Adjectives For Smell with Meninges and Sentences

Smell Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

We all experience different smells in our daily lives, from visiting a kitchen in our home to enjoying a garden filled with a mixture of enticing flowers. Different industries, different species, and different things smell differently, and a question mostly clicks in our mind what is the jargon for this smell. We can sum up all the smells in only three words “Fragrant, musty, and stinky.” Learning smell vocabulary is important as we can smell something without actually smelling it. so here we will learn different adjectives for smell with meanings and sentences.

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Adjectives For Smell

Aroma / مہک   

Smell of something

I like the rose Aroma.

Bouquet / گلدستہ

Bunch of flowers

She gifted a bouquet of flowers to her friend at her wedding.

Body Odor / جسم کی بو    

The smell of a body

Every animal has a specific body odor.

Fetor / بَدبُو

Foul smell

I noticed a fetor in the air as I came out of my room.

Floral / پھولوں والا

Having flowers

Her dress was beautifully designed with different floral patterns.

Fruity / پھلوں جیسا

Giving a fruit-like smell

Different ice creams have different fruity flavors.

Faint Smell / ہلکی بو

Very less smell

The faint smell of roses in the garden was very enticing.

 Fragrance / خوشبو

Good smell

I like flowers’ fragrance.


Dirty things

Some of the areas in Karachi are full of foulness.

Fetidness/ سخت بو

Strong bad smell

A rotten egg smell is a good example of fetidness.

 Get A Whiff/ سونگھنا

Smell something intensely

He got a whiff of a flower bouquet.

Heavy Smell / سخت بو

Intense smell

I could not bear the intense smoking smell.

Intoxicating Smell / نشہ آور بو

Strong harmful smell

I don’t like the intoxicating smell of bears.

 Incense/ میٹھی چیزوں کے جلنے کی بو

Burning smell of sweet items

I like the incense of burning sweet items like sugar.

Leathery / چمڑے والا


Her shoes were giving a leathery look.

Muskiness/ مشک جیسی

 Musk like smell

Muskiness from the deer’s skin is natural.

Medicinal/ ادویاتی

Smell like medicines

The hospital’s atmosphere was full of medicinal smell.

Minty / پودینے جیسا

Mint smell

I like the minty smell of mint leaves.

Malodorous/ بدبودار


I hate the malodorous smell of raw egg.

75 Words That Describe Smells

Nasty Smell/ گندی بو

Bad smell

The heaps of garbage were giving out a nasty smell.

Nauseating Smell/ متلی کرنے والی بو

A smell that urges the sense of vomit

I felt a strong Nauseating smell in the van.

Odor / بدبو

Bad smell

The medical odor in the hospital is so disturbing.

Perfume/ خوشبو

Spray with a beautiful smell

Everyone loves perfume.

Reek/ بدبو

To stink

The Reeky smell of rotten fruits in the room was unbearable for me.

Rankness/ نا خوشگوار


You could clearly observe the rankness of the decaying wood.

Redolence/ تیکھی بو

Pungent smell

I suddenly noticed a redolent smell of vinegar as I opened the bottle.

Stink/ بدبو

Bad smell

The heaps of debris on the roads were stinking after the rain.

Smell/ بو


I love the mint smell.

Sniff/ سونگھنا 

To smell

The horse was sniffing the grass.

Savory /  چٹ پٹا

Full of flavor

Ahmad loves the savory essence of meat.

Stench/ بدبو

Unpleasant smell

Some insects have a stench smell.

Scent/ خوشبو

Pleasant smell

The atmosphere was full of floral scents.

Whiff/ سونگھنا

Faint smell

The whiff smell of moist soil is so appealing.

Wind/ ہوا

Blowing air

The strong wind was blowing outside.


Smell Vocabulary  List

Smell Vocabulary with Urdu Meanings

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