Third Conditional Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Third Conditional Worksheets and Exercises
Third Conditional Worksheets

Third Conditional Worksheets are really useful for learning English. They help you talk about things that could have happened in the past but didn’t. These worksheets teach you to use ‘if’ in sentences about past situations that are imaginary. When you use Third Conditional Worksheets, you learn how to talk about past events in a different way. They are very important for people who want to improve their English. These worksheets make learning this part of English grammar simpler and more interesting, especially for those who are just starting to learn more complex English.

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Third Conditional Worksheets

Worksheet 1:fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb given in bracket.

  1. If she __________ (study) harder, she __________ (pass) the exam.
  2. If they __________ (save) more money, they __________ (buy) a house.
  3. If he __________ (not forget) his keys, he __________ (not be) locked out.
  4. If it __________ (not rain) that day, we __________ (have) a picnic.
  5. If I __________ (know) about the traffic, I __________ (leave) earlier.
  6. If they __________ (not miss) the bus, they __________ (arrive) on time.
  7. If she __________ (not lose) her job, she __________ (not struggle) financially.
  8. If we __________ (not miss) the flight, we __________ (be) on vacation now.
  9. If he __________ (not break) his leg, he __________ (participate) in the marathon.
  10. If I __________ (remember) to set the alarm, I __________ (not oversleep).
  11. If they __________ (invite) us to the party, we __________ (attend).
  12. If he __________ (not make) that mistake, he __________ (still have) his job.
  13. If we __________ (not take) the wrong turn, we __________ (arrive) on time.
  14. If she __________ (not lose) her passport, she __________ (travel) with us.
  15. If they __________ (sell) their car, they __________ (need) to use public transportation.
  16. If I __________ (not miss) the bus, I __________ (not be) late for work.
  17. If it __________ (not snow) that day, we __________ (go) for a hike.
  18. If he __________ (not forget) the anniversary, she __________ (not be) upset.
  19. If we __________ (not have) a flat tire, we __________ (reach) the destination on time.
  20. If she __________ (not spill) coffee on her laptop, it __________ (not stop) working.
  21. If they __________ (not lose) the bet, they __________ (not have to) buy dinner.
  22. If I __________ (not drop) my phone, it __________ (not break).
  23. If it __________ (not be) so windy, we __________ (have) a picnic in the park.
  24. If he __________ (not oversleep) that morning, he __________ (not miss) the meeting.
  25. If they __________ (not forget) to bring the map, they __________ (not get) lost.
25 Sentences of Third Conditional Worksheets with Answers.
Third Conditional Worksheets

Worksheet 2: Answer of following questions.

  1. If you studied harder, what would you have achieved?
  2. What would you have done differently if you knew the outcome?
  3. How different would your life be if you took that job offer?
  4. What would you have done over the weekend if it hadn’t rained?
  5. Where would you have visited if you had more vacation time?
  6. Would you have arrived on time if you didn’t miss the train?
  7. What changes would you have made if you led the project?
  8. How much money would you have made if you invested in that stock?
  9. How would you have reacted if you knew it was a surprise party?
  10. What job would you have chosen for a different career path?
  11. Where would you have traveled if you didn’t forget your passport?
  12. What would you have bought first if you won the lottery?
  13. What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time?
  14. How would a gap year have influenced your college experience?
  15. Where would you have traveled to use a second language?
  16. What car would you have bought if you won a car giveaway?
15+ Answer questions of Third Conditional Worksheets with Answers.
Answer questions-Third Conditional Worksheets

Answers of Worksheet 1:

  1. had studied, would have passed
  2. had saved, would have bought
  3. had not forgotten, would not have been
  4. had not rained, would have had
  5. had known, would have left
  6. had not missed, would have arrived
  7. had not lost, would not have struggled
  8. had not missed, would be
  9. had not broken, would have participated
  10. had remembered, would not have overslept
  11. had invited, would have attended
  12. had not made, would still have
  13. had not taken, would have arrived
  14. had not lost, would have traveled
  15. had sold, would have needed
  16. had not missed, would not be
  17. had not snowed, would have gone
  18. had not forgotten, would not have been
  19. had not had, would have reached
  20. had not spilled, would not have stopped
  21. had not lost, would not have had to
  22. had not dropped, would not have broken
  23. had not been, would have had
  24. had not overslept, would not have missed
  25. had not forgotten, would not have gotten

Answers of Worksheet 2:

  1. I would have achieved higher grades.
  2. I would have prepared better and made more informed decisions.
  3. My career path and financial situation would be very different now.
  4. I would have gone hiking and explored the outdoors.
  5. I would have visited unfamiliar destinations like Bali or Machu Picchu.
  6. I would have arrived on time for the meeting.
  7. I would have implemented more efficient strategies and processes.
  8. I could have made significant profits by now.
  9. I would have acted more surprised and appreciative.
  10. I might have chosen a job in the creative field like graphic design.
  11. I would have traveled to Europe for an amazing vacation.
  12. The first thing I would have bought is a dream house by the beach.
  13. I would advise myself to prioritize work-life balance and personal well-being.
  14. It would have enriched my college experience and personal growth.
  15. I would have traveled to countries where that language is spoken.
  16. I would have chosen a sleek and environmentally friendly electric car.

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