes

  • By next year, they ______ in their new house for five years.

a) will live         b) live        c) will have lived

  • I hope they ______ the project by the deadline.

a) will complete       b) completes       c)will have completed

  • The company ______ a significant milestone by the end of the fiscal year.

a) will achieve       b) achieves       c) will have achieved

  • By the time you return, I ______ my work.

a) will finish      b) finish        c) will have finished

  • They ______ the entire series by next weekend.

a) will watch      b) watches        c) will have watched

  • I’m sure she ______ her novel by the time the literary festival begins.

a) will write        b) writes       c) will have written

  • The astronauts ______ Mars by the scheduled date.

a) will reach      b) reach       c) will have reached

  • By the time the concert starts, the musicians ______ their rehearsals.

a) will finish       b) finishes       c) will have finished

  • She ______ her language course by the end of this month.

a) will complete         b) completes        c) will have completed

  • The students ______ their exams by the time summer vacation begins.

a) will take       b) takes        c) will have taken

  • I hope he ______ his research by the conference date.

a) will complete        b) completes        c)will have completed

  • The train ______ before we reach the station.

a) will leave       b) leaves       c) will have left

  • By next Tuesday, we ______ our new apartment for a month.

a) will live      b) live        c) will have lived

15 Mcqs of Future Perfect Tense Worksheets. Choose the Correct option.
Future Perfect Tense Worksheets

Worksheet 3:Rewrite Sentences in negative and Interrogative form.

  1. By lunchtime, I will have finished my chores.
  2. They will have played video games by evening.
  3. She will have bought groceries by tomorrow.
  4. By Friday, we will have planted flowers.
  5. I will have answered all emails by noon.
  6. They will have watched a movie by bedtime.
  7. By next month, he will have read the book.
  8. She will have cooked dinner by 7 p.m.
  9. We will have cleaned our rooms by the weekend.
  10. By tomorrow, they will have fixed the leak.
  11. I will have packed my bags by evening.
  12. They will have finished the project by Friday.
  13. By next week, she will have learned the song.
  14. We will have finished the jigsaw puzzle by night.
  15. He will have completed his homework by bedtime.
15 Sentences of Future Perfect Tense Worksheets. Rewrite Sentences in negative and interrogative form.
Future Perfect Tense Worksheets

Answer of Worksheet 1:

  1. will have finished
  2. will have watched
  3. will have completed
  4. will have worn
  5. will have finished
  6. will have baked
  7. will have packed
  8. will have mailed
  9. will have completed
  10. will have cleaned
  11. will have prepared
  12. will have performed
  13. will have returned
  14. will have finished
  15. will have bought
  16. will have been watered
  17. will have completed
  18. will have finished
  19. will have finished
  20. will have completed

Answer of Worksheet 2:

  • c. will have left
  • a. will have passed
  • c. will have lived
  • c. will have completed
  • c. will have achieved
  • c. will have finished
  • c. will have watched
  • c. will have written
  • c. will have reached
  • c. will have finished
  • c. will have completed
  • c. will have taken
  • c. will have completed
  • c. will have left
  • c. will have lived
  • c. will have won
  • c. will have finished
  • c. will have attended
  • c. will have launched
  • c. will have achieved

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