Family Members Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Family Members Worksheets and Exercises. My Family Worksheets. Members of a family Worksheets
Family Members Worksheets

Family Members Worksheets help kids learn about their family and words related to it. These worksheets are like games that teach us about our family members like mom, dad, brother, sister, and more. You can find words like ‘grandma’, ‘uncle’, ‘aunt’, and ‘cousin’. These words tell us about our relatives. My Family is important, and these worksheets help us understand who is who in our family. They have pictures and words that make it easy to learn. With Family Members Worksheets, children can learn and have fun at the same time, making learning about family enjoyable and educational.

Family Members Worksheets

Family Members Worksheet 1

Fill in the Blanks with the help of Family members.

  1. _______ cooks delicious meals.
  2. _______ reads bedtime stories.
  3. _______ knits warm sweaters.
  4. _______ tells funny jokes.
  5. _______ plays with dolls.
  6. _______ rides his bike.
  7. _______ sings lovely songs.
  8. _______ fixes broken toys.
  9. _______ shares toys.
  10. _______ giggles loudly.
  11. _______ draws colorful pictures.
  12. _______ sleeps peacefully.
  13. _______ fetches balls.
  14. _______ purrs softly.
  15. _______ laughs together.
Family Members Worksheets and Exercises. Family Tree with Pictures
Family Members Worksheet


Family Members Worksheets and Exercises. My Family Worksheet. Members of Family Worksheet. Write Name of Each Family Members
Family Members Worksheets and Exercises


Family Members Worksheet 2

Choose the Right Option.

  • Who is your father’s sister?

a) Aunt           b) Cousin           c) Niece          d) Nephew

  • What is your mother’s sister to you?

a) Niece           b) Aunt           c) Sister           d) Mother

  • Your parents’ parents are your:

a) Grandparents         b) Cousins          c) Siblings            d) Aunts

  • Your father’s brother is your:

a) Cousin         b) Nephew         c) Uncle          d) Brother

  • Your sister’s daughter is your:

a) Cousin        b) Niece           c) Sister            d) Aunt

  • Your uncle’s son is your:

a) Brother     b) Nephew         c) Cousin         d) Uncle

  • Your cousin’s father is your:

a) Uncle          b) Nephew         c) Brother         d) Father

  • Your brother’s daughter is your:

a) Aunt         b) Cousin           c) Sister           d) Niece

  • Your mother’s mother is your:

a) Sister       b) Aunt             c) Mother          d) Grandmother

  • Your aunt’s daughter is your:

a) Cousin         b) Niece           c) Aunt              d) Sister

  • Your grandparents’ children are your:

a) Parents        b) Siblings       c) Cousins        d) Nephews

  • Your father’s mother is your:

a) Mother         b) Aunt        c) Grandmother     d) Sister

  • Your cousin’s sister is your:

a) Sister           b) Cousin         c) Niece           d) Aunt

  • Your sister’s son is your:

a) Uncle       b) Cousin        c) Brother         d) Nephew

  • Your mother’s father is your:

a) Father       b) Uncle        c) Grandfather      d) Brother

My Family Worksheet. Family Members Worksheets and Exercises. Choose the Right Option about Family Members. Members of Family Worksheet
My Family Worksheet


Family Members Worksheets and Exercises. Match the Words with Picture of Family Members. My Family Worksheets. Members of Family Worksheet
Members of Family Worksheets and Exercises

Answers of Worksheet 1:

  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Grandma
  4. Grandpa
  5. Sister
  6. Brother
  7. Aunt
  8. Uncle
  9. Cousin
  10. Nephew
  11. Niece
  12. Baby
  13. Pet dog
  14. Pet cat
  15. Family

Answers of Worksheet 2:

  1. a) Aunt
  2. b) Aunt
  3. a) Grandparents
  4. c) Uncle
  5. b) Niece
  6. c) Cousin
  7. a) Uncle
  8. d) Niece
  9. d) Grandmother
  10. a) Cousin
  11. a) Parents
  12. c) Grandmother
  13. b) Cousin
  14. d) Nephew
  15. c) Grandfather

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