Bearings Names in English With Picture

Bearings Names in English With Picture

Bearings Names! Let’s talk about Bearings Names – the words we use for different bearings. These names are like a secret code, telling us about the bearing.

Bearings are mechanical components that allow for smooth and controlled rotational movement between two parts. There are various types of bearings, each designed for specific applications.

There are various types of bearings, each used for specific purposes and designed to carry specific types of loads, i.e., radial loads, thrust loads, or some combination of the two.

Here’s a List of Barings Names List in English with pictures and examples to help you learn new words easily. Knowing the names of these bearings is super useful. When you learn these Barings Names, you’ll be able to talk about them in English and that’s pretty cool! Check out the pictures to make learning even easier.

Types of Bearings Names with Their Application:

  1. Ball Bearings:
    • Deep Groove Ball Bearings (DGBB): The most common type, suitable for radial and axial loads.
    • Application: Electric motors, pumps, household appliances, automotive wheels.
    • Angular Contact Ball Bearings: Designed to handle combined radial and axial loads in both directions.
    • Application: Machine tool spindles, robotics, automotive wheels.
  2. Roller Bearings:
    • Cylindrical Roller Bearings (CRB): Good for high radial loads and high speeds.
    • Application: Gearboxes, electric motors, conveyor systems.
    • Tapered Roller Bearings (TRB): Handle both radial and axial loads, often used in pairs.
    • Application: Conveyor systems, mining equipment, industrial gearboxes.
    • Spherical Roller Bearings (SRB): Designed to handle heavy radial loads and misalignment.
    • Application: Conveyor systems, mining equipment, industrial gearboxes.
    • Needle Roller Bearings (NRB): Compact and suitable for high radial loads with limited space.
    • Application: Automotive transmissions, small appliances, radial space-constrained applications.
  3. Plain Bearings:
    • Bushings (Sleeve Bearings): Simple, low-friction bearings.
    • Application: Fans, blowers, small electric motors, household appliances.
    • Flanged Bearings: Have a flange to aid in mounting and positioning.
    • Application: Food processing equipment, conveyors, medical devices.
    • Thrust Washers: Designed to handle axial loads.
    • Application: Axial load support in various mechanical systems.
  4. Thrust Bearings:
    • Ball Thrust Bearings: Incorporate ball elements for axial loads.
    • Application: Automotive transmissions, machine tool spindles, crane hooks.
    • Roller Thrust Bearings: Use cylindrical or tapered rollers for axial loads.
    • Application: Heavy machinery, automotive transmissions, marine equipment.
  5. Linear Bearings:
    • Linear Ball Bearings: Smooth, low-friction motion along a linear path.
    • Application: CNC machines, automation equipment, 3D printers.
    • Linear Roller Bearings: Use rollers for linear motion, suitable for heavy loads.
    • Application: Conveyor systems, material handling equipment, robotics.
  6. Radial Bearings:
    • Radial Ball Bearings: Commonly used for radial loads.
    • Application: Electric motors, pumps, fans, appliances.
    • Radial Roller Bearings: Utilize cylindrical or tapered rollers for radial loads.
    • Application: Heavy-duty equipment, industrial gearboxes, large electric motors.
  7. Mounted Bearings:
    • Pillow Block Bearings: Housed bearings with mounting surfaces.
    • Application: Conveyor systems, agricultural machinery, fans.
    • Flange Bearings: Mounted bearings with a flange for easy installation.
    • Application: Food processing equipment, medical devices, conveyors.
    • Take-up Bearings: Adjustable bearings for tensioning belts and chains.
    • Application: Conveyor systems, tensioning systems, material handling.
  8. Needle Bearings:
    • Full Complement Needle Bearings: Maximum number of needle rollers for high load capacity.
    • Application: Automotive transmissions, agricultural machinery, textile machines.
    • Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings: Compact, suitable for radial space constraints.
    • Application: Automotive clutches, small engines, power tools.
  9. Spherical Bearings:
    • Spherical Plain Bearings: Can accommodate misalignment and heavy radial loads.
    • Application: Hydraulic cylinders, automotive suspension systems, agricultural equipment.
    • Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings: Designed for axial loads with radial support.
    • Application: Heavy machinery, marine equipment, crane hooks.
  10. Angular Contact Bearings:
    • Single-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings: Handle axial loads in one direction.
    • Application: Machine tool spindles, pumps, centrifugal compressors.
    • Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings: Handle axial loads in both directions.
    • Application: Pump applications, agricultural machinery, conveyors.
  11. Thrust Roller Bearings:
    • Cylindrical Thrust Roller Bearings: Axial loads are supported by cylindrical rollers.
    • Application: Heavy-duty machinery, marine equipment, crane hooks.
    • Tapered Thrust Roller Bearings: Axial loads are supported by tapered rollers.
    • Application: Automotive transmissions, heavy machinery, marine equipment.
  12. Miniature Bearings:
    • Miniature Ball Bearings: Small-sized ball bearings.
    • Application: Small motors, medical devices, precision instruments.
    • Miniature Roller Bearings: Small-sized roller bearings.
    • Application: Aerospace applications, dental equipment, robotics.
  13. Ceramic Bearings:
    • Ceramic Ball Bearings: Use ceramic balls for reduced friction and improved performance.
    • Application: High-speed applications, precision equipment, high-temperature environments.
    • Ceramic Roller Bearings: Utilize ceramic rollers for specific applications.
    • Application: High-speed spindles, medical devices, vacuum environments.
  14. High-temperature Bearings:
    • High-temperature Ball Bearings: Designed to operate in elevated temperatures.
    • Application: Ovens, kilns, automotive engines, industrial furnaces.
    • High-temperature Roller Bearings: Can withstand high-temperature environments.
    • Application: Steel mills, glass manufacturing, chemical processing.

List of Bearings Names:

    • Ball Bearings
    • Roller Bearings
    • Plain Bearings
    • Thrust Bearings
    • Linear Bearings
    • Mounted Bearings
    • Miniature Bearings
    • Radial Bearings
    • Specialized Bearings
    • Cam Followers
    • Air Bearings
    • Thermoplastic Bearings
    • High-Temperature Bearings
    • Sensor Bearings
    • Hybrid Bearings
    • Mast Guide Bearings
    • Precision Bearings
    • Thin Section Bearings
    • Slew Bearings
    • Axle Bearings
    • Integral Shaft Bearings
    • Kingpin Bearings
    • Angular Contact Thrust Bearings
    • Spherical Plain Bearings
    • Plummer Block Bearings
    • Eccentric Bearings
    • Clutch Release Bearings
    • Journal Bearings

Picture of Types of  Bearings Names

Types of Bearings Names

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