Rhyming Words Worksheet and Exercises with Answers in English

Explore rhymes with our easy rhyming words worksheets. These sheets are simple, making learning easy. They have a list of words that rhyme, showing them in a clear way. With these rhyming word worksheets, you can learn more words easily. So, start now, enjoy, and improve your words without trying hard!

What is Rhyming Words

Rhyming words are words that sound the same at the end. For example, “cat” and “hat” rhyme because they end with the same “at” sound. Rhyming words are often used in poems and songs to make them sound catchy and fun. Understanding rhyming words helps us appreciate the musical quality of language and is an important skill for reading and writing.

Types of Rhyming Words

  1. Perfect Rhymes: These rhymes have identical sounds at the end, such as “cat” and “hat.”
  2. Slant or Near Rhymes: Slant rhymes occur when words have similar, but not identical, sounds. For instance, “worn” and “sworn” or “shape” and “keep” are slant rhymes.
  3. Eye Rhymes: Words that look like they should rhyme due to their spelling, but don’t actually sound alike. An example is “bough” and “cough.”
  4. Internal Rhymes: Rhymes that occur within a single line of verse, enhancing the rhythm and melody. For example, in the phrase “a little muddle in a puddle,” “muddle” and “puddle” are internally rhymed.
  5. End Rhymes: Words that rhyme at the end of lines in poetry or songs. Most traditional rhymes fall into this category.
  6. Masculine Rhymes: Rhymes that occur on a single stressed syllable, such as “car” and “far.”
  7. Feminine Rhymes: Rhymes that involve two or more syllables, with stress on a syllable other than the last one, like “turtle” and “fertile.”

Rhyming Words Worksheets

Worksheet 1:Choose the Right Option

  • What rhymes with “cat”?

A) Mat          B) Dog         C) Sun          D) Book

  • Which word rhymes with “moon”?

A) Soon       B) Star         C) Clock        D) Tree 

  • What rhymes with “pen”?

A) Ten        B) Blue         C) Cup           D) Bell 

  • Which word does not rhyme with “day”?

A) Play       B) Jay         C) Key        D) Bay 

  • What rhymes with “shoe”?

A) Blue        B) Cake       C) Glow       D) Too

  • Which word rhymes with “bell”?

A) Fell        B) Fan       C) Well        D) Bear 

  • What rhymes with “wave”?

A) Dive      B) Hive         C) Mouse       D) Cake

  • Which word rhymes with “joke”?

A) Leap      B) Smoke      C) Bear      D) Sweet 

  • What rhymes with “lime”?

A) Shame       B) Mouse       C) Book        D) Time

  • Which word rhymes with “glow”?

A) Snow       B) Dance       C) Hat      D) Pen 

  • What rhymes with “toad”?

A) Road      B) Cake      C) Light       D) See 

  • Which word rhymes with “mouse”?

A) Wave      B) House      C) Sweet      D) Clock 

  • What rhymes with “leap”?

A)Bear       B) Fan      C) Peep      D) Cake 

  • Which word does not rhyme with “beard”?

A) Weird     B) Scared       C) Sweet       D) Blue 

  • What rhymes with “light”?

A) Night       B) Book      C) Key       D) Pen 

  • Which word rhymes with “wave”?

A) Star      B) Grave        C) Dog       D) Bell 

  • What rhymes with “cake”?

A) Lake       B) Mouse       C) Dance      D) Sun 

  • Which word rhymes with “glare”?

A) Stare       B) Clock       C) Tree       D) Dog

Worksheet Rhyming Words.15+ Mcqs using Rhyming Words. Rhyming Words Worksheets and Exercises
Worksheet Rhyming Words

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