A to Z Similar Words with Different Meanings in English

Same Word Different Meaning Examples

Let’s talk about something really interesting: “Similar Words.” Don’t worry if you sometimes mix up words that seem alike – we’re here to help you out! In this friendly guide, we’ll dive into words that might look or sound the same but mean different things. It’s like having a secret code to crack! From little words like “there” and “their” to “two,” “to,” and “too,” we’ll sort out these word buddies. Get ready to feel awesome about your words with these similar words.

Similar Words in English

Abject   (something bad)

They live in abject poverty.

object   (Materia)

The boat bumped against a solid object


Admit    (to agree that something is true)

He admitted his guilt.

Confess (to acknowledge)

I have something to confess.


Adopt   (Choose to take up)       

My uncle adopted a baby boy from an orphanage

Adapt    (Revise)

The administration adopted the curriculum.


Artiste  (Performer)      

The magic artist is coming to a concert in Lahore.

Artist     (Creator)

Allah is the greatest artist.


Affect   (Influence)

Corona has affected my health.

Effect    (Consequence)

Drugs have a bad effect on our health.


Casual   (Relaxed)           

She chooses casual attire for a party.

Causal   (Permanent)

He is a casual member of the administration.


Calendar              (Schedule (noun))

The calendar of 2023 has been given to the printing press for printing.

Calendar              (Time table(verb)            

I calendared my all meetings but the ongoing protests in the country have destroyed all my efforts.

Difference Between Similar Words in English


Feat       (Achievement)

The corona vaccine is a considerable feat of medical science.

Feet       (On which a person stands or walks)         

Human beings walk on their feet.


Foul       (Wicked)

Islam has strongly condemned the fouls act.

Fowl      (Bird)

The fowl have a very strong navigation system.


Float      (A thing that is buoyant on water.)

Ice floats on water.

Swim     (Propel the body through water by using limbs.)

I and my friend will go swimming next week. 


Heal       (Fill up)

Wounds heal but scars do not heal.

Heel       (The lower part of the feet below the ankle)

My heel is hurting since morning.


Industrial             (Commercial)

Industrial areas should be away from residential areas.

Industrious         (Hard-working)

My uncle has industrious traits. He can do everything.


Same Word Different Meaning Examples


Lessen  (Reduce)

The government has taken crucial steps to lessen unemployment.

Lesson  (session)

The teacher will complete the lesson today.


Loath     (Reluctant)        

I was loath to go on a trip.

Loathe  (Disgusting )

I loathe these mountainous roads.


Lion        (A wild animal)

I saw a lion in Lahore Zoo.

Loin        (The part of the body on both sides of the spin)

I am feeling pain in my loin


Lose       (Misplace)

You may lose your position if you will not work hard.

Loose    (Baggy)

My sister’s shirt is too loose for me to wear.


Miner    (A person who works in mines.)

Miners’ job is really hard. They have to dig up the ground.

Minor    (Slight)

I resemble my father. There is a very minor difference between us.


Marry    (Wed)

Women should marry a sensible person instead of the rich one.

Merry   (Cheerful)

We laughed at his jokes and his jokes were merry and frank.


Mare     (The female horse)

Mare is useful for loading luggage.

Mere     (Something that does not happen frequently)

I merely attended any funeral home.

Similar Words in English

Oar         (A pole with a flat blade )

I took up an oar and went fishing.

Ore        (A naturally occurring material)

Gold is a precious ore.


Steal      (Theft)

There is severe punishment in Islam for stealing.

Steel      (A metal)

Food is easy to cook with steel utensils.


Sore       (Painful)

She had a sore throat.

Soar       (Fly high in the air)

The eagle spread its wing and soared into the air.


Stair       (Steps that link portion to another.)

I fell from the stairs because they were slippery.

Stare     (Gaze)

The well-mannered man does not gaze at women.


Vain       (Useless)

I tried to make a fire in the forest but all in vain because the woods were wet.

Vein       (Blood vessels)

The vein carries blood to the whole part of the body.


Waist     (The part of the body that is below the ribs and above the hips.)

My waist is 28 inches.

Waste   (Throw away)

We should not waste food.

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