Worksheet Question Tags: Use of Question Tags in Sentences

Check out our Question Tags Worksheet. It helps you learn English grammar easily. Inside, there’s a list of question tags like “aren’t they” and “isn’t it.” No matter if you’re new or have learned before, this sheet makes understanding easy. Start and have fun learning!

What is Question Tags

Question tags are short questions added at the end of a sentence. They help confirm information or seek agreement. For instance, in “You like coffee, don’t you?” the question tag is “don’t you?” They’re a simple way to engage in conversation and clarify information.

Types of Question Tags

  1. Positive Question Tags: These are used after negative statements. They turn a negative statement into a question, seeking confirmation or agreement. For example:
    • She isn’t coming, is she?
    • You don’t like tea, do you?
  2. Negative Question Tags: These are used after positive statements. They turn a positive statement into a question, often to express surprise, seek confirmation, or clarify information. For example:
    • You are coming, aren’t you?
    • He likes pizza, doesn’t he?

Worksheet Question Tags

30 Sentences by using Question Tags Worksheet. How to use and Identify Question Tags.
Worksheet Question Tags

 Here are 30 sentences using question tags:

  1. You like ice cream, don’t you?
  2. He isn’t late, is he?
  3. She speaks French, doesn’t she?
  4. We can go now, can’t we?
  5. They have finished the project, haven’t they?
  6. You won’t forget, will you?
  7. He’s coming to the party, isn’t he?
  8. She didn’t call you, did she?
  9. You were at the concert, weren’t you?
  10. They haven’t seen that movie, have they?
  11. It’s raining outside, isn’t it?
  12. You enjoyed the movie, didn’t you?
  13. He will be here on time, won’t he?
  14. She isn’t studying, is she?
  15. You have met her before, haven’t you?
  16. We should leave now, shouldn’t we?
  17. They won the match, didn’t they?
  18. It wasn’t your fault, was it?
  19. You can swim, can’t you?
  20. He never forgets, does he?
  21. She will come tomorrow, won’t she?
  22. We aren’t lost, are we?
  23. You had a great time, didn’t you?
  24. They don’t know the answer, do they?
  25. It won’t snow, will it?
  26. You don’t mind, do you?
  27. He was at the party, wasn’t he?
  28. She didn’t finish her meal, did she?
  29. We can do it, can’t we?
  30. They won’t be late, will they?

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