Singular and plural Nouns Worksheets

A singular and plural nouns worksheet is a helpful sheet for learning English. It teaches you the difference between when to use just one thing (singular) and more than one (plural). For example, it shows you how to change ‘cat’ to ‘cats’.

This singular and plural nouns worksheet is easy to understand. It puts one thing and many things side by side. This helps you see how words change. It’s good for everyone, whether you are just starting to learn English or if you already know some.

Using a singular and plural nouns worksheet is a great way to learn important English rules. If you want to get better at English, this worksheet is perfect for you. It’s a key step in learning the language well.

Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Write Plural nouns to Fill in the Blanks

  1. The (cat) _____ are sleeping on the windowsill.
  2. _____ (dog) are barking loudly in the neighborhood.
  3. The _____ (tree) stand tall in the middle of the garden.
  4. The _____ (student) are studying for the upcoming exam.
  5. _____ (car) are parked in front of the house.
  6. _____ (bird) are singing melodious tunes on the branch.
  7. The _____ (book) on the shelf are waiting to be read.
  8. The _____ (chef) are preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen.
  9. The _____ (flower) in the vase are blooming beautifully.
  10. _____ (butterfly) are fluttering around the flowers in the garden.
  11. The _____ (scientist) are conducting experiments in the laboratory.
  12. _____ (baby) are giggling in the crib.
  13. The _____ (mountain) stand majestically against the sky.
  14. The _____ (athlete) are training hard for the upcoming competition.
  15. _____ (fish) are swimming gracefully in the aquarium.
  16. The _____ (musician) are playing soulful melodies on the piano.
  17. The _____ (astronaut) are floating in space.
  18. _____ (computer) are processing data in the office.
  19. The _____ (painter) are creating masterpieces on the canvas.
  20. The _____ (captain) are steering the ships through rough waters.
  21. _____ (star) are shining brightly in the night sky.
  22. The _____ (detective) are solving mysterious cases.
  23. The _____ (waiter) are serving delicious dishes to the customers.
  24. _____ (guest) are arriving at the party.
  25. The _____ (driver) are navigating through the busy city streets.
20 Sentences using Singular and Plural nouns Worksheet. How to make Plural of each singular noun.
Singualar and Plural noun Worksheet

20 Plural noun of Singular noun worksheet. Singular and Plural noun Worksheet.
Singular and plural nouns Worksheet

Worksheet 2:Choose the Correct Option

1. What is the plural form of “child”?

A) Childs    B) Children    C) Childers    D) Childs’

2. Choose the correct plural form of “mouse”:

A) Mouses      B) Mouse    C) Mice      D) Mice’s

3. Which of the following is the correct plural form of “leaf”?

A) Leafs      B) Leaved        C) Leaves       D) Leafes

4. What is the plural of “cactus”?

A) Cactuses      B) Cacti     C) Cactus     D) Cactuss

5. Choose the correct plural form of “ox”:

A) Oxs     B) Oxes     C) Oxen     D) Oxies

6. What is the plural form of “goose”?

A) Gooses       B) Geese      C) Goose      D) Goox

7. Which option represents the correct plural form of “man”?

A) Men      B) Mans      C) Mens      D) Manes

8. What is the plural form of “datum”?

A) Data      B) Datas      C) Datums       D) Datumies

9. Choose the correct plural form of “person”:

A) Persons      B) People      C) Peoplen       D) Peoples

10. What is the plural form of “knife”?

A) Knifes – B) Knives – C) Knife’s – D) Knive’s

15+Mcqs of Singular and Plural nouns Worksheet.
Choose the Correct Option-Singular and Plural nouns worksheet

Answers of Worksheet 1

  1. cats
  2. Dogs
  3. trees
  4. students
  5. Cars
  6. Birds
  7. books
  8. chefs
  9. flowers
  10. Butterflies
  11. scientists
  12. Babies
  13. mountains
  14. athletes
  15. Fish
  16. musicians
  17. astronauts
  18. Computers
  19. painters
  20. captains
  21. Stars
  22. detectives
  23. waiters
  24. Guests
  25. drivers

Answers of Worksheet 2

  1. B) Children
  2. C) Mice
  3. C) Leaves
  4. B) Cacti
  5. C) Oxen
  6. B) Geese
  7. A) Men
  8. A) Data
  9. B) People
  10. B) Knives