Zero Conditional Worksheets and Exercises with Answers

Zero Conditional Worksheets and Exercises
Zero Conditional Worksheets

Zero Conditional Worksheets are a key part of learning English. They teach you how to make sentences about things that are always true. These worksheets help you learn how to use ‘if’ in sentences about facts and usual things. Using Zero Conditional Worksheets makes you better at talking about general truths. They are really important for anyone learning English. These worksheets make it easier to understand and use this part of English grammar. They are great for everyone, especially those who are just starting to learn English.

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Zero Conditional Worksheets

Worksheet 1: Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb given in bracket.

  1. If you _______(heat) water to 100 degrees Celsius, it ______ (boil).
  2. When the sun ________(set), it ________(get) dark.
  3. If you ______ (mix) red and blue, you _______ (get) purple.
  4. If it __________ (rain), the ground ________ (get) wet.
  5. When you _______ (drop) a ball, it ________ (fall) to the ground.
  6. If you ________ (eat) too much, you ______ (feel) full.
  7. Water _______ (freeze) if the temperature _______ (drop) below zero.
  8. If you ______ (expose) metal to oxygen, it _______ (rust).
  9. If the wind ________ (blow) hard, trees _______ (bend).
  10. If you ________ (mix) oil and water, they _______ (separate).
  11. If the temperature ________ (rise), ice________ (melt).
  12. If you _______ (turn) off the lights, the room _______ (become) dark.
  13. If you _______ (cut) yourself, you _______ (bleed).
  14. If you _______ (leave) food out, it ________ (spoil).
  15. If you ________(give) plants sunlight, they ________ (grow).
  16. If you ________(apply) heat to ice, it ________ (melt).
  17. If you _______ (press) the button, the machine _______ (start).
  18. If you _______ (leave) the window open, the room _______ (get) cold.
  19. If you _______ (add) sugar to tea, it __________ (sweeten).
  20. When you ________ (squeeze) an orange, juice ________ (come) out.
  21. If you ________ (mix) vinegar and baking soda, it ________ (create) a reaction.
  22. If you ________ (touch) fire, you __________ (get) burned.
  23. If you ________ (throw) a stone into the pond, it _______ (create) ripples.
  24. If you ________ (have) a fever, your body temperature _______ (rise).
  25. If you ________ (breathe) in carbon dioxide, you _______ (feel) suffocated.
25 Zero Conditional Sentences Worksheets.
Zero Conditional Worksheets

Worksheet 2:Answer of following questions.

  1. What occurs if you heat chocolate?
  2. If you expose paper to sunlight, what happens?
  3. When you add lemon to tea, what is the result?
  4. What is the consequence if you mix oil and vinegar?
  5. If you turn on the air conditioner, what does it do?
  6. When you place a metal object in the freezer, what occurs?
  7. If you press the accelerator in a car, what happens?
  8. What is the outcome if you leave a smartphone in the sun?
  9. If you water plants regularly, what is the result?
  10. What happens when you cut a piece of fruit and leave it out?
  11. If you apply pressure to a gas, what occurs?
  12. When you touch a hot surface, what happens to your skin?
  13. If you mix different colors of paint, what color do you get?
  14. What is the consequence if you don’t charge your phone?
  15. If you squeeze a sponge, what happens to the water inside?
20 Answer of following Questions-Zero conditional Worksheets
Answer of following Questions-Zero conditional Worksheet

Answers of Worksheet 1: 

  1. heat , boils
  2. sets , gets
  3. mix , get
  4. rains ,  gets
  5. drop , falls
  6. eat , feel
  7. freezes , drops
  8. expose, rusts
  9. blows, bend
  10. mix , separate
  11. rises , melts
  12. turn , becomes
  13. cut , bleed
  14. leave , spoils
  15. give , grow
  16. apply , melts
  17. press  , starts
  18. leave , gets
  19. add , sweetens
  20. squeeze , comes
  21. mix , creates
  22. touch , get
  23. throw , creates
  24. have , rises.
  25. breathe , feel

Answers of Worksheet 2: 

  1. It melts.
  2. It fades.
  3. It becomes tangy.
  4. They separate.
  5. It cools the room.
  6. It becomes cold.
  7. It moves forward.
  8. It overheats.
  9. They thrive.
  10. It may oxidize.
  11. Its volume decreases.
  12. You get burned.
  13. You get a new color.
  14. It runs out of battery.
  15. Water comes out.

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