Human Body Sounds List in English

50 + Human Body Sounds List

Our body makes different sounds. These are called Human Body Sounds. These sounds can tell us a lot about our health and how our body works.

Think about the sound our heart makes. It goes “lub-dub”. This sound means our heart is pumping blood and helping us stay alive. Another common sound is our stomach. Sometimes, after we eat, our stomach makes a gurgling sound. This means our food is being digested.

When we breathe, we can hear ourselves inhale and exhale. This is a sign that our lungs are working and giving our body fresh air. But if our breathing sounds different, it might mean we’re sick or having trouble.

Some sounds can surprise us. Like when we move our fingers and hear a ‘crack’ sound. This sound is made by tiny bubbles in our joints popping. It’s a normal sound, but many people think it’s bad. It’s not.

Our ears can also make sounds. Sometimes, we might hear a ringing sound when it’s very quiet. This is called tinnitus. It can happen if we listen to very loud music or if our ears have a problem.

Our voice is another Human Body Sound. We use our voice to talk, sing, or even whisper. It’s how we communicate and share our feelings.

In short, the Human Body Sounds help us understand our body better. Each sound has a reason, and by listening to them, we can know more about our health and body. So, the next time you hear a sound from your body, remember it’s just your body’s way of talking to you.

Human Body Sounds in English


She can breathe a sigh of relief.


cover your mouth to hide your yawn.


He gave a loud belch.


I’d been farting mid night.

Snap the fingers        

She hears Ali snapping his fingers

Cracking the knuckles   

I often crack my knuckles


Did you give a loud hiccup?


Blow your nose. Don’t sniff!


Tom let out a loud sneeze.


He felt to the floor with a groan.

Grind the teeth

I am grinding my teeth.


My cough troubles her.


It will be the scream of a soul dying


He should have not laugh at my jokes!


He did not speak to me in a whisper.



The ship whistle shrieked to leave.


Maybe he hears a snore and knew he’d fallen asleep.



I hear a low growl behind her.



Do try not to slurp.



He did not give a loud sniff of disapproval.


The air of the ball began to hum.


She gave a gasp of surprise.


Speak up. Don’t mumble!


Clap your hands to keep time .


I never ever hear a loud crunch.


He must gargle regularly.

Smack the (lips)

She loves chocolate cake,” said Susannah, smacking him lips


I gave a loud snort .


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