50 Hand Emojis Meaning in English

Hand Emoji Meaning in English
Hand Emoji Meaning in English

We all like using emojis in our messages. Emojis are fun pictures we use instead of words. One big group of these pictures is hand emojis. But, what do these hand emojis mean?

Hand emojis are like a special language. For example, the thumbs up emoji? It means “I like this” or “yes”. Two hands together? They can mean “please” or “thanks”.

But, watch out! Some hand emojis might mean different things to different people. The hand sign where the thumb and first finger touch can mean “good”. But in other places, it might be taken the wrong way.

There are many hand emojis to learn. Like, the crossed fingers can mean “hope so” or “joking”. There’s also a fun hand sign used for rock music.

So, when you send a message, hand emojis can help a lot. They add fun and help explain what you mean. Learning about them can make your messages even cooler!

Tip: Always think about who you’re messaging. Make sure they understand your hand emojis the right way!

Hand Emojis and Gestures Meanings

Emoji Meaning in English Use
👋 Waving Hand Saying hello or goodbye
Raised Hand Stop or wait
🤚 Raised Back of Hand Waving or greeting
🖐️ Hand with Fingers Splayed Five or stop
👌 OK Hand Approval or agreement
🤏 Pinching Hand Something small
✌️ Victory Hand Peace or victory
🤞 Crossed Fingers Hoping or wishing
🤟 Love-You Gesture Expressing love
🤘 Sign of the Horns Rock on!
🤙 Call Me Hand Call me or hang loose
👈 Backhand Index Pointing Left Pointing left
👉 Backhand Index Pointing Right Pointing right
👆 Backhand Index Pointing Up Pointing up
🖕 Middle Finger Rude gesture
👇 Backhand Index Pointing Down Pointing down
👍 Thumbs Up Agreement or good job
👎 Thumbs Down Disagreement or bad job
Raised Fist Solidarity or resistance
👊 Oncoming Fist Fist bump or strength
🤛 Left-facing Fist Left fist bump
🤜 Right-facing Fist Right fist bump
👏 Clapping Hands Applause or congratulations
🙌 Raising Hands Celebration or praise
👐 Open Hands Openness or hug
🤲 Palms Up Together Prayer or thankfulness
🤝 Handshake Agreement or partnership
🙏 Folded Hands Prayer or please
✍️ Writing Hand Writing or noting down
💅 Nail Polish Beauty or self-care
🤳 Selfie Taking a photo of oneself
💪 Flexed Biceps Strength or workout
🦾 Mechanical Arm Bionic or robotic strength
🦿 Mechanical Leg Bionic or robotic agility
🖖 Vulcan Salute Star Trek greeting
👋🏻 Waving Hand (light skin tone) Hello with light skin tone
🤚🏼 Raised Back of Hand (medium-light skin tone) Greeting with medium-light skin tone
✋🏽 Raised Hand (medium skin tone) Stop with medium skin tone
🖐🏾 Hand with Fingers Splayed (medium-dark skin tone) Five with medium-dark skin tone
👌🏿 OK Hand (dark skin tone) Agreement with dark skin tone
🖖🏼 Vulcan Salute (medium-light skin tone) Star Trek greeting with medium-light skin tone
🤘🏻 Sign of the Horns (light skin tone) Rock on with light skin tone
🤙🏽 Call Me Hand (medium skin tone) Call me with medium skin tone
🤟🏾 Love-You Gesture (medium-dark skin tone) Love expression with medium-dark skin tone
🤞🏿 Crossed Fingers (dark skin tone) Hope with dark skin tone
✌🏼 Victory Hand (medium-light skin tone) Peace with medium-light skin tone
👍🏽 Thumbs Up (medium skin tone) Good job with medium skin tone
👎🏾 Thumbs Down (medium-dark skin tone) Bad job with medium-dark skin tone
🤳🏻 Selfie (light skin tone) Selfie with light skin tone

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