Types of Chairs with Names in English with Infographics

Types of Chairs with Names in English

In this blog post, we’ll talk about different types of chairs and their names. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Some chairs have fancy names like Wingback or Eames Lounge. Others are simpler, like the Windsor Chair or Chaise Longue. There are also newer chairs like the Egg Chair or Ghost Chair. Each chair has its own style and purpose. We’ll explore these names and what they mean in the world of furniture. So, let’s get started!

Types of Chairs with Names

Here is a list of various types of chairs with their names in English and pictures:

No. Type of Chair Picture
1. Wishbone Chair Wishbone Chair
2. Ball Chair
3. Tulip Chair Tulip Chair
4. Push Chair Push Chair
5. Waiting Chair Waiting Chair
6. Ottoman Chair Ottoman Chair
7. Hammock Chair Hammock Chair
8. Dental Chair

Dental Chair
Dental Chair – Types of Chairs
9. Wheelchair Wheelchair
10. Wedding Chair
11. Scallop Chair Scallop Chair
12. Camping Chair Camping Chair
13. Vintage Chair Vintage Chair
14. Arm Chair Arm Chair
15. Barber Chair Barber Chair
16. Armchair Armchair
17. Dining Chair Dining Chair
18. Lounge Chair Lounge Chair
19. Rocking Chair
20. Recliner Chair Recliner Chair
21. Club Chair Club Chair
22. Folding Chair

Folding Chair
Folding Chair – Chairs Names
23. Accent Chair Accent Chair
24. Wingback Chair Wingback Chair
25. High Chair High Chair
26. Chaise Lounge Chaise Lounge
27. Side Chair Side Chair
28. Classic Chair Classic Chair
29. Slipper Chair Slipper Chair
30. Windsor Chair Windsor Chair
31. Wicker Chair Wicker Chair
32. Ornate Cane Chair Ornate Cane Chair
33. Beach Chair Beach Chair
34. Vanity Chair Vanity Chair
35. Ghost Chair Ghost Chair
36. Sofa Chair Sofa Chair
37. Office Chair Office Chair
38. Bar Stool Bar Stool
39. Rattan Chair

Rattan Chair
Rattan Chair – Types of Chairs
40. Parson’s Chair Parson's Chair
41. Bean Bag Chair Bean Bag Chair
42. Papasan Chair
43. Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair
44. Egg Chair Egg Chair

Types of Chairs with Short Description

Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Chair is a lightweight, stylish chair with a Y-shaped back. It’s comfortable with its broad seat and curved backrest. Made mostly of wood, it has a hand-woven seat, often from paper cord. It’s not adjustable, but its design suits dining and living rooms for a timeless look.

Ball Chair

A Ball Chair is a round, cozy seat inside a hollow sphere. It’s super comfy, perfect for relaxing or reading. Made from fiberglass and upholstered inside, it’s a statement piece with a modern vibe. It doesn’t adjust, but its swivel base makes it fun and functional for lounging.

Tulip Chair

The Tulip Chair has a smooth, flower-like shape with a single leg underneath. Its padded seat makes it comfy, and its unique design adds a modern touch to spaces. Made from molded fiberglass or plastic and often with a cushion, it’s fixed in height but swivels, blending well in dining areas.

Push Chair

A Push Chair, or stroller, is designed for babies and toddlers. It’s comfortable with padded seating and reclining options. With a metal or plastic frame and fabric seat, it’s highly adjustable with features like foldability and canopy for outdoor use, making it ideal for parents on the go.

Waiting Chair

Waiting Chairs are found in waiting areas and lobbies. They prioritize durability and ease of cleaning, often made of metal, plastic, or easy-to-clean fabrics. They’re not usually adjustable but designed to accommodate multiple people with moderate comfort, focusing on functionality in public spaces.

Ottoman Chair

An Ottoman Chair is a versatile piece without a backrest, often used as a footrest, seat, or coffee table. They’re comfy, often padded and upholstered. Made from a variety of materials like leather or fabric, they’re not adjustable but add functionality and style to living rooms.

Hammock Chair

Hammock Chairs are swing-like, hanging from a point above. They offer a unique, snug seating experience. Made from sturdy fabrics or ropes, they’re not adjustable but can be hung at different heights. Perfect for outdoor or indoor relaxation, adding a fun and casual element.

Dental Chair

Dental Chairs are adjustable, designed for patient comfort during dental procedures. They’re padded and can recline fully, made with leather or vinyl for easy cleaning. With various adjustment controls, they’re essential for dental clinics, focusing on functionality and patient comfort.


Wheelchairs assist those with mobility issues. They range from basic, manually operated to advanced, motorized models. Comfort varies, with padded seats and backrests. Made from metal and durable fabrics, they’re highly adjustable for ease of use, emphasizing functionality and independence.

Wedding Chair

Wedding Chairs are decorative, used for events. They’re designed for short-term comfort, often made of wood or metal with minimal padding. Not adjustable, but their style and design vary widely, from simple to ornate, to match the wedding theme, focusing on aesthetics over functionality.

Scallop Chair

Scallop Chairs feature a shell-like design with a curved back, adding a whimsical touch. Comfortable with their contoured shape and padding, they’re often upholstered in plush fabrics. Not adjustable, but their unique design makes them a stylish choice for adding personality to a room.

Camping Chair

Camping Chairs are portable, designed for outdoor use. They’re comfortable with a relaxed seating position, made from lightweight metals and durable fabrics. Often foldable for easy transport, they’re not adjustable but are highly functional for outdoor adventures.

Vintage Chair

Vintage Chairs vary in design, echoing the style of a past era. Comfort and materials depend on the specific period they replicate. They’re typically not adjustable but are valued for their aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship, adding character to spaces.


Armchairs are comfortable, with a supportive back and armrests. Ideal for relaxing, they come in various styles and materials, from leather to soft fabrics. They’re not adjustable but are designed for comfort and style, making them a staple in living rooms.

Barber Chair

Barber Chairs are designed for haircuts and grooming services. They’re adjustable, with a reclining back and height adjustment for ease of access. Comfortable and durable, often made of leather or vinyl, they’re functional and essential in barber shops and salons.

Dining Chair

Dining Chairs are designed for mealtime comfort. They vary in style but are generally not adjustable, focusing on durability and ease of maintenance. Made from wood, metal, or plastic, they’re a key part of dining room furniture, balancing comfort with functionality.

Lounge Chair

Lounge Chairs are for relaxation, often reclining with a footrest. Comfort is key, with padded seats and ergonomic designs. Materials vary, from leather to soft fabrics. Some are adjustable, offering a perfect spot for reading or lounging, blending comfort and style.

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chairs offer a gentle rocking motion, ideal for relaxation. Comfortable with their curved design, they’re often made of wood. Not adjustable, but their soothing motion makes them a favorite for nurseries and living rooms, adding a comforting and traditional touch.

Recliner Chair

Recliner Chairs are adjustable, designed for relaxation with a reclining back and often a footrest. They prioritize comfort, with plush padding and soft upholstery. Made from various materials, they’re functional and comfortable for lounging and watching TV.

Club Chair

Club Chairs are deep, with a low back and armrests, known for their comfort and classic style. Usually upholstered in leather or fabric, they’re not adjustable but add a touch of sophistication to any room, perfect for reading or relaxing.

Types of Chairs
Types of Chairs

Folding Chair

Folding Chairs are portable, designed for temporary seating. They’re moderately comfortable, often made of metal or plastic with a simple design. Highly functional, they fold up for easy storage, ideal for events or extra seating when needed.

Accent Chair

Accent Chairs add a decorative touch, designed to complement room decor. Comfort levels vary, with a focus on unique design and materials. Not adjustable, but they enhance the room’s aesthetics, available in various styles to make a statement.

Wingback Chair

Wingback Chairs have a distinctive high back with “wings,” offering a cozy, enclosed feel. They’re comfortable, often upholstered in plush fabrics. Not adjustable, but their classic design adds elegance and a sense of privacy, ideal for reading or lounging.

High Chair

High Chairs are for babies and toddlers during mealtime. They’re secure and easy to clean, often made of plastic or wood. With adjustable features like height and tray position, they’re functional for feeding, ensuring safety and comfort for little ones.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounges are elongated chairs for reclining, blending comfort and style. They’re padded and often upholstered in luxurious fabrics. Not adjustable, but their design is perfect for lounging and adds a touch of elegance to spaces.

Side Chair

Side Chairs are versatile, used as extra seating in various rooms. They’re generally comfortable, with a simple design and no armrests. Made from a range of materials, they’re not adjustable but functional for dining or as occasional chairs.

Classic Chair

Classic Chairs embody timeless design, emphasizing comfort and durability. They’re often made of wood, with a focus on craftsmanship. Not adjustable, but their enduring style makes them a favorite for adding a traditional touch to interiors.

Slipper Chair

Slipper Chairs are armless, with a low seat height, making them easy to get in and out of. They’re comfortable and compact, often upholstered in soft fabrics. Not adjustable, but their sleek design makes them versatile for any room.

Windsor Chair

Windsor Chairs feature a wooden, spindle-backed design with a sculpted seat. They offer moderate comfort with a rustic charm. Made of wood, they’re not adjustable but are durable and add a traditional feel to dining or living areas.

Wicker Chair

Wicker Chairs are made from woven materials like rattan or bamboo, offering a light, airy design. Comfort varies, often enhanced with cushions. Not adjustable, but their breezy style is perfect for patios or sunrooms, adding a casual, natural touch.

Ornate Cane Chair

Ornate Cane Chairs have detailed designs with a cane (woven rattan) back and seat. They’re moderately comfortable, often with a wooden frame. Not adjustable, but their intricate craftsmanship adds elegance and a vintage feel to spaces.

Learn About Some Other Chair Types

Beach Chair

Beach Chairs are portable and designed for outdoor use, offering comfort with a laid-back, reclining position. Made from lightweight materials and often foldable, they’re not adjustable but are essential for relaxing by the sea, blending functionality with outdoor leisure.

Vanity Chair

Vanity Chairs are small, often with a low back, designed for use at a vanity table. Comfortable and stylish, they’re usually upholstered and may have a swivel feature. Not adjustable in height, but they add elegance and functionality to dressing areas.

Ghost Chair

Ghost Chairs are clear, made from a single piece of polycarbonate or acrylic, offering a modern, minimalist look. They’re surprisingly comfortable and blend into any decor. Not adjustable, but their sleek design makes them a versatile choice for any room.

Sofa Chair

Sofa Chairs are oversized, offering the comfort of a sofa in a single-seat form. They’re plush and inviting, often upholstered in soft fabrics. Not adjustable, but their roomy design makes them a cozy spot for lounging and relaxation.

Office Chair

Office Chairs are designed for work, with adjustable features like height and tilt for ergonomic comfort. Made from a variety of materials, including mesh and leather, they’re functional and essential for desk jobs, prioritizing comfort and productivity.

Bar Stool

Bar Stools are tall chairs for use at bars or high tables. Comfort varies, with some having backrests and padding. Made from wood or metal, some are adjustable in height, making them versatile for kitchens and bars, blending functionality with socializing.

Rattan Chair

Rattan Chairs are made from the woven stems of the rattan plant, offering a natural, organic look. Comfortable with a cushion, they’re not adjustable but add a warm, tropical vibe to spaces, perfect for indoor or covered outdoor use.

Parsons Chair

Parsons Chairs are simple, with a clean design and a comfortable upholstered seat and back. They’re not adjustable but are versatile for dining or as occasional chairs, made from a variety of fabrics, adding elegance and function to any room.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs are soft, shape-shifting seats filled with beads or foam. They offer a casual, comfy seating experience. Made from fabric, they’re not adjustable but mold to your shape, adding a fun and relaxed element to lounging areas.

Papasan Chair

Papasan Chairs have a large, round cushion in a wicker or rattan frame, offering a cozy nest-like seat. They’re comfortable for lounging, not adjustable but their bowl shape makes them a unique and comfy choice for relaxation.

Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chairs are outdoor chairs with a slanted back and wide armrests, made mostly of wood. They offer a comfortable, laid-back seating position, perfect for gardens or patios, adding a rustic and relaxed touch to outdoor spaces.

Egg Chair

Egg Chairs have a distinctive oval shape, offering a snug, private seating area. They’re padded and often upholstered in fabric or leather, making them comfortable. Some swivel or tilt, adding functionality and style to modern interiors.

Types of Chairs
Types of Chairs

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