Type of Sentences with Structure and Example

Classifications of Sentences with Structure and Example

Type of Sentences with Sentence Structure and Example, Simple or Declarative Sentence. Command or Imperative Sentence. Question or Interrogative Sentence. Exclamatory Sentence.


Speech is a gift of God to human beings. We use words in speaking and writing. We generally use a group of words in order to communicate our thoughts to others (during our speech or writing); as:

The Sun rises in the cast.

Definition: A group of words (like this) that makes complete sense is called a sentence.

Kinds of Sentences

We can classify the sentences into the following two groups:

  • on the basis of their meanings or sense,
  • on the basis of their form or structure.

(i) Division of the sentences on the basis of meaning/sense:

  1. Statements
  2. Commands
  3. Questions
  4. Exclamations.


We use the statements most of all, in our compositions or speeches. Therefore, the statements have vital importance in the sentences. Read the sentences given below carefully.

Nupur buys a pen.

Dhruva works hard.

The boys are reading.

Such type of commonplace sentences is called declarations or statements.


Read the sentences given below:

Strike a match.

Please help this poor man

Give up smirking.

Always speak the truth and be honest.

Obey your parents.

Go to your room and study. Let us take tea.

Let the boys go to bed.  Let us go out for a walk.

The sentences given above are Imperative Sentences because the verbs used in them express command, humble request, suggestions, instructions, advice, etc.


A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative sentence.

Read the sentences given below.

Had I written a letter?

Do you know me?

Were they Joking?

Would he go with you?

Interrogative sentences begin with a helping verb. They can be answered in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Therefore, they are also called as ‘Yes — No’ questions. You can answer them simply by moving your neck without using your tongue.


Exclamatory sentences are those sentences which express the abrupt (feeling of wonder, sorrow, pain, joy, admiration, etc. (sudden) and spontaneous.


Oh God!

Oh! What is this?

Hush! keep quiet.

Well done! you have won the ‘race.

What a pity! you did not come to my house.

Bravo! you fought bravely.

Type of Sentences with Structure and Example

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Type of Sentences with Structure and Example

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