Types of Tables with Pictures in English

Types of Tables with Pictures in English

Types of tables help students understand their everyday surroundings. It allows them to recognize the purpose and function of each piece of furniture in their homes, schools, and other spaces.

Furniture tables are different and have special uses. Some are big for eating meals, while others are small and sit next to sofas. Some tables are just for playing games, and some can fold up when we’re not using them. No matter the type, each table has its own important job in our homes!

learning about Types of Furniture Table is not just about recognizing objects; it’s about developing practical skills, enhancing communication, and gaining insights into the ways people live and organize their surroundings.

 Types of Tables with Examples

Dining Table:

Large table for dining, typically placed in a dining room.

Coffee Table:

A low table placed in front of a sofa is used for drinks and decor.

End Table/Side Table:

Small tables are placed beside sofas or chairs, often for lamps or drinks.

Console Table:

A narrow table against a wall, used for decorative or functional purposes.

Kitchen Table:

Smaller tables in kitchens for casual meals.

Bedside Table/Nightstand:

The small table beside a bed, often with drawers for storage.

Writing Desk/Table:

A table designed for writing or paperwork may have drawers.

Computer Desk:

Desk designed for computer use, often with features like keyboard trays.

Folding Table:

Table with hinged legs for easy storage, used for temporary setups.

Vanity Table:

Table with a mirror, used for grooming and makeup application.

Picnic Table:

Sturdy outdoor table with attached benches, popular for picnics.

Game Table:

Tables designed for playing games may have built-in game boards.


The sturdy table is used in workshops for tasks like woodworking.

Drafting Table:

Table with a tilting surface, used by artists and architects for drawing.

Conference Table:

Large table used in meeting rooms for conferences and discussions.

Cocktail Table:

The low table is often used in living rooms for serving drinks.

Farmhouse Table:

Rustic-style dining table, often made of wood.

Patio Table:

Outdoor table for use on patios, decks, or gardens.

Nesting Tables:

Set of smaller tables that can be stacked or used separately.

Card Table:

Folding table designed for playing card games.

Drum Table:

Round table with a drum-like shape, often used as an accent table.

Puzzle Table:

Table designed for assembling jigsaw puzzles, often with a tilting top.

Tea Table:

Small table traditionally used for serving tea.

Trestle Table:

Table with a support structure consisting of a horizontal beam supported by trestle legs.

Adjustable Height Table:

Table with a height-adjustable feature, suitable for various uses.

Types Of Tables for furniture,

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